(Clearwisdom.net) The day before yesterday, I went to my uncle's (my father's younger cousin) home to see my eldest aunt (my father's eldest sister) who was visiting from far away, and was going back home next day. While going, I had just one thought, "I wanted to have them learn the truth about Falun Dafa and be saved." I took a copy of the book Zhuan Falun with me, two sets of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," and some related materials.

The entire morning, I spoke from my heart and they listened attentively. I talked about what Dafa is, the situation of its being widely spread in the world, the brutal persecution suffered in China since 1999, what the Communist party had done since its establishment, the big occurrence of people quitting the Party, as well as the important and great significance of writing statements of leaving the party. Because I went with the hope of saving sentient beings, and had a quite tranquil state of mind, my thoughts were clear, my speech was smooth, with wisdom, and was continuous. I knew it was our Master who was strengthening me. The truth was clarified with ease, and had truly entered the hearts of the people who were listening. They had come to understand the truth.

But in the process, I also perceived some evil interference. An obvious manifestation was the disturbance of my fourth grandfather (the fourth brother of my grandfather). The old man was already 84 years old, but his state of mind was sober, his ears were not deaf, his eyes were not blurry, and his body was healthy. He had been a senior Party member for several dozen years. At the beginning, he focused on listening to me talking about the truth of Dafa. Later, when I mentioned something related to the Communist party, he first looked absent-minded, and fell asleep after a while. I knew it was the evil that was disturbing him, not allowing him to listen. Therefore, I sent righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil that was disturbing him, so he could wake up and learn the truth. After a little while he became spirited. I told him, "the Nine Commentaries were very good" and I urged him to take a look. He complied instantly. Without being aware that three hours had passed, we talked with a very good effect.

However, when lunchtime came, an unanticipated thing happened. My fourth grandpa, who was fine just a moment ago, was suddenly unable to move his right hand. His chopsticks also fell out of his hand. He was drooling out the corner of his mouth. His false teeth also fell out. "Hum...mm", he seemed to say, which was a weeping sound that was mixed with language, not heard clearly. His legs went soft, and he was unable to stand up at all. He was showing the symptoms of having a stroke.

Because it happened so abruptly, my Aunt-in-law was frightened with her whole body shivering, and hurried to call for an emergency rescue. My aunt was scared to cry. At the same time she kept saying, "Well, why can he be like this? What's the reason behind it?" I realized immediately that this was certainly not the common illness of an average man, but was due to the evil Communist spirit's disturbance. This was because during the truth clarifying process that morning, the evil Communist spirit possessing my grandpa's body had been touched. It was a kind of manifestation. When facing imminent disintegration, it put up a last-ditch struggle.

I said to my aunt and aunt-in-law, "Don't be anxious and afraid. He won't have any problem." After having said this, I silently sent out strong righteous thoughts from the bottom of my heart, thinking "thoroughly eradicate the Communist evil spirit and all evil factors in other dimensions, which were persecuting my grandpa's body. Firmly disintegrate and destroy all evil factors disturbing me to clarify the truth and to save sentient beings. Let my grandpa be good, immediately." I asked Master to strengthen me. In less than five minutes after this thought was sent out, my grandpa's state of mind became sober. His hands and feet were also agile and he could move. He no longer drooled. He was as healthy as before, and he held his rice bowl to eat food quite well again. My family members felt very surprised. After formerly having been too frightened to cry, my aunt turned into being too excited to cry.

This matter has made me feel very deeply the power of a righteous mind. It let me even more firmly believe the Master's Fa without a doubt that

"Disciples have sufficient righteous minds;

Master have the power of returning heaven."

(provisional translation from "The Grace between Master and Disciple", Hong Yin II.)

Through this matter, I further realized the significant responsibilities of Dafa disciples. Today, anything we encounter is not accidental. Neither is it a minor issue. All of it is closely related to our own cultivation practice and saving of sentient beings. One thought and one mind. Every moment and everything must be treated with a righteous mind. Especially at the present time, as the big tidal wave of quitting the Party has appeared. The evil Communist spirits are like a hornet's nest being garrulously destroyed. There is no place those breathless evil factors won't drill. They have filled every aspect and field. Although they have come to an end, they will inevitably play their evil roles as long as they still exist.

Righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Only when we study the Fa with tranquil minds can we maintain sober minds. We must strictly and clearly distinguish a human being on the surface and evil factors in other dimensions manipulating a person. As to the evils in other dimensions, strengthen your righteous minds and eradicate them. Don't be lenient at all. As to the human beings, be merciful and kind. We must have patience and persistent wills when clarifying the truth. A person is not irrevocable. As long as the Fa-rectification has not ended, he or she still has an opportunity. Do not haggle over what others' attitudes are. We should do the three things well, that Dafa disciples must do. Do not seek results. But the results often depend on a Dafa disciple's heart. We have come to save all sentient beings. We should do so with our hearts.

These are my personal understandings. Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out anything that appears improper.

March 30, 2005