(Clearwisdom.net) The 5th division of the Shandong First Women's Forced Labor Camp (No. 20 Jiangshuiquan Street, Jinan City) is a special team created to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The 5th division was formed on Dec 12, 2003 under the direction of Director Jiang Lihang, Yang Enwei, Liu Yulan, and Political Commissioner Diao Chunfeng. They called the 5th division the "strictly managed team." The first division leaders were Niu Xuelian and Zhao Jie, but they were transferred after two months. The division re-formed in March 2004. The division leader at that time was Wang Shuzhen, and the deputy leaders were Wang Yueyao and Zhang Hong. The team leaders were Dai Shaohua, Li Yinghua, Ma Wenjuan, Ma Hongyan, Liu Yumei, Liu Xia, and Wang Liping. There were also several prisoners in the camp who were arranged to help the police with persecuting the practitioners.

This team used electric batons, handcuffs, rope, 10cm-high benches, toilet buckets, and the guard chamber to torture practitioners. The guard chamber was set up under the stairs and was about 1x3 meters. It was dark and humid, and set up with iron bars that were used to hold handcuffs and to torture practitioners.

Practitioner Ms. Peng Guixiang went on a hunger strike in Nov. 2003 to protest the persecution against Falun Gong. The police used brutal means to force feed her. They added a lot of stimulants to the food that caused Peng to have heart problems repeatedly, eventually resulting in severe damage to both her body and her mind. In July 2004, Peng was transferred from the second division to the 5th division. As soon as Peng arrived, policewoman Wang Shuzhen violently pushed her into a room and performed a body search. Wang took off Peng's clothes and handcuffed her.

Peng Guixiang asked Officer Wang Shuzhen, "Is this what you call education and benevolent influences?" Wang replied bluntly, "What are you talking about? It's all about violence here."

Wang Shuzhen tried to cover up her violent crimes by making up deceptive videotapes. Wang forced non-practitioners to go on camera. Wang played the role of what she called the "kind mother," and Dai Guihua, a prisoner convicted of stealing, played the "Falun Gong practitioner." The video consisted of "one-on-one talks," which led Dai to "give up Falun Gong." Their vicious lies poisoned and deceived many people, while Wang was praised and promoted as a model educator.

The 5th division carried out the genocidal policies of Jiang Zemin's regime: "defame their reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically." Practitioner Zhao Jihua's term was over, but the camp wouldn't let her go home. When Zhao Jihua protested, Officers Niu Xuelian and Zhao Yan, along with prisoners Sun Xiaohong and Zhao Ying, tied Zhao to a bed, where they tortured her with high voltage electric batons, force fed her, deprived her of sleep and caused great harm to Zhao Jihua's mind and body.

Officers Niu Xuelian and Zhao Jie isolated and locked up practitioners Li Jianmei and Lu Xiufeng. The officers taped the practitioners' mouths shut, deprived them of sleep, handcuffed them to iron bars, and prevented them from eating for a long period of time. Officer Niu Xuelian locked practitioners Huang Yuping and Ji Guangli in the guard chamber. It was wintertime and Niu wouldn't allow those practitioners to wear warm clothes. She deprived them of sleep and made them stand for a prolonged period of time. Niu even worked with her husband, trying to shock Ji with electric batons, but Ji stopped them with her righteous thoughts.

In the Jiangshuiquan Forced Labor Camp, those who were imprisoned were forced to do a lot of manual labor. Everyone got 20 yuan for their work, except for Falun Gong practitioners, who only got 10 yuan. The prisoners who helped the police torture the practitioners split the money that was supposed to be given to the practitioners. Because there were many practitioners, each prisoner could get up to 40 yuan. Officer Wang Shuzhen and Zhang Hong took away water buckets that the practitioners had bought with their own money. The police then sold these buckets for nine yuan each to other practitioners who were locked in the guard chamber so they could use them as toilet buckets.

