(Clearwisdom.net) Below is a true story regarding the savage, ruthless persecution of a Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Wang Zhijun, who betrayed her conscience and changed from being an honest and good person to assisting her persecutors in slandering Falun Gong and persecuting practitioners. She doesn't have the courage to admit to the tortures she suffered because of the coercion and pressure asserted on her by her tormentors.

Wang Zhijun lived in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. The perpetrators from the Laoyazhuang Police Station, the Shisanli Detention Center, the Maludong Police Station, the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp and the Party Committee from the Yanxing Machinery Factory in Hebei Province are responsible for this tragedy.

On December 8, 2001, Wang Zhijun's husband was savagely beaten and abducted by perpetrators when posting truth clarification flyers in Ningyuan Village. He was sent to the Laoyazhuang Police Station. When Wang Zhijun went to the police station in the evening and asked for her husband, the police first lied and denied that her husband was held there. Then they said, "Come back tomorrow and then you can take him home."

Ms. Wang went back the next day and saw her husband handcuffed to a Tiger Bench His face was black and blue, the area around his eyes was black and his lips were severely swollen. One officer asked Wang Zhijun for details about her husband's work unit, "If you tell us, we'll release him." However, when she did tell him, the officer refused to release her husband. She asked, "How come you aren't keeping your word?" The officers said, "That's how we treat you practitioners; we just lie to you!"

Wang Zhijun persisted in demanding her husband's release. The police detained her, in violation of the Chinese Constitution and conducted a body search on her. They took the key to her home and over 40 yuan in cash. They escorted her home and ransacked the family's dwelling. When Ms. Wang picked up a picture of Teacher that the police had thrown on the floor, they struck her face several times, until she saw stars and had ringing in her ears. They tore up her clothes. They turned her home upside-down and took away all the Dafa materials in the home. They also stole a TV set, three recorders, one VCD player, the family's bank account books and their wedding photos.

The police took Wang Zhijun back to the police station. At first, they lied to her and threatened her, trying to get her to reveal the source of the Dafa materials. As she refused to tell them, the perpetrators verbally abused and beat her. They shocked her head and neck with electric batons. Li Gang, the political head, gagged Ms. Wang with a scarf by tying it tightly across her mouth. He spread her arms apart and forced her to wrap her arms around a bench. Then he handcuffed her hands so that she could neither stand nor sit. One evening, two or three police officers tortured Wang Zhijun for more than two hours in the snow and tried to make her give up her belief.

The police tortured Wang Zhijun many times and sent collaborators to brainwash her. Once, the head of the police station, political head Li Gang and six police officers beat and kicked Ms. Wang until she lost consciousness. The next day, December 17, 2001, the perpetrators sent her and her husband to the Shisanli Detention Center.

Wang Zhijun held a hunger strike to protest the unlawful persecution at the detention center. The police ordered inmates Shi Jumei and Wang Yumei to drag her outside the office, where they pinched her nose shut and pried open her mouth before force-feeding her with a concentrated salt water solution. She struggled and the salt water went into her nose, and her clothes were soaked. Another time, when she studied the Dafa teachings with several other practitioners, officer Guo pulled Ms. Wang out, pushed her to the ground, stepped on her head and ordered several inmates to search her.

Her family couldn't bear to stand by while Wang Zhijun and her husband were being tortured, so they invited the police officers to sumptuous meals at their expense. The police extorted over 10,000 yuan from the family, and the detention center authorities extorted a 300 yuan "food fee" before the couple was released around January 7, 2002. Wang Zhijun's legs were black and blue. The police extorted another 5,000 yuan before returning the bicycle, appliances and other items they took from Wang Zhijun's home.

From then on, the perpetrators from Laoyazhuang Police Station often threatened and continued to take financial advantage of Wang Zhijun and her family. Furthermore, they often went to the home of Wang Zhijun's parents to harass and intimidate them. The perpetrators from the Yanxing Machinery Factory, Wang Zhijun and her husband's work unit, also ordered her family to keep an eye on the couple and threatened severe punishment, including dismissal from their jobs, if they didn't comply.

In order to resist the persecution, Wang Zhijun went to Tiananmen Square to tell the world that Falun Dafa is great. She was beaten and kicked by plainclothes police in Beijing and was sent to a detention center in Beijing. Because she refused to be photographed, the police officers grabbed her hair and banged her head against a wall. The perpetrators from the Maludong Police Station in Zhangjiakou City and from the Yanxing Machinery Factory picked her up and held her at the Maludong Police Station. Political head Deng Daping interrogated Ms. Wang. Deng Daping and officers Li Gang and Ma Yunqi from the Laoyazhuang Police Station forged a "fine" slip in the amount of 10,000 yuan and forced Wang Zhijun to sign it. They laughed hysterically when they got the signature. Then they transferred Wang Zhijun to the Shisanli Detention Center. Within a few days, she was sentenced to three years of forced labor and was sent to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp.

