On the morning of January 24, 2005, I was arrested while distributing truth-clarifying materials and was sent to the police station.

At that time, the police found more than 200 truth-clarification cards on me and asked me where I had gotten them. I said, "I got them from the ground." They did not believe me and tortured me. They pulled my hands behind my back and pressed my body downwards very hard. I was in a lot of pain, my right hand felt like it was burning, and my lower back felt like it was broken. They physically abused me in this manner for more than ten minutes before letting go of me and asking again, "Where did you get them?" "I got them from the entrance of a building," I said. "Then where did the books, newspapers, and photos in your home come from?" "I got them all together." They continued to torture me, a total of three times that day. During the third session I clenched my teeth, thinking about Teacher and Dafa, and made it through. At that point, even the people who tortured me were out of breath, and I was unable to walk due to the torture.

A policeman said, "These were found on your body, these were found in your home, and these were found in your work unit and have your father and co-workers' signatures." Using human thinking, I cooperated and answered, "Yes." He then said, "I have written whatever you have said here. Why don't you sign your name?" I had thoughts that a practitioner should not have, so I cooperated with the evil and signed my name. More trouble came after I signed my name. That night, the director of the police station came to my cell around midnight. He stripped off all my clothes, used my socks to gag my mouth, stepped on my head, and shocked me with electric batons for about 20 minutes. I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to have the evildoer hurt himself when applying torture. As a result, he shocked himself twice, and another time the electric baton dropped to the ground from his hand. He stopped quickly after that. They did not torture me anymore for the next three days.

The next day, three people from Guobao brigade and Tiexi brigade sent me to Tiexi Central Hospital for a checkup: my eyes were filled with blood and my nose was broken. Later I was sent to Wangjia Detention Center. The detention center personnel saw that I could not take care of myself, so they refused to accept me. Later, after 22 hours, I was sent back to the police station.

On January 26, I had not eaten or drunk anything for three days and was sent to the police hospital. I refused to cooperate. I could not stand up, and the hospital also refused to accept me, so I was sent back to the police station again. The policeman who was driving said, "I have driven this car for 4-5 years, but I have never seen anyone who is rejected everywhere."

My family members took me home on the afternoon of January 27, 2005, proving that righteous thoughts are of the utmost importance.