(Clearwisdom.net) My daughter came home to visit me from overseas at the end of 2003. Because her flight arrived in Beijing and there was no connecting flight from Beijing to Jilin, I had to take the train to Beijing to pick her up from the airport. I had a train ticket with a seat next to the door. On the way to Beijing, a young man working as a supervisor with an intelligence organization sat next to me on the train. He had a terrible headache, so I gave him my seat so that he could have two seats to lie down on. I spread newspapers out on the floor to sit on. The winter weather in northern China is very cold, and the draft in front of the door was icy. The other passengers thought I must be related to the young man to make such a sacrifice. It wasn't until the young man woke up from a nap and thanked me politely that other passengers realized we did not even know each other. They were very moved by my act of altruism.

I told the young man, "You don't need to thank me. It is because I practice Falun Gong that I am becoming increasingly kind and unselfish. If you must thank someone, then thank Falun Gong and my Teacher Mr. Li Hongzhi." Next I started telling him how Teacher teaches us to become better people and how much I have benefited from Falun Gong both spiritually and physically and that my many illnesses have disappeared since I took up the practice. But now, I added, the Chinese Communist Party is persecuting and killing Falun Gong practitioners. Before I realized it, a young train attendant serving the car we were in had come to listen to me clarify the truth about Falun Gong. He asked, "Auntie, where are you headed? What is the purpose of your trip?" (Note: In Chinese society, it is polite to address an older woman outside the family as "aunt.")

I told him that I was going to Beijing to pick up my daughter from the airport and that I would be taking the train back to Jilin. Then I continued to clarify the truth and answered all the other passengers' questions about Falun Gong.

I spent the rest of the time on the train clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. When the train was about to enter Beijing Train Station, the young train attendant approached me and very kindly gave me detailed directions to the airport. He also told me that it was important that I buy train tickets for seats in the same car of the train on my way back to Jilin. He said, "Even if you cannot get a seat in the same car of this train, you must come to this car when you get on."

Before I left for the airport, I purchased two train tickets, requesting the same car on return the train. On the way to the airport, I took out the tickets only to find that I had been assigned the exact same seat in that car. What a coincidence. This was exactly what he had told me to do.

After I picked up my daughter from the airport, we visited Tiananmen Square and took a few photos. I also took a photograph of the place where I had once unfurled a Falun Gong banner. Soon it was time for us to go to the Beijing Train Station. While my daughter and I were walking towards our assigned car, I met the young train attendant on the platform. He asked me which car our tickets were for. When I told him we had seats in his car, he looked very pleased.

After we had settled in our seats, I struck up conversations with the other passengers and found opportune moments to clarify the truth about Falun Gong during the chitchat. My daughter did not try to stop me or join in on the conversations. She had been living outside of China for several years and did not know about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s hate propaganda and smear campaign against Falun Gong or its cruel persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. During the night, many passengers fell asleep on the train, so there was not much for the train attendant to do. He came to say hi to my daughter and invited her to go see the train attendant's chamber. My daughter gladly obliged. When she returned, I thought she looked like she had been crying, but I didn't ask her what had happened because I thought she might have cried while telling about the hardship of studying abroad. My daughter praised the young attendant's character and said he was a good man. She told me, "Mom, you have met a very good person. You are so lucky." My daughter decided to give him a gift. She chose the best gift from all the gifts she had brought from abroad. It cost several hundred yuan. It was a very fine gift.

After she returned from the train attendant's chamber again, she did not want to sleep at all. She kept looking at me affectionately. I didn't know what the look meant at the time.

It had been several years since our family and relatives had seen my daughter. After we returned home, several dozen family members and relatives gathered together to have a family reunion in honor of my daughter's return. When my daughter saw her aunt, she began to cry and told us what the young train attendant had said to her on the train. "The CCP ordered all train attendants to immediately report for the train police to arrest anyone who was heard talking about Falun Gong. A train attendant receives 5,000 yuan for each Falun Gong practitioner he reports to the train police." Next she explained why she gave the train attendant the most expensive gift of all. It was a gift she had prepared for her young brother, but she decided to give it to the young train attendant. "The attendant stayed up all night, standing at the end of that car of the train to prevent the train police from entering. If they had entered the car, they would surely have heard you and arrested you. Do you know why he insisted that you ride in the same car of the train on your return trip?" My daughter explained to me, "It is because he was worried that you might be arrested if you rode in a different car of the train. Do you know what he said to me? He said, 'Your mother is a good person. All the Falun Gong practitioners are good people.'" Finally, my daughter said, "You are so lucky to have met a good person. Otherwise, who knows where you might be right now."

When I understood how honorably this young train attendant had acted, I felt very touched.