Upon arrival, guard Liu Huili ordered her to take off all her clothes and threatened to have her beaten by inmates if she didn't obey. Liu Huili went through all of Wang Zhijun's belongings, including her feminine hygiene products. She took away Ms. Wang's food, detergent and other daily use items. Guard Zhao Yanping secretly interrogated Wang Zhijun and she beat, kicked and threatened her because Ms. Wang refused to cooperate with her.

On one occasion, inmates Kan Chunying and Li Yuping, who were sent to monitor Wang Zhijun, saw her sending forth righteous thoughts. They dragged her to a corner of the toilet and violently kicked her abdomen until she bled and experienced great pain. Wang Zhijun refused to recite the labor camp policies, so Zhao Yanping handcuffed her and hit her with a folding fan. She also tried to confuse Wang Zhijun with lies.

The guards sent four collaborators to tell Wang Zhijun twisted lies and read Dafa-slandering articles for nine days. The collaborators took turns brainwashing Wang Zhijun around the clock, until she was at the brink of a complete mental shutdown. Guards Ma Li and Zhao Yanping said to the collaborators, "You can go ahead and torture her if she is stubborn." Wang Zhijun suffered physical abuse as well as tremendous psychological stress, and finally wrote the Three Statements against her conscience.

Around October 1, 2002, when government officials inspected the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, the guards told Wang Zhijun to write the following words: "Beating does not happen at this labor camp," as a testimony. Wang Zhijun was clearheaded at the time. She told the inspectors that beatings do take place at this labor camp. Ma Li and male guard Liang Baoke scolded her for speaking the truth. The perpetrators intensified the brainwashing and persecution against her, and Wang Zhijun had a nervous breakdown. She changed into a completely different person and started to help the perpetrators to persecute other practitioners. Guard Liang Baoke slapped Xu Suxia, a determined practitioner in her 50s. Liang shocked her with electric batons, leaving egg-sized blisters on her hands, and guard Zhang Yanyan kicked her. Wang Zhijun then tried to persuade Xu Suxia to renounce Dafa. In 2003, she took part in many programs that attacked Teacher and Dafa. Once, when a reporter interviewed her at the labor camp and asked whether the use of torture existed, she could not admit to what she had suffered in detention and said no.

Tortured by her conscience, Wang Zhijun lived in anguish and despair. She finally became bedridden. The labor camp authorities told her family to take her home. Guo Hai, the head of Organization Division from her work unit, and police officers Hua Jianying and Yang Yi coerced her to write another guarantee statement to break away from Dafa. They repeatedly ordered her to write reports about her thoughts [against Dafa]. Li Shuquan, the head of the factory and Gao Shanlu, the Party secretary, sent people to spy on her.

Once, Wang Zhijun's husband lost all feeling in his legs and collapsed at work. He was very ill because of the tortures he had suffered at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. Wang Zhijun applied for a leave of absence in order to take care of her husband, and perpetrators Huang Jie, Gao Shanlu, Guo Hai and others forced her sixty-plus-year-old father to monitor her.

Related phone numbers:

Yanxing Machinery Factory:

Zhu Jingliang: 86-313-4089858 (Home), 86-13703139993 (Cell phone), 86-313-4089868 (Office)

Guo Hai: 86-313-4089628 (Home), 86-13932381600 (Cell phone), 86-313-4089623 (Office)

Hua Jianying: 86-313-4066227 (Home), 86-13191914862 (Cell phone), 86-313-4089647 (Office)

Fang Shuhui: 86-313-4089869 (Home), 86-13903130875 (Cell phone), 86-313-4089876 (Office)

Gao Shanlu: 86-313-4089459 (Home), 86-313-4089461 (Office)

Huang Jie: 86-313-4088550 (Home), 86-13703138723 (Cell phone), 86-313-4089485 (Office) (he is deceived and does not know the truth about Dafa)

Authorities at the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp

Female: Ye Shuxian, Ma Li, Zhao Yanping, Zhao Yuan, Duan Guanghui, Zhang Yanyan, Liu Huili

Male: Liang Baoke, Yang Zemin, Wang Zhitai

Laoyazhuang Police Station:

Li Gang, political head: 86-13503137505 (Cell phone)

Ma Yunqi, police officer

Deng Daping, former political head at the Maludong Police Station, currently works at the Nanzhan Police Station.