(Clearwisdom.net) The Xinjin Brainwashing Class in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, is responsible for torturing Falun Gong practitioners cruelly. According to practitioners who were detained there, all of the practitioners in that place were subjected to threats and persecution in various forms. The officials would isolate each practitioner and send two people to strictly monitor him or her for 24 hours. Studying the Fa and practicing the exercises were not allowed, and the practitioner could not have any contact with other practitioners. In this way, they attempted to isolate the practitioner and create an atmosphere of terror. Then they would send a group of brainwashers to surround the practitioner. They took turns deceiving, threatening, enticing, misleading, and cursing the practitioners and playing various tapes or DVD's that distorted, slandered and attacked Dafa and Teacher. They subjected practitioners to intense mental torture and pressure. Furthermore, they took advantage of practitioners' attachments to sentimentality, family, money, and property to break their wills. They also used several methods at the same time in order to weaken a practitioner's will and force him or her to give up the practice.

If such attempts failed and they could not achieve their goal, the villains would then inject the practitioner . They tortured practitioners with injections that damage the central nervous system, making them unconscious and unable to focus, thus keeping them from practicing. Practitioner Tan Shaolan, who was incarcerated in the brainwashing class for one year and three months, was injected with unknown drugs. When she was released on January 5, 2005, she was in a constant daze, couldn't recognize people, and could not read. There were several practitioners detained in the Xinjin Brainwashing Class who were treated just like Tan Shaolan and are now mentally disoriented. Because the brainwashing class strictly blocked information from leaking out and they tortured practitioners in strictly isolated areas, it is very difficult for people on the outside to know how many practitioners actually have died from torture. According to a staff member who worked in the brainwashing class, in the middle of December 2004 just before the Xinjin Brainwashing Class collapsed, a practitioner died from force-feeding. Due to the strict news blockade, not even the name of the dead person is known.

The staff and those responsible for the brainwashing were even crueler to the practitioners who protested by going on a hunger strike. Even some of the staff members who watched practitioners around the clock could not bring themselves to witness the bloody scenes of force-feeding. Whenever they heard the anguished cries of practitioners who were being force-fed, they would tremble. The objective of force-feeding is not to maintain the life of the practitioner who is on the hunger strike. Its true purpose is to use force-feeding to terrorize the practitioner and thereby convince him or her to give up the hunger strike and give up the belief in Falun Gong. They did this with violent and brutal torture. The people who force-fed practitioners were not trained medical personnel. Staff members and thugs were pressed into service to carry out this procedure. This is why incidents such as vomiting blood and death-at-the-scene have happened frequently in prisons and brainwashing classes.

Though the Xinjin Brainwashing Class collapsed in early January 2005, the collaborators who persecuted practitioners in the brainwashing class for a long time, including Liu Xudong, Mo Aiqin, Yi Wenjun and others, are still looking for opportunities to force practitioners to give up their practice. Recently in the Shiling Area of east Chengdu City, they had two meetings. Seven people attended the first meeting, and over 20 attended the second one. During the meeting the collaborators deceived those practitioners who had strong human attachments and unstable xinxing standards and undermined their belief in Dafa.

Those responsible include:

The 610 Office of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Jinniu District in Chengdu City
Lin Shaoguang
Li Daquan, the former chief of the 610 Office of Caojia Street Administration Office
Feng Xiuying, the 610 Office of Simaqiao of Jinniu District in Chengdu City
Chief Qiu of the Caojia Street Police Station
Policeman Zhou, who was in charge of people's residential status