(Clearwisdom.net) On December 15, 2000, around 5 o'clock in the evening, under the orders of Director Yang Shuhua, Deputy Director Du Yuzhuo and Political Head Wang Xinchang of Beicheng Police Station in Shulan City, police officer Li Zhuo led two policemen (Zhong Xicai and Wang Yunzhi) to my house. They knocked at my door, saying that they wanted to have a chat with me. My whole family treated them nicely by offering them water, fruit and sunflower seeds. However, Li Zhuo entered my bedroom and began searching the drawers, chests and cabinets. I asked Li Zhuo, "Do you have a search warrant?" Li Zhuo said, "We do not need it for Falun Gong, I can do whatever I want to do." I continued trying to stop his illegal search. He then called the Deputy Director Du Yuzhuo of the police station, asking for reinforcements. After a while, Du Yuzhuo came and directed Li Zhuo to continue the search. Not finding anything, Du Yuzhuo ordered policemen Zhong Xicai and Wang Yunzhi to forcefully take me from my home without even letting me put on my clothes and shoes. I shouted, "They are illegally arresting people! It is not a crime to practice Falun Gong! The policemen are violating the law!" Almost all the residents from the sixth floor to the second floor came out (my apartment is on the sixth floor). Some residents asked, "Why do you arrest people? They are good people." Some residents stared angrily at the police. Du Yuzhuo and Li Zhuo pushed and yelled, and ordered Zhong Xicai and Wang Yunzhi to drag me to the street. It was cold and windy; I walked on the snow wearing only socks. I then shouted, "It is not a crime to practice Dafa! They are illegally arresting people! The police are violating the law!" It was during rush hour, and a lot of people saw the scene. Du Yuzhuo and Li Zhuo also searched my apartment and arrested my wife as she was preparing dinner.

After arriving at the police station, Du Yuzhuo ordered Li Zhuo to shackle my feet, and then they handcuffed each hand and hung me up. They chained my right foot to the return pipe of the heating system, so I could only stand on my toes. Du Yuzhuo then ordered a young police officer to tie up my left ankle with two vinyl ropes, and they then raised up my left foot and tied the ropes to a ring on the ceiling. They also inserted a wooden stick between the ropes and roughly wound the ropes to raise my left leg up. My whole body was being stretched from left to right and from top to bottom. Only my right toe touched the ground.

Police Station Director Yang Shuhua first sat on a table and used his legs to press against my upper left leg, and rocked hard. Then he stood on the floor and pressed his whole body on my leg and rocked and pushed hard. Yang Shuhua, a very obese person, had a wicked smile on his face and asked me, "How do you feel? Feeling good?" Wang Xinchang and Du Yuzhuo stood on the side and laughed at me. They saw that I was not responding and used my leather jacket (which my son had just sent to me) to cover my head. Then they began to beat me. They pressed my ribs from the sides, hit my head with fists and kicked my body randomly. Li Zhuo was the most vicious one. He used his hands to block my mouth and nose from outside my jacket, in order to suffocate me. He asked, "Are you going to answer our questions or not?" He asked where I got the truth-clarification materials. Although the pain was unbearable, I thought of Master at my side, and of the Fa and Master's protection. I thought, "You do not deserve to ask me questions." I repeatedly recited Master's poems and articles and did not respond to them no matter what kind of methods they used to torture me.

The following photos were reconstructed by Falun Gong practitioners to show the torture scenes according to the author's description.

The Shulan City police brutally torture Falun Gong practitioner Yang Guoshu.

