(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Wang Yang. I live in Kuzu Village, Shouan Town, Wenjiang Region, Sichuan Province. I started to practice Falun Dafa in March 1998. Before my practice, I had a serious case of neurasthenia and suffered from chronic insomnia. Even sleeping pills could not help me. I also had a gastric disease, prominence of the lumbar vertebra plate, a tumor in my uterus and more. No matter how many pills I took, my condition did not improve. Since I started to practice Falun Gong, all of these problems have disappeared. I truly felt the happiness and wonder of being free of diseases. I am unable to express in words how grateful I am for the benefits I have experienced mentally and physically because of Dafa.

In March 2000, after Jiang Zemin decided to ban Falun Dafa, I went to Beijing to appeal to the government to allow us to practice. At that time, I trusted the government and the rights that the Constitution granted. As soon as I arrived at Tiananmen Square, I was arrested and sent to the liaison office in Beijing. The police confiscated all the money I had with me. When a fellow practitioner, Li Qongying, wanted to say something, a young man of around 20 years old viciously slapped her twice in the face. I protested, "You cannot beat people arbitrarily. It is against the law." He immediately shouted at me, "You are going to revolt, aren't you?" He viciously approached me and kicked me in the abdomen. When a fellow practitioner tried to help us, he was beaten also. These "law enforcers" were quite vicious.

The next day we were handcuffed and sent back to Sichuan Province. I was illegally detained at the Wenjiang County Police Department. When my family came to see me, they were forced to pay 150 Yuan for my living expenses before they were allowed to see me. Sixteen days later I was transferred to the local police station - the Shouan Police Station. Because I refused to write a guarantee statement, they sent me to the Wenjiang Detention Center and detained me for 47 days. I was forced to work every day peeling cable apart in order to get to the center copper wire. The flesh on my fingers was cut, broken and bleeding. Despite this, I still had to continue to work because anyone who was unable to finish the assigned workload would be punished heavily and his family would be fined. The director of the town security office Xu Yuanhong extorted 6300 Yuan from my husband and never gave him a receipt.

In March 2001, because I was steadfast in my belief, the local Shouan Police Station kept harassing me, and I had to leave my home and go from place to place to avoid recapture. On September 9, 2001, when I was distributing truth-clarification materials in Dujiangyan, I was arrested and detained in the Dujiangyan Detention Center. They cuffed my hands and my feet together, which made it impossible for me to eat, sleep or use the toilet. In order to protest this inhuman treatment, I started a hunger strike. I suffered from brutal force-feeding several times. The head of the police station Wang and several male prisoners forcibly pressed me against the floor and force-fed me through a tube.

On October 25, I was sent to the Ningxiajie Transferring Station in Chengdu City and sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. Later I was transferred to the Pi County Prison. By that time, I had become very weak due to the persecution. I was sent to No.3 Chengdu Hospital for a medical examination and diagnosed with "severe high blood pressure." They sent me to Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp twice, but the labor camp refused to accept me. They still didn't want to release me, so they kept trying. In December, I was forcibly taken to the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp.

In the division for newcomers, several "assistants" took turns brainwashing me every day. I firmly resisted such mental persecution. Later I was put in the No.7 Team. The team leader Zhang Xiaofang treated practitioners very viciously and inhumanely. I witnessed how they persecuted Zhu Xia and several other practitioners who firmly cultivated Dafa. A group of drug offenders dragged them across the floor and ran, leaving their bodies with heavy scratches and wounds. They poured dirty water into their mouths and forced them to stand on one leg with the other one raised up on a desk and several boards on top of it.

In the cold winter, the police ordered the prisoners to forcibly pour water into our mouths (five to eight big cups of water at a time). The policewoman Mao said, "It is for the sake of those practitioners. Drinking water is good for their health." However, after we drank all this water, we were not allowed to go to the restroom for the entire day. We had no other choice but to relieve ourselves in our pants. The police then jeered and scolded us, and ordered the prisoners to take off our clothes. Once they stripped off our clothes, they left us with only wet and dirty underwear and we froze till midnight. One day, the practitioner Fu Liqun was stripped of her clothes completely and forced to stand still for several hours in the yard.

