(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Yongjing was brutally tortured by the 610 Office and the Linyi City Detention Center of Shandong Province in June 2004.

Liu Yongjing, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shandong Province, was arrested in Linyi City on the evening of June 10, 2004. He was beaten black and blue and thrown into the Linyi City Detention Center that night, with hands and feet shackled. Liu Yongjing held a hunger strike to protest this persecution. On about the fourth day of his hunger strike, policemen from the detention center force-fed him by pushing a tube into his stomach. The tube was not the thin, silica gel tube required by hospitals, but a thick, rubber tube. It was very painful having such a tube forced into his body.

The head of the detention center, Mr. Wu, and the medical doctor of the center, Mr. Cao, along with two accomplices handcuffed Liu Yongjing's hands behind his back, held him tightly, and attempted to force the tube into his body. During this torture he cried for help and was heard all over the detention center. As a result of his fierce resistance, these wicked people failed to force the tube into his body after trying several times. At the same time, Liu Yongjing was in a tortured state, with blood spilling out of his mouth and nose. Despite this, Mr. Wu and Mr. Cao commanded several other criminals to help them force the tube into his body, while his hands were still handcuffed behind his back.

The perpetrators then pushed the tube in, then pulled it out, and repeated this torture. This nearly resulted in Liu Yongjing's death. His cries for help were heard at the beginning then faded away. According to an insider who knew the details of this case, Liu Yongjing was on the verge of death after that torture.

For fear of taking responsibility, the detention center immediately contacted the Linyi City 610 Office and the Lanshan District. Liu Yongjing was then carried out of the detention center in a hurry, and taken to the Linyi City brainwashing class. At that time, the house where the brainwashing class was held was under repair, so since the detention center was not able to take Liu there, so they found a temporary room nearby the detention center and treated it as a temporary brainwashing class. Liu was taken there, and the 610 Office immediately ordered a dozen policemen, including Xing Yongnong, Judas Duan Haoyu, Gao Xiuzhi, and Sun Maolan to persecute Liu Yongjing. They used assorted vicious means to torture Liu Yongjing. They deprived him of sleep, pricked his face with bramble, handcuffed him to a chair with his hands shackled behind his back, and shackled his feet.

"Collaborator" Li Chenzheng dragged Liu Yongjing's feet to make him stomp on Master Li's picture. For every dragging action, she forced his feet to stomp on the picture a few dozen times. Liu's ankle shackles clanged with the dragging, and his ankles were scarred and hurting with wounds. Collaborator Duan Haoyu continuously clutched and twisted Liu Yongjing. Later Liu had a tube inserted into his nose, and the brutal man Song Wei force-fed him with thick salt water, which resulted in laryngeal agnail, unbearable pain, and continuous vomiting.

According to a person who saw Liu Yongjing at that time, he was tortured out of shape. His face became dark, eyes black and swollen, hair blowzy, and trousers splitting. About two days after his forced feeding, he recovered a little. Seeing this, Xing Yongnong, an officer from the 610 Office of Lanshan District, without notifying Liu's families, expedited sending him to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp (the second forced labor camp of Shaodong Province). Liu Yongjing was continuously persecuted there and sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Note: Liu Yongjing has left the evil forced labor camp with his righteous thoughts.