Wang Shuzhen started her job in early March 2004. Wang was very domineering and ordered officers and prisoners to use more violence against the practitioners. Wang manipulated and ordered the prisoners to physically and verbally assault the practitioners. When they did, Wang rewarded the prisoners with reduced sentences and extra spending money. There were three occasions where Wang took off her police uniform and swore to fight with Falun Gong to the end, and she personally participated in the violence against the practitioners.

Wang Shuzhen, Wang Yueyao, Zhang Hong, and other police lectured the non-practitioners in the camp every 2-3 days. These officers brainwashed the prisoners and forced them to watch videotapes that slandered Falun Gong. The police forced and threatened the prisoners to torture practitioners. They even announced that those who helped with the torture work would be rewarded with reduced sentences, and those who wouldn't help would be punished with extended terms and demerits. Some prisoners said before they left the camp, "In this camp, especially the 5th division, I learned how to torture and manipulate people, but at the same time, I learned that the Falun Gong practitioners are good people."

At the end of March, Officer Wang Shuzhen forced practitioner Wang Xiangying to sit on a 10-cm tall bench with her hands on her knees for 16 hours every day without moving. Wang Shuzhen took Wang Xiangying to the guard chamber and cuffed her hands to the metal bars on the wall, and kept her from sleeping and eating. Officer Wang Shuzhen often physically abused Wang Xiangying and tried to force her to write statements against Falun Gong. Wang Xiangying refused to give in and persisted in her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." One month later, the police transferred Wang Xiangying to another group and isolated her from other practitioners. They tied her up in a bed for over 40 days.

When practitioner Guo Xingping finished her original labor camp term, Guo's father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Officer Wang Shuzhen forced Guo into the guard chamber in order to try to force her to give up Falun Gong. This lasted almost two months and had a terribly debilitating effect on Guo's health. She lost more than 18 kg (40lbs) in the process. Guo's sentence was extended for more than two months, and she did not get to see her father before he passed away.

Practitioner Liu Weihua, 36, had a blood pressure of above 200mmHg due to the extended persecution. Officer Zhang Hong put Liu in the guard chamber in the name of having talks. Liu was transferred to another group after more than ten days and isolated from other practitioners. Liu was given just enough corn porridge every day to keep her alive. She became very skinny. Even when Liu's life was in danger, the police still extended her sentence by over two weeks.

Practitioner Lu Xiufeng was illegally imprisoned in the Guan County Prison for insisting on practicing Falun Gong. After nine months, Lu was sentenced to forced labor camp for three years. Officer Wang Shuzhen threatened Lu and extended her sentence by almost three months in an effort to force her to give up Falun Gong. Lu was tortured by various inhumane ways for four years, and her weight dropped to 42 kg (93lbs).

Practitioner Huang Yuping was persecuted for a prolonged period of time and had a physical problem in March 2004. The medical staff checked her cardiograph, and it was discovered that Huang's heart rate was 120 beats per minute and her blood pressure was erratic. Wang Shuzhen ordered a prisoner named Sun to push Huang's head to the ground violently, resulting in a big lump on Huang's head, an injured neck and a bloody nose. Officer Ma Wenjuan watched Sun physically abusing Huang and even told Sun to tape Huang's mouth shut.

Officer Wang Shuzhen shamelessly claimed that Huang Yuping had a severe illness in order to cover up her crime. On March 10, 2004, Huang's CT result showed that there was a shadow somewhere in her body, but Huang was not allowed to see the result. The police saw that Huang was not doing well and were afraid of being held accountable. Wang Shuzhen first threatened Sun to keep quiet about what she had witnessed, and then bribed Sun by reducing Sun's sentence and giving Sun a good evaluation. Wang also put the 280-yuan fee for the CT scan into Huang's account. Meanwhile, Huang's sentence was extended by almost three months.

