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4. Clarifying the Truth with Action

There is a saying, "Talking can never compare with doing." Peoples' thoughts are all distorted under the Communist Party's culture, especially in recent years. People are confused by the lies. Since lies are everywhere, clarifying the truth to people is very difficult. Some people want to believe, but have difficulty believing the facts. Some people say, "You all explain your own points, but what is the truth?" As mentioned earlier, while we persistently apply different methods towards clarifying the truth, examples of our own personal behavior is the best method to deal with this situation. Several times when I used specific actions to clarify the truth, they had a great impact on people. People said from their hearts, "Falun Dafa is good!"

Dafa Practitioners Repair Roads to Validate the Fa

In the fall of 2004, peasants were about to harvest their crops and ship them to the threshing ground. Roads in the countryside are uneven, and become muddy and hard to walk on when it rains. Every fall before the harvest time, the county organizes people to repair the roads. Because funding is limited, finding people to repair the roads is always difficult. It creates headaches for the county leaders. After consulting each other, Dafa practitioners volunteered to repair the roads. They decided to repair the most muddy and difficult main road in the county.

The road outside the county middle school is low and becomes muddy when it rains. Students walking on the muddy road need to carry their bicycles on their shoulders for more than 100 meters to get to school. School officials had difficulty dealing with this situation as the local government didn't remedy the situation. To help students, Dafa practitioners decided to work on this section of road first.

More than 100 Dafa practitioners living in the county participated in this project, including an 80 year-old lady and an 11 year-old child. Some provided labor and others their vehicles. In order not to disturb students, they did the roadwork on Saturday and Sunday. Dirt was taken from a big dirt pile 2-3 miles away. School officials provided leftover bricks to be used for the road repair. When the roadwork was done, students were able to walk on the repaired road, and they knew that Dafa practitioners did the work. They all know that Dafa is good and that Dafa practitioners are good people.

We were having difficulty clarifying the truth to intellectuals. However, the act of Dafa practitioners repairing the roads shocked them greatly. Many teachers saw the goodness of Dafa practitioners and thus recognized the greatness of Dafa. One teacher said,

"Our school can't manage, and the county government didn't care. It was Falun Gong practitioners who repaired the roads." People call this road "Dafa Road."

When we were about to start working, some deceived people saw us carrying shovels and reported it to the officials. The local police, public security personnel, and leaders set up surveillance of the practitioners. They later realized that the practitioners were there to repair roads and thus dispersed.

Each village Dafa practitioner took active responsibility for repairing roads in their own villages. If the workload was too large, Dafa practitioners from neighboring villages came to help out.

After Dafa practitioners finished their roadwork, one village decided to give practitioners 3000 yuan as a reward. They told practitioners to do whatever they wish with the money. They said the money wasn't even enough to pay for the labor and considered it a reward.

Some Dafa practitioners from a village brought a new CD they received to every house, and played the CD for the villagers. The village secretary also knows that Dafa is good. He saw that Dafa practitioners were always very considerate, and he was really touched by the practitioners voluntarily repairing the roads, so he led others to join the road repairing. He said: "If there are going to be arrests of Falun Gong practitioners I'll notify you. How can the good people be arrested? I don't care what the government says, Falun Gong is exonerated here."

One villager made a broadcast: "Falun Gong practitioners have finished repairing the roads. Falun Gong is a true cultivation practice."

Practitioners realized that they validated the Fa through repairing roads and the result was very good. Those who had been afraid of being arrested and had been staying at home now join others in clarifying the truth. They were afraid of clarifying the truth in the open before, and are now doing so. Everyone has righteous thoughts and doesn't want any rewards. They took their own lunches, shared experiences together, and sent forth righteous thoughts during the rest periods. They know that what they were doing was not just about doing good deeds for society, but to validate the Fa. They proved that Dafa is good.

More Than 120 Dafa Practitioners Help Jailed Fellow Practitioners to Harvest Crops

In autumn 2004, a Dafa practitioner was arrested and sent to do forced labor because he clarified the truth to people. He had more than 60 acres of corn ready to harvest. His family was very worried since others had already finished harvesting their corn.

In mid-October, 120 Dafa practitioners from five different counties came to help. There was a 76 year old man among them. They worked for 9 hours and finished harvesting before dark.

Local people saw what they had done and were very touched. Many people said, "You see how good those Falun Gong practitioners are. They got together and harvested all the corn without asking for a single penny. Nowadays if you don't practice Falun Gong you wouldn't possibly do that. TV stations fabricated all those lies and said that Falun Gong is bad. Those Falun Gong practitioners were all spreading the truth and doing good deeds. The government will let people practice it sooner or later." One of the villagers shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is really good!"

During the lunch break, practitioners exchanged experiences and shared amongst themselves. The atmosphere was peaceful and memorable. At noon, we all sent forth righteous thoughts together. This was the first time we openly exchanged and shared since 1999 when the persecution began. Many practitioners have now come out to join others. They got rid of their fear and decided to follow Teacher to validate the Fa and do well on the three things.

Helping Clear Away Ice and Snow

It has been snowing heavily since early winter this year. Roads became as slippery as mirrors after the snow was packed by vehicles. Many people were afraid to ride their bicycles. People walking on the slippery road fell if they weren't careful. People riding the bus were also worried, especially when crossing the bridge below the railroad. The bridge crossing is very steep and hard to cross even without the snow. It is worse when there is heavy snow. Few people care to do anything about it. The road is narrow and steep, with heavy traffic. Every time a bus reaches there, both driver and passengers become very scared and are afraid that an accident will occur.

Dafa practitioners living in the neighborhood organized themselves to clear away the ice and snow, and quickly removed all of it. Some practitioners brought stove ashes to cover the pavement. Drivers of the buses were happy about it and smiled at the practitioners. This deed was praised far and wide throughout the city.

People said, "Nowadays nobody cares for anyone. The Communist Party does not care about us either. It's only Falun Gong practitioners who still think about others." Dafa practitioners helped clear away the accumulated snow on all the main roads and steep streets, and used stove dust or sand to cover the pavement so as to allow pedestrians and vehicles to drive and walk safely. The unselfish behavior and righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners are not intended solely to do good deeds for society, but rather to show people the goodness of Dafa.