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History Will Never Forget

In the history of human foreign relations, there have been many noble diplomats like Dr. Ho Fengshan, who used his position as Consul General of China in Vienna during World War II to issue visas to Jews so they could escape Nazi Germany. Such people have steadfastly protected universal human rights and safeguarded kindness, unyielding even under pressure. Time has passed, but their good works shine like diamonds and are remembered by society.

In the British Embassy in Germany, there is a stone tablet on which is inscribed the name "Frank Foley." He was called "The Schindler of Britain." From 1921 to 1939, Foley was a visa officer at the British Embassy in Germany. Back then, Britain tightly controlled the issue of visas. But in order to help Jews safely leave Nazi Germany, Foley liberally issued visas to Jews. He even changed documents to help them get visas. That way, he freed thousands of Jews from the Nazis. He even risked his own life to visit ghettos in order to send more Jews out of Germany. After his death, Jews who had been rescued by him planted trees in his honor on a piece of land on a hill in Jerusalem.

In 1999, the Israeli government honored Foley with a "Righteous Among the Nations" medal and erected a monument for him at the Nazi Holocaust Memorial in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

Before unveiling a plaque to Foley, whose 120th birthday would have been on Wednesday, at the Berlin embassy, British Ambassador Sir Peter Torry said: "Without diplomatic immunity and at considerable personal risk to himself, this unassuming man chose to follow his conscience. Today, it is right that we should honor him at the British Embassy, not far from where he did his work in the 1930s. He was indeed a very humane and honorable man, a true British hero."

There is also a "Schindler" in the United States. His name is Varian Fry. At the beginning of World War II, Fry was a Deputy U.S. Consul General at Marseille, France. Back then, the U.S. remained neutral between Germany and France. Unwilling to stagnate the relationships with Germany and France, the U.S. strictly restricted the numbers of Jews coming into the country. But Varian Fry tried his best to help Jews. In a one-year period, he helped 2,500 Jews leave France, among whom several are famous artists. Washington was angry at his actions because it contradicted U.S. foreign policy. For that reason, Fry's career as a diplomat came to a swift end. Sixty years later, the U.S. State Consul restored his reputation. At the ceremony of returning his honor, the State Consul speaker said that what Varian Fry had done violated U.S. foreign policy at that time, but conformed to the spirit which the United States was founded upon. That is, to eternally fight for justice and freedom. He was honored as a hero.


Compared with those righteous diplomats, the diplomats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have behaved shamefully. In the persecution of millions of Falun Dafa practitioners, Jiang Zemin's regime openly violated the Chinese Constitution and the International Human Rights Treaties. While practitioners are being tortured to death, suffering from being detained, fired from their jobs, and deprived of basic freedoms, CCP diplomats spread lies and instigate hatred toward Falun Dafa practitioners throughout the whole world. They even mobilized many national secret agents to persecute Falun Dafa overseas. What a shame and what a crime!

These diplomats exported the CCP's slander overseas in order to brainwash Chinese people living abroad and to instigate their hatred toward Falun Dafa. Then they sent misleading information back to China to deceive the Chinese people, by calling it information from around the world. CCP diplomats have extended the Jiang regime's lies and slander to countries throughout the world. They make use of overseas Chinese media, under CCP control, to misinform foreign governments. This has caused many foreign governments to stay silent in the face of the unprecedented human rights violation against Falun Gong practitioners.

What's unforgivable is that many CCP diplomats actually know that Falun Dafa is righteous. In 1998, when Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, lectured in Geneva, Switzerland, several Chinese diplomats attended the lecture.

At the 1999 Chinese New Year party organized by the Manchester Student Union in Britain, the Falun Dafa exercise demonstration was welcomed by the attendees. The Chinese Consul General in Manchester and diplomats from the Chinese Embassy and its subordinates all attended the party. After April 25, 1999 and before July 20, 1999, some CCP diplomats still said that Falun Dafa would not be persecuted. If those diplomats had really wanted to know the truth about Falun Dafa, it would have been very easy for them to find out because they live outside China. They could have simply looked it up on the Internet, contacted local practitioners or even investigated it on their own. It would have been so easy.

Albert Einstein once said that if government orders are against one's conscience, one should stand up for his conscience and for justice. But when Jiang Zemin violated the Chinese Constitution and International Human Rights Treaties to persecute innocent Falun Dafa practitioners, many CCP diplomats just blindly followed orders in order to secure short term, personal benefits.

Throughout human history, violence has never overcome righteous beliefs. Kindness and justice always win in the end. The Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Dafa will surely fail. Through practitioners' persistent efforts, the truth of Falun Dafa has been displayed more and more thoroughly in front of all the world's people. More and more people throughout the world, including Chinese and others, have learned the truth about Falun Dafa.

It was so foolish for the Chinese embassies and consulates to follow Jiang Zemin to persecute the kind and righteous Falun Dafa practitioners. They should have known that their defaming of Falun Dafa overseas would only evoke disdain from the international community. What has been exposed is the CCP diplomats' stupidity and inferiority. Their slander could not stop the quick spread of Falun Dafa and news of the fact that Falun Dafa has given mental and physical benefits to so many practitioners and to society.

History is fair. Ho Fengshan, Frank Foley, and Varian Fry suffered hardships in exchange for their righteousness, but their glory is eternal. Those who followed Jiang Zemin in the inhuman persecution of Falun Dafa will definitely leave their shame in history and deserve to taste the bitterness of their crimes. How will those CCP diplomats, who actively persecuted Falun Dafa, be able to face themselves and their decedents in the future?

A diplomats' responsibility is to protect the image of a nation and its people, but CCP diplomats who have persecuted Falun Dafa have done the opposite. They have caused great damage to China and to the Chinese people. Falun Dafa practitioners, in suffering through the calamity of the persecution and facing difficulties, have bravely stood up to tell the whole world the truth about Falun Dafa. They are guardians of justice and the pride of China. They are creating history.

The world will remember.

March 26, 2005