Police officers Yang Shuhua, Wang Xinchang and Du Yuzhuo saw that the harsh torture could not affect my determination and ordered officer Li Zhuo and office boy Jiang to continue torturing me while they themselves just walked away. Li Zhuo took out more than ten clean copies of truth-clarification materials made on a laser printer and tried to force me to admit that the materials were taken from my storage room, and asked for the source of the materials. I said that my storage room did not have any materials and that this was a set up. He pummeled my head with a fist and slapped my face. He felt pain after beating me with his hands, and so proceeded to slap me with a shoe sole. He also used a cigarette to torture me by placing it under my nose. Then he used a plastic bag to cover my head to suffocate me so that I could not breathe. To counter that, I just held my breath. When he found that it still did not work, he viciously said, "See how I am going to torture you. I will make you call me 'dad'." He brought in a bottle of mustard sauce, blocked my mouth, pinched my nose, pulled my head backwards and started to insert mustard sauce into my nose. He used up the whole bottle and I still did not give in. Li Zhuo had used up all of his tricks.

Force-feeding with mustard sauce

Suffocation by covering the head with a plastic bag

Officer Li Zhuo then directed office boy Jiang to slap my wife's face several dozen times with a shoe sole, trying to shake my faith with human emotion. He then said, "You had better tell them everything. Li Zhuo is not here, I can release you; you don't have to keep suffering this torture. I am helping you because we are from the same work unit. If you were another person, I would not even help you." (Jiang is a store employee of my hardware, electrical and chemical products cooperation.) I told him not to follow the evil and not to help the persecutors. I told him that good or bad deeds are rewarded or punished respectively. He became angry and struck me with his fist. I did not respond to him and he finally walked away.

Officer Li Zhuo prevented our family members and fellow practitioners from delivering food to us and threatened them by saying, "If you do not leave now, I shall arrest you all as well." Li Zhuo did not even allow me to use the toilet or drink water. He only allowed me to use the toilet once on the evening of December 15, under close watch. After I returned, he put me back in the hanging position again. After midnight, the rings from which I was hanging made some noise and Li Zhuo told me not to make any sound, saying he could not sleep when there was sound. I said, "How can I not make any sound when you have hung me to the rings?" He then had to put me down and let me lie on the concrete floor with my hands and feet tied up in a split position so I could not move. On the morning of the 16th, just after 5 a.m., he hung me up again. I was given a brief break at 8 a.m. Then I was hung up for the whole day without any food or water, and without use of the toilet. During that period, I lost control of my bladder and my trousers were wet and urine dripped to the floor from my feet. I wasn't released until 6:00 in the evening, when they were about to send my wife and me to the jail. I could not feel anything in my left leg below the knee. I could not move and could not stand up. My wrists were bloody from the handcuffs. After we arrived at the jail, my wife supported me by my arm to help me move into a cell.

On the second day in prison, the on-site physician Dr. An (a hired civilian physician) saw my situation. He asked an inmate to carry me to the infirmary. He treated me with acupuncture and external medicine, and asked me what had happened. I briefly told him the story and "clarified the truth" to him. On his diagnosis report, he wrote, "Left leg has no feeling. Two wrists show multiple wounds."

From then on, my left leg began to atrophy. It became thinner and thinner, and had no feeling. During interrogations, I had to be carried on the backs of other inmates. At the beginning, the jail's deputy director Zhuang Runhong believed I was pretending. One day when Dr. An was treating me with acupuncture, Zhuang saw me showing no response. He took a large needle from an IV set and stuck my arch and calf recklessly seven or eight times. When he saw dark blood come out from those puncture wounds and that my leg did not show any response, only then did Zhuang Runhong realize how serious my condition was. The next day, Zhuang Runhong drove me to the city hospital to take a CT scan. It happened that my wife's younger sister also was at the hospital for a physical examination for the process of getting early retirement due to illness. She called her husband and my son. My wife's sister and her husband showed their resentment. I found them having been deeply poisoned by the anti-Falun Gong propaganda and said to them, "Look, the Beicheng police tortured me to this extent that I am disabled, you had better report them." Then they made a copy of the CT scan result as evidence. Unfortunately when my son went to the Law and Discipline Department of the police department to report the vicious acts of the Beicheng police and Yang Shuhua, Wang Xinchang, Du Yuzhuo and others, the police department deceived him and made him leave.

The above was my torture experience from December 15 to 16, 2000 by the police of Beicheng Police Station in Shulan City, Jilin Province.