Dafa practitioner Ms. Yao Mei, 43, from Shoushan Township, Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp in 1999. This was because she insisted on practicing Falun Dafa and clarifying the truth about the persecution. She was abducted to the Shizuizi Labor Camp in Liaoyang City and was tortured during detention.

At around 6 p.m. on December 27, 2003, a group of policemen broke into her house. They took her to the Liaoyang City Public Security Bureau after ransacking her house. The personal belongings illegally confiscated by the police included: 1 copier, 1 TV set, 2,300 Yuan cash, 1 motorcycle, 4 cell phones, 1 pager, 1 MP3 player, 1 paper cutter, various Dafa books and truth clarifying materials.

At the Liaoyang Public Security Bureau, the police tied her to the hand rest of a sofa and asked for her name. Yao Mei refused to answer, so deputy Gao Fenghua started slapping her face hard. After his hand grew sore, he started to slap her with a pair of slippers and pressured her to reveal her name. Yao Mei still did not cooperate. Several policemen then tied both of her hands behind her back. They put her back against the back of a chair. They raised her hands (around the back of the chair) and pressed them on top of a wooden box. Another officer took a basin and put it face down, then they put both her legs onto the basin. Gao Fenghua sat in front of her.

By then Yao Mei could hardly breathe in the painful posture. Gao Fenghua then fumigated her nose with cigarette smoke. Another officer pulled hard on her hands while they were tied behind her back and used a cigarette butt to burn her fingertips. Yao Mei passed out from the pain. After she regained consciousness, she protested the brutal torture and tried to take her feet down from the basin. Several deputies savagely kicked her onto the floor and pushed her face into the ground. They stomped on her legs and feet hard. Yao Mei nearly lost feeling in her arms. Gao Fenghua threatened, "I have many ways to deal with you." Another older deputy declared, "If she still refuses to reveal her name, let's hang her up."

The deputies tortured her until 4 a.m. They finally sent her to the Liaoyang City Detention Center.

During the abduction at the detention center, the police interrogated Yao Mei. Deputies Gao Fenghua and Wang Qingyou were especially brutal in their interrogation. They pulled Yao Mei's hair hard and slapped her face. They even declared while slapping her face that their hands felt itchy if they did not beat someone. After they slapped her face repeatedly, they again kicked her to the ground. The deputies pulled her hand hard behind her back while two other deputies stomped on her legs and feet. They tortured her for more than an hour, and Yao Mei's arm had 6 inch long purple bruises around the joints. Her hands were swollen badly. Her legs felt very painful, and her face was also swollen, with bruises all over.

Yao Mei started a hunger strike in protest. The next day when the deputies came to interrogate her again, she could hardly get up because of the previous torture. This time they left. Other Dafa practitioners who were jailed together with Yao Mei included Wang Jinping and Zhang Xiulian.

Yao Mei was eventually sentenced to 10 years in jail and sent to the Shenyang Prison Complex (formerly Dabei Prison). Yao Mei's husband Qu Yongjiu was sentenced to 7 years at the Liaoyang Huazi Prison. Their teenage son, a high school student, is left behind at home.