(Clearwisdom.net) While the Fa-Rectification is moving forward rapidly, Falun Gong practitioners are realizing more and more that time is tight and precious and that our responsibility is great. How to clarify the truth to sentient beings and save those who are predestined has become one of the most important parts of the Fa-Rectification process. With wisdom endowed by Master and the great Fa, practitioners are maturing in clarifying the truth; more and more sentient beings are being saved. Truth-clarifying materials distributed in our area still include many articles published on web sites of ordinary people like Renminbao (The People's Newspaper) and Kanzhongguo (China Watch). Some articles don't even state where they originate; others have prophecies that predict what will happen in particular months. While I'm not saying that these articles have no value, they are not suitable for use as truth-clarification material by Falun Gong practitioners. Mixing these articles with our truth-clarification materials deviates from the teaching of Falun Dafa and blends human thoughts with the Fa rectification efforts.

The content of Falun Dafa truth-clarifying brochures should be limited to articles that introduce Falun Dafa in a positive way and information that exposes the persecution. I'm not saying we should never include material written by non-practitioners as reference or back-up material, but the less the better. Because we should only depend on Falun Gong practitioners to save sentient beings, it is not righteous to depend on others. As for materials discussing political issues, we should never make any reference to them whatsoever. Although the Nine Commentaries exposing the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party may appear similar to the political writings of ordinary people on the surface, they are different both in nature and purpose; we shouldn't confuse people by mixing these things together. For people in society, trying to change the political system by political means is not wrong, but when Falun Gong practitioners expose evil and clarify the truth, we are not pursuing any personal or political goals in this world.

Master has told us repeatedly why we Falun Gong practitioners shouldn't involve ourselves in any form of human political undertakings and why the things we are doing are not political. As Falun Gong practitioners, we should study the Fa more wholeheartedly. Only when we understand the Fa clearly will we be able to do better what we are supposed to do.

At the moment we are experiencing a special situation. After reading the Nine Commentaries and learning of the efforts to broadcast news of those who renounce their Chinese Communist Party memberships, people are finding it easier to understand the good wishes and compassion that Falun Gong practitioners have for them. They are now more accepting of Falun Gong truth-clarification materials and are more willing to believe the reports of the persecution that Falun Gong practitioners are suffering. Many Falun Gong practitioners are helping with the distribution of the Nine Commentaries and reports about people all over the globe who have renounced their Chinese Communist Party memberships. Since these are not Falun Gong truth-clarification materials, we should distinguish them as separate and only use them for special reference.

"At this final stage of Fa-rectification, our minds should be calm and stable, 'taking the Fa as our Teacher.' The only hope and the only thing that sentient beings can count on are Falun Dafa practitioners in the world today, so we should walk the Falun Dafa practitioners' path righteously. No matter how we validate and safeguard Falun Dafa and save sentient beings, we must follow Falun Dafa's requirements and we must not lower our standard, and even less should we conduct ourselves as ordinary people or even deviate from and damage Falun Dafa."--"Cultivators Should Not Form Attachments to the Fourth Plenary Meeting (With Master's Comments)"

In his comments, Master says: "This article is excellent. Its understanding of why Dafa disciples validate the Fa is lucid, the righteous thoughts behind it are strong, and it's logical and clear. I hope the Dafa disciples in Mainland China will all read it."

Let's read this article again and see if anything in our mind is not following the great Fa. Then we can timely rectify ourselves.

In his article, "Bear in Mind Forever," Master says: "This is not a problem of any particular person, nor is this to criticize any person in particular here; instead, this is rectifying Dafa. Bear in mind: Except for Dafa students' experience sharing conferences for studying the Fa and activities organized by major assistance centers with the endorsement of the Research Society, anything that does not belong to Dafa but is being circulated in Dafa undermines Dafa." (Essentials for Further Advancement)

In my personal view, since July 20, 1999, the Clearwisdom website has been functioning as the center of experience-sharing for Falun Gong practitioners worldwide and is the heart of our truth-clarification efforts. Master has always affirmed the role of Clearwisdom, particularly in these efforts. We should choose truth-clarifying materials that conform to the guidelines that Clearwisdom has laid out for us. Basically, we should only use material published on Clearwisdom regarding critical, if not all, issues. The articles on www.clearwisdom.net are the result of the coordinated efforts of practitioners from both Mainland China and the rest of the world. If we set aside these articles in favor of those that only represent individuals or small groups, are we really being responsible to the Fa; do we really trust and respect Falun Dafa practitioners as a whole body?

Time is tight and sentient beings are waiting to be saved. We should study the Fa more diligently and, only after we study the Fa well, will we be able to do our tasks well. In order to be responsible to ourselves, to all Falun Gong practitioners, to sentient beings and to the great Fa, let's strictly follow the great Fa that Master taught us and do well. "At this great moment in history, every steady step is a glorious historic testimony, and is incomparably-magnificent mighty virtue." ("The Disciples' Magnificence," Essentials for Further Advancement II)