Previous report: Practitioners Pursued and Arrested as CCP Launches Largest Nationwide Assault on Falun Gong Since July 20, 1999

I will never forget the evening of July 20, 1999. My heart sunk when I heard that the CCP's Jiang regime was conducting massive, nationwide arrests of volunteer Falun Gong contact people. Although I was in the U.S. at the time, I could almost feel the air thickening, as I had flashbacks of the time when I grew up under the CCP's rule of terror.

Six years have passed. After witnessing the battle between the upright and the evil, when I again heard that the evil CCP is conducting the largest arrest and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999, I had totally different feelings.

The reason a totalitarian political regime is horrifying is not only because of the jails and torture that destroy people's physical bodies, but its intentionally twisting people's conscience with the concept of "absolute power being the absolute truth." People, even including the victims themselves and their families, often unconsciously turn the victims into defendants and blame them. This twisted mentality is the reason that the evil is able to continue committing its atrocities.

A victim of robbery is not at fault for his wealth; a victim of rape is not at fault for her beauty. When the perpetrators are a group of evil Party members who are more vicious than robbers and rapists, it is absolutely not wrong for the persecuted to exercise their legal rights and to persistently speak the truth! The evil Party members who are brutally trampling people's freedom of belief and freedom of speech should be the defendants in court.

This large-scale abduction by the evil CCP reflects the state of panic the Party is in due to the wave of withdrawals from the Party triggered by the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party published by the U.S.-based newspaper Epoch Times. Many Epoch Times volunteers are Falun Gong practitioners, and they are exercising their freedom of speech by creating and operating Epoch Times, an independent Chinese media that speaks the truth and is not controlled or pressured by the CCP. It's not a crime to speak the truth, nor is it considered political involvement. The truth will only benefit society. The CCP's ludicrous label of "counterrevolutionary political organization" against Falun Gong can no longer fool people. The real culprit is the evil CCP itself, who deprive people of their freedom of speech, their right to know, and who wantonly steals national funds for its own ends. By accusing a civil organization with no political motives that only tells the truth to expose the persecution, the CCP has in fact put itself on the defensive.

If we take a good look at the desperate Party members, we know that this mass abduction is an outpouring of hysteria by a group of thugs about to face the final trial of justice. Their madness reflects their cowardice and villainous nature, as well as their guilty conscience and despair. This act will only add to their list of crimes and speed up this evil Party's total destruction.