(Clearwisdom.Net) In the afternoon of January 30, 2002, the police of Nongan County Security Bureau forcibly took me from my work place to the local public security bureau without any excuse or legal procedures.

After I had been at the local public security bureau for about an hour, I requested to make a phone call to my home, because my family members did not know where I was. My 80-year old father had brain disease and could hardly take care of himself, and my husband was at work. No one was able to take care of my child after school. The security bureau refused my requests, no matter what I asked for. They then pushed me into a police car and took me to the Changchun City Public Security Bureau with my eyes blindfolded with a coat. They dragged me to the fourth floor and cuffed both my hands to an iron chair.

A few hours later, they started torturing me. They interrogated me about what I had done. I replied that I had done what a Dafa disciple should do. They then stripped off my clothes, leaving me in only my underwear. They shocked my breasts with electric batons. The electric shocks were too painful to imagine. I said to them, "Good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. You also have your parents and sisters. How could you do this to me? I am as old as your mother."

They refused to listen to my words and continued shocking my ears with electric batons even more exasperatedly. Both of my ears were swollen so severely that they turned black. One policeman slapped my face twice. I then began to continually send forth righteous thoughts. At that moment, the electric baton bounced back and the policeman shocked himself on the hand. Fearing being shocked again, this policeman threw away the baton, grabbed a one-inch thick iron bar, and beat my legs and hips to the point that my legs were covered with bruises and stains. He then started beating my arms and back. They tortured me for about two hours. Then they changed shifts with another two policemen. One of them beat me a few times with an electric baton again.

The police did not allow me to sleep for the any part of the night, and I was detained in the Changchun City Public Security Bureau until 4:00 p.m. the next day, when the police from my local public security bureau took me back to the Nongan Prison. I was imprisoned in the jail for about three months. Fearing that I would expose their crimes, the police did not release me. Later, I was sent to a forced labor camp with a sentence of three years of forced labor.

March 14, 2005