In mid-May of 2004, the director of the camp secretly ordered the police from the 5th division to set up a violent "transformation team" and set up two rooms in the reception area for this purpose. Wang Shuzhen was the overall leader and Wang Yueyao was a team leader. Dai Shaohua, Li Yinghua, Zhang Hong and Ma Hongyan took turns persecuting practitioners around the clock. These police took off their uniforms, pulled down the curtains in the room and posted slogans slandering Falun Dafa all over the walls. The police adapted extremely brutal ways to persecute the practitioners.

The police handcuffed the practitioners and hung them up on the heating pipe for as long as more than 30 days. The practitioners could not have water to drink and were only given a small bite of a piece of bread when they were extremely hungry. The police force-fed the practitioners with dirty water with a stimulant added in to keep them awake. When female practitioners had their periods, they were not given any hygiene products, and the blood stained their clothes. The police would not even allow them to clean themselves up.

Officer Wang Yueyao used an electric baton to hit practitioner Zhang Fuxiang's mouth. The director of the education division Wang (male) and five accomplices brought aluminum containers. The police recorded the noise of beating the aluminum containers and accomplices yelling and shouting to slander Dafa. Later, the police put headphones on Zhang Fuxiang and played the recording with the volume turned up all the way. Officer Wang Yueyao saw that Zhang was very steadfast, and proceeded to shock her with electric batons. From Aug 23 to Sep 26 (more than 30 days), the inhumane torture caused Zhang to go into shock and experience severe blood clotting around her heart. Her life was in dire danger. The police didn't want to be held accountable for killing Zhang, so they sent her back to her group. Practitioner Liu Guimei was being persecuted at about the same time, from Aug 13 to Sep 23. Liu still cannot move her wrists due to the persecution she suffered.

The police threw Zhang Fuxiang's clothes and her personal belongings into the garbage. They put her in the third group after releasing her from the transformation team and isolated her from other practitioners. Liu Guimei was treated the same after going to the eighth group.

Some practitioners could not withstand the severe torture and wrote statements renouncing Falun Gong against their will.

The police feared that their evil conduct would be exposed, so they locked the doors to the bathroom, and even non-practitioners were not allowed to use the bathroom on their own, walk around or make phone calls. The police in the camp's transformation team did their best to torture practitioners. In four months, seven practitioners were tortured there. The transformation team was disbanded on Sep 27, 2004.

Officer Wang Shuzhen tried to entice Jia Quanmei to give up Falun Gong by offering her money. When Jia saw what she was trying to do and refused, Wang was furious. She often looked for excuses to beat Jia and isolate her from other practitioners. One day in June 2004, Wang cuffed Jia on a bed for over 10 days and deprived her of sleep. Jia's legs and feet were swollen from this abuse. The police feared that others would learn about them torturing practitioners in the dorm, so they transferred Jia to the guard chamber and cuffed her to the iron bars. The police did not provide her with food or water, and Jia had to buy her own. Officer Liu Xia soaked crackers in dirty water used to wash apples, put a lot of salt in it and forced Jia to eat it. Liu even ordered prisoners Cao Guiping and Hu Sier to push Jia's head into the toilet bucket and forced her to eat the excrement in the bucket. That almost suffocated Jia. Liu threatened Jia, "If you tell anyone about this, I will use more brutal ways to torture you until you die."

For more than 30 days, the police tortured Jia and only gave her crackers soaked in dirty water. She was not given any meals or allowed to sleep. Jia had a fever and fainted. That night, the handcuffs miraculously loosened and Jia fell to the ground and fell asleep. The police on the night shift, Zhang Hong, saw Jia on the ground and couldn't figure out how the handcuffs came loose. Zhang Hong kicked Jia and cuffed her back on the iron bar. Jia's wrists were cut to the bone because of the long term handcuffing and tying up with ropes. Jia's weight dropped to about 36kg (80lbs). However, Jia's belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" was stronger than ever after more than 40 days of persecution.

