Around 8:00 p.m. on February 27, I was riding my bike on the way to another practitioner's home. Not long after I left, I noticed a problem with my bicycle, so I stopped to take a look. Suddenly, I was hit by what felt like a huge and powerful force. I didn't feel any pain or fear at that moment. Just as I was trying to stand up, I was hit twice more. When I recovered from the shock, and found myself lying on the ground, I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts.

It was not long before a young man came along and volunteered to take me to the hospital. He urged me two times before I looked up and saw a taxi car parked beside me. It was only at that moment that I understood what had happened. I tried to stand up, but my right leg was immobile. I noticed that the cab driver looked like he was in shock. He did not dare to look into my eyes. I then said joyfully, "I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. I won't have any problem. You can be assured that I won't go after you for compensation. But please remember that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good and the persecution of Falun Gong is wrong." After hearing my words the driver relaxed. He insisted that I take 100 yuan before leaving. The young man then helped me to his car.

It turned out that the young man was a Falun Gong practitioner. He took me to my home. On arrival I found that I could not walk up the stairs to the second floor. My right leg ached and my pelvis seemed broken. I also felt dizzy, nauseated, and shaky, but my mind was clear. As I was feeling like throwing up, an idea suddenly came into my mind, "The evil is persecuting me. Completely negate it!" Once the righteous thoughts appeared, the nausea disappeared. I enlightened that I should look inward and try to find my omissions. It felt that when we have omissions, we will be persecuted by the evil. I didn't completely negate the evil. Master said,

"However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." ("Also in a Few Words" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I realized that my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. I negated only part of the evil, not all of it. I felt that my shortcoming had caused this serious tribulation.

Although it was already past 10:00 p.m., when my fellow practitioners heard that I had encountered a car accident, they all came to my home to send forth righteous thoughts for me. I was surrounded by righteous energy. Very quickly, all of my injuries seemed to disappear. I was in the same state as when I do the meditation. Even the most painful spot was painless. A fellow practitioner saw in other dimensions that the dislocated bones had returned to their original places. The power of Dafa was exhibited before us.

One day in early March, I read on the Internet that Master taught the Fa at the western U.S. international Fa conference. I was deeply touched. I enlightened at once: the Fa-rectification process is moving so fast, and saving sentient beings is so urgent. At that time practitioners were coming to my home every day to send forth righteous thoughts and share experiences with me. However, I was still lying in bed recuperating. Wasn't I cooperating with the evil? "Am I still a Dafa practitioner?" I thought. Master said,

"You may say: "Teacher has said that cultivation practice takes time--let's do it slowly." That will not do! You must be strict with yourself. In cultivation of the Buddha Fa, you should strive forward vigorously." (Zhuan Falun)

I decided that I must go out. I couldn't wait to recover slowly. I couldn't allow any persecution by passively cooperating with the evil. I should do what a Dafa practitioner should do. I thought, "Dafa as a whole body contains me. I would like to dissolve into the whole body. I shouldn't continue to let things be this way." When I finished sending forth righteous thoughts and put my hand down, I knew that I should also have righteous actions.

I recalled that in the couple of days after the car accident, the evil persecuted me quite severely. I did the meditation, but I could only bear the suffering for about 30 minutes. For the standing exercises, I could only do the third set. Because I could not bear doing other sets, I simply gave up. I couldn't walk down the stairs, so I didn't go to group study and I didn't do any Dafa work. This was absolutely not right. I thought that I must completely negate the old forces; negate them from deep within my mind and negate everything that is not my body's correct state. I determined to rectify every aspect of myself.

Enlightening; I knew what I should do. When I did the meditation, I first negated the evil's interference and persecution. At the beginning, I felt some pain but much weaker than before. After a while, the pain completely disappeared. I became happy and increasingly more comfortable during the meditation. It was so wonderful.

While doing the moving exercises, I also negated the evil's persecution and interference in its entirety. My body became balanced. Gradually, I could do exercise #1 and I could bend down to complete exercise #4. I could also finish the second exercise, the Falun Standing Stance, comfortably.

When I prepared to go downstairs for the first time, I sent forth righteous thoughts at the doorway. I asked Master for help in negating the evil's persecution and interference. Although my body was still unbalanced and I looked like a toddler learning how to walk, somehow I made it outside. I then did what I should do. I chastised myself: why did I wait so long to go outside? It is because my righteous thoughts are not strong enough!

On my way walking to group Fa-study, I sent forth righteous thoughts. Then I recited Hong Yin. The route that normally only took me 30 minutes to walk, now took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The return journey took approximately 1 hour. When I arrived back home I thought, "Should I lie down and have some rest because my legs feel so uneasy?" "No! Negate it completely," I answered myself. I then practiced the standing exercises. The feeling of being tired and uncomfortable totally disappeared. I spent time to recite the Fa and read Clearwisdom.net.

"Walking is too time-consuming. I need to ride my bicycle," I decided. So I sent forth righteous thoughts. The right leg (my so-called injured leg) couldn't exert any force. So I used my left leg to pedal. It did not take much effort. As I rode, I noticed that my right leg only needed to pedal slightly. It seemed there was a force strengthening it, making the pedals turn.

I live in a residential area and many people know my story. I was able to validate the Fa with my recovery experience. Many of them recognized the miracle of Dafa. They now know that Dafa is really good and Dafa practitioners are really good.

I deeply understood that everything is done by Master, if only we have righteous thoughts.

Please point out anything incorrect.