(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. An Senbiao lived in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. He was abducted before the 2005 Chinese New Year. After more than one month of detention he was sent to Daqing Forced Labor Camp and subsequently to Suihua Forced Labor Camp for torture. He is currently unconscious and his pulse is weak.

Before the Chinese New Year, An Senbiao went to the former Shengli Police Station, which later became part of Babaishang Police Department in Daqing City, to clarify the truth. He was abducted by officers from Babaishang Police Department and was first sent to Longfeng Detention Center in Daqing City, where he was held in solitary confinement in shackles. After being tortured for over a month, he was sent to Division 2 of Daqing City Forced Labor Camp in early March 2005.

An Senbiao went on a hunger strike after he arrived at Daqing Forced Labor Camp. The perpetrators force-fed him on a daily basis and then started to force-feed him twice a day about 10 days into the hunger strike. Although suffering tremendous pain, An Senbiao resisted the illegal persecution with powerful righteous thoughts. The authorities then transferred him to Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province in mid March.

Mr. An Senbiao has been held at Suihua Forced Labor Camp for over ten days now and is currently unconscious. His pulse is extremely weak. The labor camp authorities refuse to release him, claiming that certain provincial departments have not approved of his release, and that these "departments" make daily phone calls to the labor camp, giving instructions regarding the persecution of An Senbiao. They are afraid of taking any responsibility and videotape An Senbiao daily.

Practitioners who read this article: please send forth powerful righteous thoughts to completely eliminate all evil elements in other dimensions that persecute An Senbiao and help him break out of the demon's den with righteous thoughts. We also hope kind-hearted people might extend a helping hand in ending this persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

(Please dial country code + area code + phone number (except for cell phones), for cell phone, please dial country code + cell phone number)

(Country code: 86, for area code, please see different sections below.)

Area code for Harbin City: 451

Heilongjiang Province Labor Re-education Administration Bureau
Address: Hanguang Street, Nangang District, Harbin City, Zip code: 150080
Phone number: 633-4371, 86334371
Zhang Zhi'an: head of the bureau, 82726600 (82726608), 86245607
Zou Xianbao: deputy head, 82728756, 86312209
Xiang: deputy head, 82708756
Ma: deputy head, 82726341
Li: deputy head, 82703748
Wang: deputy head, 82703940
Shi: deputy head, 82703959
Chen Yuru: 82728749, 84617051
Ma Zaimin: 82726341, 82647148
Liu Zhixiao : head of the Management Division, 82703961, 82549898
Jia Shizhong: head of the Education Division, 82706503

Area code for Suihua City: 455

Suihua Labor Camp
Address: No. 192 Zhibei Road, Labor Camp, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province Zip code: 152054
Information on Suihua Labor Camp:
1. Suihua Labor Camp is directly under the provincial government and under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Labor Re-education Bureau
2. Suihua Labor Camp consists of three sectors, namely the management sector, the surveillance and education sector and the enterprise sector.
3. The switchboard number of Suihua Labor Camp: 8353860, 8355907
Head of the labor camp: ext. 8001
Deputy head and deputy political commissar: ext. 8002, 8003, 8004, 8005
Division 2, which specializes in detaining Falun Gong: ext. 8043, 8004
Political Section: ext. 8008, 8009
Disciplinary Inspection Section: ext. 8007
Management Section: ext. 8031
Education Section: ext. 8033
Heads of the labor camp:
Xu Jiansheng: 13945503188 (cell), 8359618
Zhang Zhihui: 13704551999 (cell), 8313718
Meng Yan: 13804868771 (cell), 8221861
Ji Feng: 13359911117 (cell), 8322498
Zhang Zhongshan: 13199002602 (cell), 8221861
Hu Sheng: 13504552418 (cell), 8221861
Section heads:
Kang Guixin: 13845580786 (cell), 8310786
Yang Chen: 13945531962 (cell), 8263501
Shi Baotai: 8880398, 8367601
Kong Fandong: 13091556763 (cell), 8367604
Cong Handong: 13339457444 (cell)

Other police perpetrators at the labor camp:

Yang Bo: the main person in charge of persecuting Falun Gong in Heilongjiang Province. He used to be the political head at Division 2 of Suihua Labor Camp and was later promoted for his "achievement" in persecuting Dafa practitioners. In late 2002, he visited labor camps in other parts of the country and saw that the "reform rate" in some places in southern China was higher than that at Suihua Labor Camp. After the visit, he organized people to intensify the persecution of firm practitioners, and brutally tortured them in a common shower room on the ground floor. His cell phone number is 13089960004

Gao Zhonghai: currently the political head of Division 2. He often verbally abuses and slanders Teacher Li and Dafa. His phone number is 8323562
Chen Xinlong: currently a team leader; often lies to Dafa practitioners. His phone number is 8221587
Fan Xiaodong: currently the deputy head of Division 2; used to be head of the Strictly Controlled Team. His phone number is 8261026
Zeng Lingjun: team leader, 8262904
Diao Xuesong: team leader, 13845540772 (cell)
Long Kuibin: team leader, 13836411082 (cell)
Liu Wei: team leader, 8322484
Jin Qingfu: a guard who works for Fan Xiaodong. He brutally beat the practitioners in late 2002; his phone, 8866278
Jia Wangpeng: 13836434820 (cell), 8354764

Area code for Daqing City: 459

Related phone numbers at Daqing Labor Camp (the first is office phone, the second is home phone, and the last one is cell phone)
Labor Camp
Head, Ying Chengli, 4326808, 6369698, 13329390528
Political commissar, Song Huidong, 4326800, 6378169, 13329390559
Secretary of Discipline Committee, Wang Xijun, 4326766, 6378059, 13936719220
Deputy Head, Wang Yongxiang, 4680996, 4631816, 13194599933
Deputy Head, Xing Mengchang, 4602956, 5184456, 13945949260
Deputy Head, Shao Tiemin, 4326111, 6188998, 13091660111
Deputy Head, Hao Shulin, 4326909, 4661473
Deputy Head, Sun Bohua, 4326911, 5815009, 13936955209
Management Section Head, Han Qingshan, 4326508, 6366790, 13945990055
Deputy Head of Management Section, Yang Tao, 4326919, 6190964, 13936997200