(Clearwisdom.net) I used to be a thief and had been sent to forced labor camps four times. I realized that the Communist Party could not turn me into a good person. Invalidation of human rights, forced labor, and physical abuse would only make a "bad person" like me become even worse. I hated the Communists. Every time I was released, I would further intensify my crimes as revenge.

The last time I was detained was due to robbery, but I was lucky to stay with Faun Gong practitioners, and they completely changed my life.

At the time of detention, the prison guard was looking for a core of inmates who would monitor the Falun Gong practitioners' activities. I was chosen to play the role and transferred to the team specializing in persecuting Dafa practitioners. Guards taught us various torture methods, some of them were harsh and physical, some were mental and some were a combination of both. They told us to use any torture methods as long as we could keep the practitioners alive. The goal was "transform" all the practitioners in the prison, and we would serve reduced prison time as the reward.

Most prisoners became involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners using severe torture methods. With guidance from the guards, they did not allow practitioners to sleep or go to the bathroom. They forced the practitioners to stay upside down on their hands, to stand and to squat for a long time. Some stripped practitioners naked and poured cold water on their bodies in the winter time, and continued this kind of torture for a week. Pushing their heads into the chamber pot or beating them were common methods of torture used against the practitioners. Practitioners were tortured with up to eight electric batons, and mop handles were inserted into some practitioners' anuses. As a result, some of the practitioners lost consciousness due to the great pain. All of those torture methods were used to force practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa.

When I played the role of monitoring the practitioners, I was deeply moved by the practitioners' courage. I was constantly thinking about the same questions over and over again: Why are they so firm, even under such inconceivable torture? How can they hold their temper with so much tolerance under such indignity? No misbehavior was observed. They continued obeying "not striking back when beaten, not swearing back when sworn at." They truly have morality, conscience, dignity, and noble actions, and they are good people.

After I cleared my thoughts, I began not cooperating with the guards, refused to persecute practitioners and tried to help them in secret. Later many Dafa practitioners came to me, told me the facts about Dafa, why I should be a good person and how I should do well according to Dafa. My soul was deeply shaken. I could see the hope of a new life. I had made up my mind by then to be a good person like Dafa practitioners, give up my vices, return to virtue, and turn over a new leaf.

After I was released, the first thing I did was to find the practitioners that were released and began cultivating and practicing Falun Gong. Thereafter, I was on the path for disciples to return to their original true selves. People around me were shocked by my changes, and they were anxious to know how I became a good person. I told them about Dafa and that "Falun Gong is good!"

I will do the three things Teacher requires of us and fulfill our prehistoric wishes by following Teacher.