(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities forcibly took me to the Family Planning Office in Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province. There, an ultrasound was done, and I was then sent to the operating table. I realized that they were forcing me to have an abortion. About six men put me up on the operating table and held me down. I was so scared.

My husband Feng Bingkun and I are both Falun Gong practitioners from Xiawei Village, Zhenlong Town, Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province. Since the persecution started on July 20, 1999, people from the local police precinct and the 610 Office often harassed us.

In 2000, my husband and I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Dafa and clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the government. The police arrested us and sent us back to Zengcheng. We were illegally detained for two weeks at the Guanghui Drug Rehabilitation Center in Zengcheng. In December 2000, we went to Beijing again to appeal for and validate Dafa. I was then two months pregnant, for the first time. Persons from the local police substation arrested us and sent us to the Zengcheng Detention Center. I was vomiting and experienced severe light-headedness, which brought me to their attention. They took me to the Zengcheng People's Hospital. After the hospital confirmed I was pregnant, they started paper work to release me from the detention center.

Just as I just walked out of the detention center's door, I saw that Luo Weijun from the Zhenlong Township Police Precinct was waiting for me. He said, "You can go home now!" Before I realized what was going on, a male plainclothes agent in his 30's came up to me and told me to get into a waiting vehicle. They dragged me into a van. Four men and two women were waiting in the van. I asked, "Who are you?" One of them told me that they were from the Family Planning Office and said, "We are from the Family Planning Office in Zengcheng. We heard you are pregnant. We checked with the Family Planning Office and discovered that you are not part of a quota and are not meeting the requirements set by the Family Planning Office." I said, "I checked with the Zhenlong Family Planning Office. I was told that one could apply for a birth permit only when four-to-six-months pregnant." (This is still the current rule) But they shamelessly insisted, "The policy in Zengcheng is to obtain the quota before you get a birth permit and become pregnant!"

They forcibly took me to the Family Planning Office in Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province, subjected me to an ultrasound exam, and then sent me to the operating table. I then realized that they wanted to force me to have an abortion! I held onto the door and didn't want to enter the operating room. Five or six men put me up on the operating table and didn't leave until two women held me down. I was so scared! One of those two women who performed the abortion was Zhong Xiuxiang from the Zhenlong Family Planning Office. She currently works for the Market Office at the Zhenlong New Market.

After the surgery, they took me back to the Zhenlong Police Precinct. The personnel there didn't want to keep me, so they sent me home. I lay down on the bed with a blank mind. These evil people deprived a two-month-old life of its opportunity to live! They killed this life without my approval, without notifying my family, and without my husband's presence. They also sent people to monitor me daily. During the 2001 Chinese New Year's Eve, these people deceived my family and said they would have me checked in at the hospital. In actuality they sent me to the OBGYN office. I told the doctor that my back was always tired and sore, and I always got dizzy. The doctor didn't have the courage to write my symptoms on a medical report because police officer Luo Weijun told the doctor to write, "Everything is fine." They then sent me to a Drug Rehabilitation Center for the New Year.

At the Guanghui Drug Rehabilitation Center, some lawless management figures forced me to be fingerprinted and had me photographed. I was detained there for two months. Because I didn't want to give up my cultivation, they then sent me to the Chatou Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province on an eighteen-month term. Officers at the police precinct tried hard to cover up the forced abortion. After the appeal, my husband was given a two-year term in the Huaduchini Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province.

After being deceived and brainwashed by supervisors in the labor camp and personnel from the 610 Office, I wrote the three statements in that camp. Ever since my release in 2002, post-partum symptoms and arthritis have been bothering me. Whenever there are windy days, my back is sore and my body is swollen. During rainy days I can't move around much. There is no sign of this improving.

Our identification cards have been withheld for over two years. In order to make a living, my husband has been trying to get these documents back from Li Zengming at the township's 610 Office, from official Huang from the Zengcheng City 610 Office, and from Chen Jixin at the local police precinct. They always put us off, sending us here or there. Later my husband said, "If you don't return our IDs to us, we will leave." They were afraid of losing track of us, so Li Zenming returned the identification cards to us a week later.

Whenever there is a so-called sensitive date, authorities come to our house to harass and prod us to "reform." Our life was quite curtailed after being released from the labor camp. They didn't permit us to go to Guangzhou City to find a job, and we were not allowed to contact other Falun Gong practitioners. They only let us find jobs in Zhenlong Town. Because we weren't allowed to find jobs elsewhere, in order to make a living, my husband had to ask the persons at the 610 Office and the local police precinct to find a job for him. He finally landed a job, working 12 to 14 hours a day that pays only 500 yuan. My husband did not accept the job.

After seeing all these ugly deeds we started thinking. Falun Gong teaches people to be kind-hearted. But for these kind people, the evil Communist specter doesn't even allow them their basic living rights.

After clearly seeing the essence of Falun Gong being persecuted, we started exposing the persecution to the local people. During the evening of February 21, 2005, my husband and I (with our one-year-old daughter on my back) drove our motorcycle to neighboring villages to distribute truth-clarifying flyers. Near the Kangda School we saw a police car. My husband immediately tried to avoid them, but when we hadn't gone too far, officers in that police car ordered us to stop. When my husband got off the motorcycle, the police officer immediately took away our motorcycle key and a bag on our motorcycle. There were some flyers in that bag. They told me to get into the police car. I was very calm and asked why they were arresting us, and I told them that if they didn't give me a valid reason, I wouldn't go. That officer said, "Get in the car. I'll explain." I wasn't afraid at all. Right then, two young men passed by. I shouted, "Police are arresting good people!" I looked the police officer in his eyes. He started to get panicked. Another police officer opened the car door for me. I dodged behind that officer and started running away really fast. With Master's merciful protection, I got away with my one-year-old daughter.

That night, my husband was sent to the Guanghui Drug Rehabilitation Center in Zengcheng. So far we still have not heard anything about him, and my family is still closely monitored. They also confiscated my husband's driver's license, identification card, and the only valuable possession our family owns, the motorcycle my husband uses to go to work.

Worrying about being persecuted again, my daughter and I still can't go home.

Responsible police and their phone numbers:

Zengcheng Police Department:
86-20-82752200 ext. the National Security Division
Zengcheng 610 Office persecutors:
Lai Bosheng 86-13922381886 (Cell)
Wu Gexin 86-13802808768 (Cell)
Guo Jinghong 86-13928998328 (Cell) (610 Team Leader)
Wang Jianlai
Wu Zhengguang
Division Head Zhu 86-13500225523 (Cell)
Zhongxin Town 610 Director Li: 86-20-82866202 (Controls Zhenlong Town)
Town Secretary, Zhongxin Town: 86-20-82866100
Government of Zhongxin Town: 86-20-82876001
Zhongxin Town 610 Office: 86-20-82864559
Police at the Zhenlong Town Precinct
Luo Weijun 86-13802808284 (Cell) (Former police from the Zhenlong Precinct)
Li Zengming: 86-13602225553 (Cell)
Zhong Runseng: 86-13697483128 (Cell),86-20-82876159 (Home), 86-20-82876159 (Office)
Chen Jixin: 86-13928926818 (Cell)
Li Guangpeng: 86-13809283216 (Cell), 86-20-82877888, 82879813
Head of Zhenlong Town: 86-20-82876236
Town Office, Zhenlong: 86-20-82876001
Zhenlong Police Precinct: 86-20-82879110
Zhong Xiuxiang: 86-20-82874178
Zengcheng Drug Rehabilitation Center: 86-20-82625546, 82625547