(Clearwisdom.net) National Central University is located in Chungli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. It has a large, beautiful campus with lawns and trees. A Falun Gong Club for faculty and staff of Central University was recently organized, and a series of activities have been run every Thursday noon since mid-April. The activities include teaching the Falun Gong exercises, holding seminars, showing movies, and sharing experiences, in order to provide faculty and staff an opportunity to learn Falun Dafa and benefit from the practice, both physically and mentally.

Two to three hours before the first meeting of the club, we were told that the club chairman's elderly father was coming from Dashi to share his cultivation experiences with us. In addition, Dr. Roettger, former chairman of EISCAT (a scientific association) would join us.

Dr. Roettger was from Germany and visited Taiwan for a short time two years ago for teaching and research. He came to know the chairman of the Falun Gong club, who had started practicing Dafa a little while before. Dr. Roettger learned a few sets of the exercises. He loved to listen to the Falun Dafa music, Pudu and Jishi. He said that he was pleased to attend the session in order to learn more and to practice the exercises.

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Dr. Roettger, from Germany, loves to listen to the Falun Dafa music, Pudu and Jishi
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This model employee recovered from asthma and heart disease after practicing Falun Dafa

Uncle Wu, the club chairman's father, is 81 years old. Ever since he started practicing Falun Dafa, he has not had to take medicine as he used to do. He introduced himself to the group and shared his experiences in cultivation. He referred to the others present as little sisters and brothers, and advised them to keep practicing, as Falun Dafa will bring them the best.

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A doctoral researcher in the space science institute attended the first Falun Dafa Club session. He had learned Dafa by himself through reading Dafa books online and practicing the exercises. He felt a strong energy field and knew it was a good practice.

A model employee who was honored by the university for exceptional performance has practiced Falun Dafa for years. She said that before practicing Dafa it was hard for her to walk even a short distance due to asthma, and her life was in danger because of heart disease. She suffered a lot. After she started practicing Falun Dafa, her health improved considerably and she now has a new view of life.

After everyone introduced himself or herself, the club assistant taught them the first set of the Falun Gong exercises. Everyone did well.

At the university, Falun Dafa clubs were set up for students and faculty, respectively. Club members practice the exercises in the early morning and late afternoon on campus. Within a few weeks of the faculty club being organized, many faculty members asked where to buy the book, Zhuan Falun and started to learn the exercises at the practice sites.

A little girl came to learn along with her mother, a staff member of the university, in the early morning. The little girl did so well even on the second day that it was hard to tell she was a new little practitioner.

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This little girl practices the exercises with her mother and does very well
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The club is open to the public and non-faculty members also enjoy practicing here

This year is the university's 60th anniversary. The school has invited the faculty Falun Gong club to give a performance in the upcoming June celebration. Everyone is practicing attentively and hopes to bring the grace of Dafa to all faculty members and students of the university.