When I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995, I was only 11 or 12 years old. In the past 10 years, I have been walking from personal cultivation to Fa-rectification period cultivation. What I most deeply experienced is Teacher's vast and mighty Buddha nature and Dafa's stately sanctity. Today I am writing about my experiences during the Fa-rectification cultivation period to share it with fellow practitioners.

In the past, I was a person who never liked to speak and was never willing to express my feelings. Through personal cultivation, while continuously upgrading myself, I spoke less and less. Among classmates, I did not speak much, but everyone liked me very much.

After July 20, 1999 however, it became necessary to step forward and clarify the truth to others. At the time I was still young, and it was a difficult problem for me to speak to others and describe things thoroughly. I know, however, that as a Dafa practitioner, I am here to validate the Fa. I must openly and above-board go out and clarify the truth to the world's people, and do away with the evil's interference with us. I started with the simplest ways first--posting flyers, and sometimes going online to clarify the truth. However, whenever I wanted to clarify the truth to people face to face, it was always difficult for me to open my mouth. I hesitated for a very long time, wondering if I needed to change my personality, or if I could go on clarifying the truth only through passing out flyers. As a practitioner, however, wouldn't it be better to add one more way of clarifying the truth? In this way, I began gradually changing my personality.

I voluntarily undertook some work and social activities involving community activity. I didn't have any kind of previous experience in this, but with the compassion of a Dafa practitioner and the wisdom given by Dafa, I worked hard to change myself. I treated fellow practitioners and members of the community with sincerity when communicating with them, so my circle of friends grew really quickly. I know it is Teacher's mercy that allowed those predestined people to have contact with me, and it allowed me to utilize my situation of living in ordinary human society to validate the Fa even better.

When communicating with others, I always put clarifying the truth in my heart. I know that, regardless of what our relationship is in this ordinary human society, their real purpose in life is to assimilate to Dafa. So, no matter what the status of the other person may be, even if he works directly under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I will do everything possible to tell them the truth of Dafa and the CCP's evil nature.

Many of my classmates are members of the CCP. After I continuously clarified the truth to one of my classmates who joined the CCP the earliest, and always stuck up for the Party, one day he said to me: "In the future, we will establish a new political party, with a new legal system." He said this in a kidding way, but behind the joke I saw the evil Party's elements disappearing from his body. I am very happy about Dafa's mercy, which allowed one more being to realize the truth.

I usually pay close attention to take every chance I can to clarify the truth and expose the evil. Recently there have been some community parades that the school very tightly cautioned against, and strictly prohibited us from participating in. They punished those students who went. I then used this to tell some fellow students, and others around, about human rights, about the legal system, and about the persecution of Falun Gong. The effect was very good. Actually, as long as we have the heart, there are many chances to clarify the truth in our daily lives, because everything is created by Dafa, and everything is created for Dafa. So as long we do it compassionately, sometimes I feel that there are chances everywhere to save sentient beings.

I also use other ways to validate the Fa. For example, I sometimes go to the Minghui website to download articles for classmates and friends to read. If someone has an interest in management, I will print out articles analyzing Mainland China's economy for him to read. After having clarified the truth many times to a lot people, they finally realize they have been deceived by the CCP's propaganda.

The pace of Fa-rectification is getting faster and faster. Let us become more diligent on our road to Consummation, and complete our prehistoric mission.