(Clearwisdom.net) In January 2001, China Central Television (CCTV) broadcast throughout China and the world the "Tiananmen self-immolation" incident. After I saw it, I was furious. I am a seriously burned man who was hospitalized for more than 100 days, and I am very familiar with the course of treatment for burn victims. Even though I have never practiced Falun Gong, I have always felt that people should behave with compassion and a good conscience. Defending justice and resisting evil are moral principles that should be followed, and they are also traditions imparted throughout ancient Chinese history.

The following are my own experiences as a burn victim, written as a reference to differentiate the treatment between a true burn victim and those that took part in the "Tiananmen self-immolations," as well as my thoughts on the government's reasons for staging the scene.

I am a repairman employed in a workshop. On November 3, 1997, eight of us were doing electric welding in a room. One repairman was young and inexperienced. He was standing on a bucketful of waste oil. Because our assignment was taking such a long time, the bucket began to overheat and gas formed, which led to an explosion. The young repairman died immediately. The rest of the seven workers, including myself, were all seriously injured. My injuries were the worst. I was using my hands to swat the flames on my body while rolling on the ground, and I couldn't even extinguish the fire. I lost consciousness and don't remember anything after that. After I came to, I was already being treated at an army hospital. My body was covered in third degree burns. Patients with deep burns must stay in a segregated room that's bacteria-free. The room must be sterile, and the patient must be treated by specialized doctors and nurses. The doctors and nurses must wear uniforms that have been disinfected at high temperatures and a disinfected respirator. Nobody without these uniforms can step into the bacteria-free room. During the treatment, the patient must be unclothed. The doctor said, "The body inside is still hot, therefore we cannot put bandages on the skin. Otherwise, the heat from inside the body and the toxins produced can lead to death."

I saw on TV that Liu Siyin was covered by a sheet and lying in bed when the reporter, wearing street clothes, went into the room. Immediately I thought to myself, "Why is Liu Siyin covered with a sheet? Why isn't the reporter wearing special clothes and a disinfected respirator? Why is this being broadcast all over China and to the rest of the world? If Liu Siyin had windpipe surgery, how can she talk just four days after the surgery? Her voice is clear when she sings. Isn't this all just acting?"

Because I have had a similar experience, I saw that these were farces designed by the CCP and Jiang's regime. They are used to frame Falun Gong and deceive people. I saw clearly their contemptible and shameless nature.

Falun Gong practitioners follow "Truthfulness, Compassion. Forbearance." I see practitioners around me acting according to these principles and being good people. I realized that the reason the Communists and Jiang's followers fabricate such things to frame Falun Gong is because of their evil nature. The purpose of fooling people and destroying their conscience and compassion is to hold total control over them. The party's dictatorship needs these "domesticated tools" so it can manipulate them to reinforce it. People, please don't believe the false propaganda.