(Clearwisdom.net) I have been imprisoned and subjected to brainwashing in forced labor camps many times. Having experienced repeated difficulties these last several years, I really want to create a good environment together with my fellow practitioners for studying the Fa together so that no fellow practitioners will be left behind. We should treasure this special predestined relationship. The following are small stories of how I helped several fellow practitioners to keep studying the Fa, to firmly keep righteous thoughts and to go forward in clarifying the truth.

A fellow practitioner who sells vegetables did not step forward after July 20, 1999. One day in 2000, I met her and she was moved after I told her the experience my daughter and I had when we went to Beijing to validate Dafa. Soon, she broke through all kinds of resistance from her family and plunged into the mighty current of validating Dafa. I am really happy for her. She was illiterate, so it was very difficult for her to study the Fa. At home, she could only listen to tapes of the lectures. One time, her husband smashed the tape player and snatched the tapes and did not let her study, so she came to my home to study the Fa. I went to her home to clarify the truth to her husband and her son. All of them understood. Now, this practitioner studies the Fa at home and they do not interfere with her. When I invited this practitioner to come to group Fa study, her family members supported her very much.

There is another fellow practitioner who was my neighbor before. After July 20, 1999, she was frightened and did not dare to practice. She experienced all kinds of interference, and her health became worse and worse. During the time when I was imprisoned, I always kept thinking about her. After I was released, I learned that she had already moved away. I then inquired as to where she lived. When I was anxiously looking for her, someone told me her address and told me that she had possibly died. I quickly went to her home and pressed the doorbell. Quite a while after I pressed the doorbell, a weak voice cried out, "Who is it?" I was happy to tell her that it was me visiting her. At last, the security gate was opened. I quickly went upstairs. I saw that she was thin and placed her hand on the wall, and she couldn't stand straight up. Obviously she made a big effort just to open the door. I saw that she was still alive, so I was very pleasantly surprised in my heart. It was Master who gave me such an opportunity to help her return to Fa-rectification cultivation again. I asked her about her recent situation. She told me that she had gotten very sick. I helped her to the bed. I told her the situation of the advancement of Fa-rectification, and how fellow practitioners resisted the persecution and validated Dafa. I suggested that she practice again. She said, "My daughter took the books away. Let me think about whether I will practice or not."

The next day, I brought fruit, Master's new articles, and truth-clarification material for her. She was very happy. Every several days, I went to her place. Finally, she decided to practice again. I knew that her attachment to fear was very serious, so I took her with me to deliver truth-clarification materials and we talked to people face to face. When I distributed materials, I let her see how to do it. When I clarified the truth to people, I let her listen to how I talked to people. When she met people she knew, they asked her whether she was still practicing Falun Gong, and she dared not say yes. I then said to her, "You just tell people boldly, 'It is Dafa and Master who has given me a new life!' This is validating Dafa."

Later, she could distribute a few materials herself. Sometimes, she did more. Her husband also helped her. Later I went out of town to work, so I suggested she go to a nearby group Fa study site. During this period, I came back several times to visit her, and I found she was more and more diligent. I also felt relieved. I always remembered Master's teaching, "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, DC Fa Conference 2002") Dafa practitioners are one body. As long as it is good for other people's cultivation, it is good for our larger body, and we should do it on our own initiative.

I frequently went to a disabled practitioner's home. She is not literate and only listens to the Fa and practices a little. Even though she was disabled, she did a lot of truth-clarification work. I distributed materials with her once and helped her to tidy up her room and so on. I also told her the main points of sending forth righteous thoughts and asked her to study with the group and to follow the progress of Master's Fa-rectification. Every time when I read Master's scriptures to her, she cried.

April 25, 2005