Starting on May 26, 2004, the director of the camp secretly ordered Officer Wang Shuzhen to lock up the practitioners who were not isolated. More than 10 practitioners were forced to stand still from 6am to 10pm everyday for 11 days. These practitioners were not allowed to sleep at all for 240 hours straight. The practitioners' legs were severely swollen due to the long term standing. The police would beat them if they dozed off. The police gave Zhao Hui, Sun Xiaohong and Wang Xue notebooks to record the practitioners' every move. Officer Wang Shuzhen, Zhang Hong and Wang Liping would physically punish the practitioner according to the notes.

The police used reduced sentencing and a 20-yuan per month bonus to bribe the prisoners to torture practitioners. Officer Wang Shuzhen said, "The 20 yuan 'fee' is given to you to cooperate with the team leaders in torturing Falun Gong practitioners." Besides the denial of food and water, accomplices Zhao Hui, Sun Xiaohong and Wang Xue helped the police with ideas on how to torture practitioners such as not allowing them to use the toilet. Director Yang from the education division and Li Aisheng were at the 5th division at that time. Ten police from the 5th division went to help them. They put away all the toilet buckets and locked them in the bathrooms. No one was allowed to relieve themselves for five days. The police said that if anyone relieved themselves, they would use the person's clothes and bed sheets to clean the excrement and then throw them away.

During the hottest time in the summer, the police prohibited practitioners from opening up the doors or windows, using fans, washing clothes, and showering. Usually, practitioners only got to wash their clothes and shower once in more than 40 days, and they only had 10 minutes to do so. The dorms played videotapes or audio messages that slandered Falun Dafa and Teacher at the highest volume everyday, all year long. Two stereos were worn out like this.

The hygiene in the dorms was horrible, and it was very smelly in the rooms. The dorms were very damp and humid. Even the guards ended up vomiting, and having diarrhea and headaches. The police wouldn't allow practitioners to eat and forced them to buy their own instant noodles. Practitioners were forced to buy a whole box at a time. Wang Shuzhen decreed that practitioners could not drink water and could only eat one package of dried instant noodles per day.

The police feared that others might find out about their criminal conduct and appointed a person on duty to watch and monitor the movement of others.

The police forced practitioners to do slave labor for a prolonged period of time. The practitioners worked 6am to 10pm and sometimes until midnight. The intensity of the work was high and the environment was very bad. There was no time to rest. The practitioners worked and lived in the dorm, which was full of the harmful gas from chemicals. Practitioners had to relieve themselves in the dorm and were not allowed to open the windows or doors. Some practitioners were suffering because of the intense smell from the glue and paint. They vomited and had allergic reactions and headaches. Some practitioners' hands were blistered from handling the glue. When eating, they could only taste the chemicals that permeated the room. The practitioners could only open the doors to go to their rooms when it was bed time. Practitioners ate at the dorm and the rice bowls were placed on the ground. The practitioners had to finish their meals in less than 20 minutes. They couldn't wash their rice bowls, but only rinse them with a little water in a plastic container.

When there were inspections in the camp or when there were high level officials coming, the police would clean up the camp beforehand and open up the windows. When there was a lot of work to be done, the police wouldn't clean the toilet buckets in the dorm. All the cleaning tools and detergents in the division and bathrooms were paid for by the practitioners. This was another way Wang Shuzhen tormented the practitioners.

Practitioner Li Jianmei was imprisoned for a long time because of her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." She has an 80-year-old mother and a teenage child at home with no one to take care of them and no income of their own. Li Jianmei and her sister Li Jianhui were both imprisoned in the same camp, and it was the second time for both of them. Li Jianmei was isolated the whole time during the second imprisonment. Wang Shuzhen often looked for excuses to handcuff or tie up Li Jianmei. Li was often denied food and sleep, and was forced to stand all the time. Besides these tortures, Wang often beat Li. Li's physical condition became very weak under the long-term mental and physical abuse. Li often vomited blood and had no appetite. Li's 80-year-old mother came to visit her daughter many times, but the police turned her away every time.

In the 5th division, practitioners were not allowed to write, call or see their families if they refused to give up Falun Gong.