On December 15, 2001, practitioner Ms. Cai Jinhua went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa. Police arrested her and placed her in the Haidian District prison. In Zhuolu County, the local division Secretary Liu Cun and other officers forced Cai Jinhua's husband to pay 3,000 yuan. They told him that the town's deputy secretary Zhang Huijun wanted him to pay for the receiving and transportation expenses in his wife's case. Her husband could only borrow 1,000 "yuan" from his work place to pay them. On December 18, police again arrested Ms. Cai and put her in the county lockup. During this time, Deputy Secretary Zhang Huijun and the local 610 Office continually harassed her family. They even threatened her husband, saying that she would be put into a forced labor camp. Her husband was so afraid for her that he borrowed 5,200 yuan to pay the authorities. However, they detained Ms. Cai for an entire month before finally releasing her on bail.

After she got home, Secretary Zhang Huijun assigned someone to watch her every day and sent police officer Zhang Jun to her house to disturb her. Zhang Huijun himself also constantly harassed her over the phone. Division Secretary Liu Cun tried to extort money from her husband frequently and made his work place manager deduct money from his wages. Since that time, against their will, 500 yuan has been deducted from their wages every Chinese New Year and festival. Eventually, Ms. Cai was fired from her factory job. Her husband then had to find another job in another city in order to support the family.

On April 8, 2002, Ms. Cai went to work with her husband in the other city. When the person who was assigned to watch her heard about it, he was afraid of being held responsible and quickly reported it to Deputy Secretary Zhang Huijun. That same day, Zhang, along with 610 officers, division secretary Liu and others, went to Ms. Cai's sister-in-law's house to harass her with the intent of forcing her to help them find Ms. Cai. They threatened to arrest the sister-in-law. In the afternoon, two police officers were sent to the school where Ms. Cai's 11-year-old child was enrolled. They mercilessly threatened the child, "If your mother doesn't come back, we will lock you up." The child was frightened and cried all the way home. Zhang then tried to deceive the families by saying, "As long as we can see her back here once, that will be enough. After that we won't care about this case anymore."

Her immediate family and relatives were deceived by the authorities' fake kindness, plus they could not stand the numerous threats and harassment any more. When Ms. Cai heard that her sister-in-law was in poor health and had taken a turn for the worse because of being harassed and disturbed by the authorities, not to mention that her child was not even safe from being threatened while in school, she decided to come home. On April 10 at 3:00 p.m. Zhang and more than ten 610 officers broke into Ms. Cai's house to force her to sign a guarantee statement to stop practicing. When she refused, Zhang said, "If you will not sign, then give me 3,000 yuan." When Ms. Cai stated that she did not have the money, Zhang said to the officers with him, "Since she doesn't have the money, we will proceed to the next step and confiscate her family's possessions." At this point she and her family realized that the police had already planned everything in advance.

The group of officials saw nothing in the house worth taking, so they ordered Ms. Cai to turn over the deed to her house. Fortunately, she had already hidden it, so there was nothing to hand over. The authorities could get nothing, so they became angry and called Zhang for direction. When Zhang heard that none of their plans had succeeded, he ordered Zhang Jun and others to "bring her here." They arrested Ms. Cai and sent her first to Zhuolu Town and then to the police station. At 7:00 p.m. that night she was locked up in prison.

Her sister-in-law saw Ms. Cai get arrested, so she went to town to try to get her out. Zhang said, "If you hand over 5,000 yuan we will release her." Clearly, the authorities in this area are illegally arresting people on any pretext in order to extort money from them and to execute their policy of "ruining them financially." [One of the policies of the CCP is to financially ruin practitioners and their families.] On May 14, Ms. Cai and ten other practitioners were sentenced to three years each at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in order to persecute them even further.

All of the guards in the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp were very vicious, and they tortured practitioners brutally. Whether physically or mentally, they never passed up an excuse to persecute them. On top of the torture, everyone there was made to work ten hours a day. On October 2, 2002, Ms. Cai's husband and child came to visit her from thousands of miles away, but the guards would not let them see her. When Ms. Cai managed to say a few words to her husband from a tiny window, guards restrained her and took her away . The guards then made her husband and child leave immediately. On May 4, 2003, Ms. Cai's father died. Her husband called the head of the forced labor camp, hoping that Ms. Cai could come home, since in China the law stipulates that it is legal for a prisoner to come home for an immediate family member's funeral. The labor camp authorities not only broke the law but also hid this news from her. On August 22, practitioner Wang Quanxing's entire family went there to try to take her home, but the guards would not allow it. On September 20, when Ms. Cai's husband arrived to try to take her home, he was also denied. The authorities in this camp even went so far as to confiscate all her mail to keep her from learning of her father's death. Ms. Cai learned about her father's death only after she was released from the forced labor camp.

March 22, 2005