(Clearwisdom.net) Since the Epoch Times published the series, "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" at the end of November 2004, over 600,000 people have announced their resignation from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This number is still increasing rapidly.

Jilin City has a population of over 4 million people, including five districts and five counties, known as "a city of rivers in Northern China." Recently, many large "Quitting the Chinese Communist Party" announcements have been seen in public places. Passers-by often read the postings in groups and have lively discussions on the subject.

A "Quitting the CPC" announcement appears at the gate of Army Residential Compound #65117

A "Quitting the CPC" announcement on the Jiang Cheng Daily newspaper bulletin board

People doing morning exercises gathered at the Jiang Cheng Daily newspaper bulletin board to read the announcement.

Passers-by reading the announcement

In one announcement near the Jiang Cheng Daily newspaper building, a woman named "Xiao Qing Lian" wrote that she was an ordinary resident of the city who had joined the Young Pioneers, the Communist Youth League and the Communist Party due to her ignorance of the true nature of the Party. After reading the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," she understood the CCP's 80-year history, and realized that its evil nature. She announced that she was quitting the CCP and ridding herself of any affiliation with it.

Another announcement appeared near a military residential compound. In the announcement, Wang Zuoyue said that he was a military officer in the service. When he was young, he had joined the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League. With a dream to serve the people, he had also joined Chinese Communist Party. When he got older and saw more happening around him, he found out that the Communist Party is corrupt, especially in the army. In the army, the soldiers were brainwashed to follow any order from the CCP. The orders of the CCP are placed above the nation's interest, the people's interest, and above human morals. Some officials fight each other for personal gain and resort to all kinds of dirty tricks, even aiming to kill their opponents. With more brainwashing of the Communist Party's culture, people's morals have been eroded, and their thoughts are getting uglier. In his announcement, Wang thanked the Epoch Times for bringing the Chinese people the great gift of the "Nine Commentaries," which have exposed the true face of the Communist Party. He said, nowadays the CCP has become the most corrupt party in the world. He wanted to get rid of his relation with the party and solemnly announced quitting the CCP.

Another announcement near Wang's was from a citizen who was a member of the Communist party for 40 years. He said the Communist Party has always been "deceitful, vicious and murderous." He decided to quit the CCP and live a new life. He asked the readers to distinguish right from wrong and also quit the Chinese Communist Party.

A fourth announcement was written by a group of seven people. It said that the CCP has used lies to cover its true face for decades in order to fool the Chinese people. The history of the CCP is a history of massacres. They read the "Nine Commentaries" and now see the true character of the CCP, so they decided to quit the party.

Three "Quitting the CCP" announcements