(Clearwisdom.net) In my understanding, whether a practitioner is a coordinator or a person responsible for a project, he/she is first a practitioner cultivating Dafa, or a "fellow practitioner." Master mentioned,

"Dafa disciples are true cultivators. If today's society weren't how it is, I really wouldn't even want you to set up these [Dafa] Associations, and we'd just have practice sites at different locations along with some coordinators, and then some coordinators for the region, that's all. In fact, a coordinator is someone who gathers people together, and he too is an ordinary cultivator; he's somebody who serves others and gives more of himself." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students," April 12, 2004, New York)

My understanding is that this is meant to directly correct some popular but incorrect thoughts many practitioners have towards coordinators.

It is extremely important for a coordinating practitioner to place himself among or alongside fellow practitioners rather than above them, especially for his cultivation and work. From my personal experience, as a coordinator I often felt that fellow practitioners have preconceived notions that coordinators must be steadfast and have good enlightenment quality, and that we are well qualified to be a coordinator and leader for fellow practitioners. As a result, many fellow practitioners unknowingly treat the coordinators as how they would treat the leading personnel of an administrative unit in ordinary society, instead of seeing them as a fellow practitioner. This presents a rather significant test for our coordinating practitioners.

On one hand, many fellow practitioners unknowingly place the coordinators above other practitioners. Some practitioners even treat coordinators as great characters; that is without distinguishing between what is right or wrong, they blindly follow the coordinators rather than doing things according to Dafa. I think this approach adversely affects our coordinators because this can easily cause them to develop the attachment of zealotry and the mentality of showing off. Master stated,

"I am pointing out this issue to let everyone know that once there is such a person, you must be sure not to regard him as a remarkable, enlightened person. This is a very serious issue in cultivation practice. Only through following this Dafa can you do things correctly. You should not follow or listen to him because he has supernormal abilities, supernatural powers, or because he can see some things. You will do him harm, as he will develop the attachment of zealotry and end up losing everything and having them switched off. In the end, he will stumble. One who has reached the state of Unlocking Gong may also stumble. If one cannot conduct oneself well, one will also stumble even if one is enlightened. When things are not handled properly, even a Buddha can stumble, not to mention a practitioner like you among everyday people! Therefore, no matter how many supernormal abilities you have developed, how great they are, or how powerful your divine power is, you must conduct yourself well."

("The Mentality of Showing off," Lecture 6, Zhuan Falun)

On the other hand, a coordinator has contacts with many practitioners, and consequently his words and actions can affect many practitioners. Therefore, a coordinator has significant responsibility; he cannot lower his guard or self-inflate; he must maintain a clear and calm mind and a modest mentality.

The article "Golden Buddha" with Master's Comments discussed how fellow practitioners and coordinators should correctly treat coordinating practitioners. I suggest fellow practitioners read the article again when they have time.

Our cultivation is reaching the final step. All Dafa practitioners should let go of this kind of attachment, in order not to hinder one's own cultivation, as well as others' cultivation.

April 11, 2005