(Clearwisdom.net) On the March 8, 2005, Mr. Jiang Renzheng and Ms. Guo Rui, a young couple who are new practitioners, along with their two infant children, returned from Germany to China. Shortly after arriving, they were visited by officers from the National Security Office. The officers attempted to force them to renounce their practice of Falun Gong. They showed Mr. Jiang his own photos and private letters to demonstrate that they knew everything about him. They even went so far as to put pressure on his family.

After Jiang Renzheng and his family returned to China, they first visited Ms. Guo's parents. Nothing happened until they visited Mr. Jiang's parents on the 16th of March. His parents live in the village of Youzaizi on the edge of Benxi in Liaoning Province. On March 17th, three federal officers, including one division leader, one department leader and a chauffeur from the National Security Office unexpectedly showed-up with Mr. Jiang's father. They were then taken to a room in a nearby national railway training center, where they were questioned by the federal officers as well as a few police officers.

The National Security officers explained to Mr. Jiang that they had for a long time been well aware of he and his wife's overseas activities concerning Falun Gong. The officers also told him that they had waited for the right moment after the Jiang's arrival back in Shenyang before bringing Mr. Jiang in for questioning. They told Mr. Jiang that he should "admit" to everything that he and his wife had done overseas and then they offered him a job. The officers tried to deceive Mr. Jiang, telling him that the persecution of Falun Gong is non-existent, even though media sources overseas report to the contrary. They offered to organize a tour of the Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. When Mr. Jiang refused to comply with their demands to confess, they showed him his letters to his father, in which he had explained the true circumstances of the persecution of Falun Gong, in order to demonstrate to him that they were in control.

Because Mr. Jiang remained unmoved, the security officers began applying pressure to his father. After some time his father couldn't take it anymore and felt he had no choice but to ask his son to "admit" to everything in order to prevent all three families from being ruined. Mr. Jiang still refused until his father threatened him with possible death. At that moment, Mr. Jiang didn't have the heart to see his father suffer anymore and gave the officers a short description of his participation in a peaceful demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in Norway. Then they pressured Mr. Jiang to sign a statement in which he would guarantee not to do anything that violates the "law." They promised Mr. Jiang's father that he and his son would be released as soon as Mr. Jiang signed. Mr. Jiang told his father he wouldn't sign, even if it meant being arrested and beaten. It was clear to him that the officers weren't going to let them go free even if he did sign. His father didn't believe him and begged him with tears in his eyes for his signature in hopes of having his son set free. In this way Mr. Jiang was forced to sign against his will. By then it was 2 o'clock in the morning of the next day, and their interrogation had lasted for 10 hours. After Mr. Jiang signed the document, the National Security officers still wouldn't release him, because their intention of forcing Mr. Jiang to give up his cultivation in Falun Gong had yet to be realized. Mr. Jiang's father vehemently protested their decision and accused them of breaking their promise. Meanwhile, the division leader again called his superiors for orders, as he had so often done during the night. At 4 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Jiang and his father were set free. Three hours later, before either of them had a chance to sleep after their long interrogation, the same three federal officers unexpectedly showed up to continue their interrogation.

Some time later, the director of the town and the party secretary suddenly popped in to "look after them" and spent all day with them. They kept asking Mr. Jiang what his plans were for the coming days and who he'd had contact with. As soon as Mr. Jiang left the house he was under constant surveillance. On the 20th of March, the division leader from National Security called him to arrange a "meeting", but Mr. Jiang declined the "invitation." He told the division leader that if he really wanted to speak with him, then he should come visit him.

About 11 o'clock the next day, the division leader, along with department leader and the chauffeur arrived. They wanted Mr. Jiang to tell them every detail of the activities he had participated in during his time abroad. Naturally, Mr. Jiang refused. Then the chauffeur showed him a photograph of his aunt and uncle, which had been taken by Mr. Jiang. His aunt and uncle are Falun Gong practitioners who used to live in Cambodia, but because agents from the Chinese Embassy had been following them, the United Nations helped them secure asylum in Norway. Mr. Jiang and his wife had their first exposure to Falun Gong while visiting his uncle in Norway, and they both began to practice this cultivation method.

Mr. Jiang said rather sternly to the chauffeur, "You have no right to pry into my personal affairs."

The chauffeur replied, "We know who you are. We have every right to examine all your affairs."

Then Mr. Jiang asked, "Yesterday your division leader asked if he could speak with me. Today, you want to examine me. What do you really want from me?"

The division leader replied, "You should, upon returning to your country, respect the Chinese Constitution. You are allowed to believe in any of the five major religions, but not in Falun Gong. If you practice Falun Gong, you are acting illegally and threatening the law and order of this country."

Mr. Jiang replied, "The Chinese Constitution clearly states that every citizen has the right to freedom of religion. I have read the Falun Gong books. They teach people to be good. Falun Gong is popular overseas. Why is it being persecuted in China? Which paragraph of the Chinese Constitution is the practice of Falun Gong violating? Furthermore, did you all know that the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square was staged? Nobody who really practices Falun Gong would commit suicide, because killing goes against the teachings of Falun Gong."

Three hours passed, and the division leader still hadn't gotten what he'd come for, and finally he gave up. As he was leaving, he told Mr. Jiang, "We will be in contact."

On March 25th, the National Security officers again visited the Jiangs. They asked Mr. Jiang if he had thought it over. Mr. Jiang replied, "There is nothing to think about. My position is crystal clear. I have nothing further to report." Then they spent an hour talking with his parents, trying to get them to help persuade their son to give in. Finally the officers warned Mr. Jiang's parents that they would be held responsible if their son tried to run. Before they left they made it clear that their patience was wearing thin. Since the first interrogation, Mr. Jiang's parents haven't had a moment's peace. Both of them are terrified and confused, particularly his father, who is deeply affected. He is under such psychological stress that he can't even recognize his relatives. Mr. Jiang's mother cries everyday behind closed doors and is extremely concerned about her son's well being and his family's future. Ms. Guo was spared the interrogation because of her two small children, yet one can only imagine the pressure she must be under. Even telephone calls with her friends are monitored. A good friend of Mr. Jiang told him that the national telephone carrier warned him to watch out for his friend who had just returned from Germany. Mr. Jiang wanted to go to Shenyang for work, but because the division leader threatened his parents that they would be held accountable if he went to Shenyang, so his parents continually insist that he not leave the house in order to protect themselves from punishment. Mr. Jiang is currently under house arrest.

As a young couple Mr. Jiang and Ms. Guo lived overseas for a few years. Because of a complication in the asylum-process, they were both sent back to China. Consequently all of their human rights were taken away as soon as they set foot on their homeland. Their immediate family is also suffering under this persecution. The Jiangs' future is uncertain and their fortune is every bit as tragic as the tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners and their families in China, who are all subject to the threats and persecution of the communist regime. We are appealing to the international community and all people of good will to consider this young family and to seek an end to the persecution, so that all Falun Gong practitioners can obtain their freedom as soon as possible.