In the summer, we were forced to stand in the baking sun, and in the winter we were exposed to freezing temperatures. We were often forced to stand straight for long hours facing a wall, which caused our legs and feet to swell up. We were forced to have intensive "training," such as continual running. They shocked us with electric batons and tortured us in many other ways. In November 2002, a new rule was established that the food allowance for practitioners was reduced to only one third of the previous amount. A "collaborator" named Guo Lian was in charge of checking the food amount and not even a little bit more was given to us. At the same time, we were also not allowed to drink any water for the entire day, which caused every practitioner to become very skinny. After returning to our cells, we were also punished by being forced to stand straight until midnight.

My legs were swollen from the feet to the knees. It was hard for me to walk. I suffered from extreme pain when going upstairs and had to hold on to the railings. Even so, they still kept punishing me physically and didn't leave me alone. I kept reciting the Fa in my mind, which gave me strength. I knew that our benevolent Master took care of me. My legs gradually recovered.

One day, policewoman Mao called me to the office and asked me to take some drugs. I said that I didn't have any diseases. She kept verbally abusing me, and I told her that it was not good for a policewoman to verbally abuse people. She pointed out that there was nothing I could do even if they beat me. She called in several prisoners and ordered them to pour large amounts of salt water into my mouth. Coming back to my cell, several collaborators, including Luo Zhangshou and Xia Suqing, took turns to forcibly feed me with drugs and water. They finally gave up when I suddenly developed a high fever later that night.

In order to force me to renounce Falun Gong, the police did not allow me to go to the restroom all night long. I was not allowed to sleep and had to squat or stand straight facing the wall. My urine flowed down onto the floor. The "collaborator" Yang Jinxiang put my bed cover under my feet and my feet were soaked in urine. During the daytime, the police ordered the prisoners Lin Fengjiao and He Ping to torture me. They stripped and beat me. I was shaking because of the cold.

They said to me, "We don't want to treat you like this either. However, if we do not, we will be punished. They will deduct points and we won't be released early. Who doesn't want to go home earlier?" Under such mental and physical torture I couldn't bear it any more and succumbed to writing the so-called "guarantee statement." I regretted it very much. After my release and return home, I wrote a "solemn statement" that everything I had written under duress was null and void. I returned to the upright cultivation that Master has guided us to.

On May 8, 2003, after two more arduous months beyond my original term, I was released and able to go back home. However, the local government still didn't stop persecuting me. My husband was implicated and lost his position as the director of a local branch bank. My family suffered great pain and pressure, and their peaceful lives were turned upside down.

On the morning of June 15, 2004, the head of the town security office Xu Yuanhong, Cheng Songqing, the village party head Zhao Zhengkang and others forcefully broke into my home without showing a search permit and forcefully sent me to the Liulin Brainwashing Center in Wenjiang Region. I was detained for three months. In order to reach their goal of "transforming" more practitioners, they kept playing the TV programs that defamed Falun Gong and gave me materials written by collaborators and materials slandering Dafa. I totally refused to cooperate with them.

Every time that Wang Bo, the person in charge, talked to me, I would clarify the truth to him. They thought of all kinds of ways to harass me and played all kinds of tricks. They even deluded the family members who visited me, so they would apply pressure on me. Sometimes, my fear arose unexpectedly. I would do my best to get rid of it and eliminate it with righteous thoughts. In such an evil place, there was much interference. Gradually my righteous thought weakened. I was unable to recite the Fa and became sluggish. I spent each day feeling negative and seemed to wait for something to happen. Later I felt that something was wrong with me. I decided not to be let the TV interfere with me any longer and went to the yard to recite the Fa and to strengthen my righteous thoughts. One day, the manager, Wang Deyuan, said to me, "You should think it over. Do you want to stay here for a long term or do you want to upgrade yourself."

His words alarmed me. She was right. "How could I stay here like this for such a long time?" Why hadn't I realized that I was acknowledging the old forces' arrangement? I even thought that I had done pretty well. I wanted to go home with righteous thoughts. I immediately wrote a letter to Xu Yuanhong and others, and pointed out that they abused their power by persecuting innocent people. They severely violated the Constitution.

On September 15, with Master's compassion and the support of fellow practitioners, I returned home with dignity.