(Clearwisdom.net) At every gathering with ordinary people, I seize the opportunity to clarify the facts. It is really miraculous. Whenever I want to meet somebody, I run into him or her the next day. I know this is Master's great compassion towards disciples and sentient beings, so I make it a point to clarify the facts on all occasions, such as classmates' gatherings, weddings, visiting relatives or friends and shopping, not leaving out anyone with whom I have a predestined relationship.

I pay attention to my appearance and try my best to dress neatly and attractively. My tone of voice is quiet and kind, because I want to leave people with a positive impression. I clarify the facts while sending forth righteous thoughts. As I have clarified the truth over the years, I have seldom met anyone who was truly not savable.

When I saw quite a few taxis parked outside a supermarket, I gave a Falun Dafa token to one of the taxi drivers and clarified the facts to him. The driver then said to me, "Don't you know who I am? I am the one in charge of your Falun Gong practitioners in this region." He then returned the token to me and said, "You'd better leave. You are too kind." I thanked him and wished him a good future. I was not frightened at that time. Perhaps my righteous heart touched him.

I have been quite successful at clarifying the facts and distributing the literature over the years. Nonetheless, I started treating truth clarification as doing ordinary work. This led to my being unable to have a calm mind while studying the Fa. It may have been due to this attachment that I was almost taken advantage of by the evil on a few occasions. Fortunately my righteous thoughts emerged at the critical moment, and I persevered.

The first time was on a day when I was preparing truth-clarifying materials for night distribution. At 7 a.m. I suddenly became dizzy and couldn't move. (I had had this condition before I started to practice Falun Dafa.) I felt the world whirling in front of my eyes. Vomiting and purging followed. I immediately realized that it was the evil trying to persecute me, so I started sending forth righteous thoughts until past 10 a.m. I was able to move then but still felt sleepy and had a temperature. Then I remembered the things I needed to do during the night, so I struggled to get up and did the five sets of exercises. After doing the exercises, I felt a little bit better. I said to myself, "I must break through the interference of the old forces and go out tonight. The more you try to keep me from going out, the harder I will try to get out." I walked for a while, and my legs suddenly relaxed. They felt light, and it was no longer an effort to lift them up. This was truly Dafa's miraculous power and Master's compassion.

Another time I was carrying a bundle of materials on my way home. On level ground I twisted my ankle. I fell down and couldn't get up. I endured the pain and walked home. The next day, my foot was completely swollen and bruised, and I could only limp along. I said to myself, "I have to break through the old force's arrangement." I endured the pain and did Dafa work while sent forth righteous thoughts. The Dafa work was not affected.

It is through these experiences that I truly feel that, as long as we firmly believe in Master and maintain our righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we will be able to break through the old force's interference and persecution. Only then can we walk well on the path of a Fa rectification period Dafa disciple.