(Clearwisdom.net) Clearwisdom Weekly published some stories on the recollections of our Teacher's Fa-lectures in Mainland China, which brought back my own memories....

1. Buying Ticket - Returning Ticket - Buying Returned Ticket

It was in late June 1994. I learned that Teacher Li, founder of Falun Dafa, was going to give Fa-lectures in the gymnasium of the Dalian Engine Factory, and I asked one of my factory colleagues to purchase a ticket for me. The lecture series was scheduled to start on July 1.

However, at the end of June, I was suddenly assigned to go out of town on a business trip. I did not realize that it was interference, so I asked the colleague to return the ticket. I returned from my business trip in a hurry, but it was already July 3.

Normally I would have waited for the next round of lectures, since Teacher had already taught the first two lectures. However, this time, I could not sit quietly at home. I was anxious to listen to the lectures. Therefore, I went to the gymnasium early that night. I was quite determined that if there was a returned ticket, I would buy it and go in. If there was no returned ticket, I would stand outside to listen. Fortunately, someone offered me a returned ticket right after I arrived at the gymnasium. I was extremely happy. I thought to myself, how could it be so coincidental?

Now I understand. It was the precious thought I sent forth, and Master arranged the opportunity for me to obtain the Fa! Later, Master said during the Fa-lecture that it was not that everybody could enter the Fa-lecture. Some people wanted to come but they could not. It was the predestined relationship that allowed us to attend.

2. Seeing Master Twice

There were about 2,700 seats in the gymnasium. It was filled with over 4,000 people, many of whom sat on the floor in an orderly fashion. Later I learned many of those who came from out of town were unable to get tickets with seat numbers. The atmosphere in the gymnasium was solemn and comfortable. I had attended many other Qigong lectures but I had never had this feeling before. I did not know the reason at that time. Later, I learned from Master's lectures that it was the energy field brought about by cultivation in the righteous Fa.

I sat in a place far from the stage and I could not see our Master clearly. However, I saw that Master did not have a script for the lecture. Master only took out a piece of paper, unfolded it, and placed it on the desk. He only occasionally glanced over the paper. It was hot in July. There was a bottle of mineral water on the desk. However, I never saw Master drinking it.

One day, not long after the beginning of the lecture, I heard Master saying that we should put down our fans, the more we used the fans the hotter we would feel, it was not bad to suffer a little, if a person could complete cultivation by merely suffering a little from the heat, it would be too easy.... Then I noticed that Master never held a fan. He only pulled the collar of his shirt up a little occasionally. From that time on, I stopped using a fan. For ten years, I have never thought of using a fan no matter how hot it gets.

When Master was delivering the lecture, his voice was loud and clear. The words were so calm, concrete, and powerful. The principles he conveyed were profound yet explicit and comprehensible. Each sentence went deeply into my heart. After one session, I found that my world view had changed, as if Master had opened a door in front of me. Many perplexing questions in my life had been solved. I was no longer learning Qigong for fitness and health, and I was to practice cultivation. That sense of bliss and happiness cannot be described. It shone in my heart, and after years of chronic illness, my body felt as if it was being lifted up.

By then, I could not help but develop respect for Master. It came naturally from my heart. I wanted to get a good look at Teacher (that was how we all addressed Master Li). At the end of the lecture on the first day, I waited outside the gate, and I didn't see Master until everybody was gone. The next day, when the lecture was over, Master told us to take a rest and then he would begin to teach the next set of exercises. I rushed to the front and saw that Master had come down from the podium and was sitting on the side talking to someone. Facing Master, I pressed both my palms in front of my chest respectfully. Master did not turn around until after I had put down my hands. I eventually saw Master. He looked so young, not like someone in their forties. He was so solemn, yet so amiable and respectable. Although I did not know who Master was, I felt immeasurable happiness and privilege for being able to follow such a Master to study the exercises.

A full six months passed and it was December 29. I learned that Master was to give a Fa-lecture again in Dalian. It was fortunate that I was able to join fellow practitioners to welcome Master at the airport. Out of thorough considerations, practitioners at the assistance center did not broadly notify practitioners. Only a few of us knew about this. Even so, practitioners who went there filled the entire airport lobby. In order to avoid inconvenience to other passengers, some of us advised practitioners to wait outside the lobby. Although it was a little cold no one seemed to care. Instantaneously, all the practitioners left the lobby in an orderly way and waited along both sides of the exit door. The lines extended all the way to the airport square. Practitioners waited quietly. Every now and then someone would ask who was arriving that day to be greeted by such a crowd. Practitioners in the front row replied in pride, "It's our Teacher!"

Dusk set in and the sky was clear. One plane after another landed. I dared not blink my eyes. Suddenly, I saw an orange-colored cloud, and then a plane flew into and came out of it. I was amazed. About ten minutes later, Master walked out of the lobby, holding flowers received from practitioners. Master wore an ordinary looking cotton-padded coat, black exterior with yellow lining (the coat seen in the portrait in Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa). Practitioners could not hold back their excitement upon seeing Master, and they rushed forward around Master. Many people asked curiously, "Who is this person of such esteem?"

I was standing to the right side in front of Master. It was the second time I met Master up close. I shouted in excitement, "Greetings Teacher Li!" Master replied with a smile, "Greetings! Greetings!"

Later when practitioners recalled that scene, we were still excited but also regretful. We had been anxious to meet Master and forgot to show him our respect. In our later cultivation, we became further and further aware of who Master is, and we became even more regretful.

3. Party Secretary's Feeling

On December 30, 1994, Master gave a speech at the Dalian Stadium, which was the last speech in Mainland China. The seating capacity of the indoor stadium was 6,600. The setting was tidy and solemn. Throughout the speech, except for waves of applause, there was no sound at all. The speech lasted for three hours. When it was over, Master stepped down from the podium and walked around the stadium. The audience all stood up. When Master came near where I stood, a stream of warm air flew by. Everybody felt it. Applause exploded and lasted for a long time.

On my way out, I overheard staff members who followed Master asking, "Who sat at X seat on X row?" I immediately replied, "I distributed that ticket. Why?" It turned out that when delivering the speech, Master sensed that the person in that seat was wondering how over 6,000 people could remain so quiet. Out of all the meetings he ever attended in the past, a countless number of large-scale meetings, he always felt either sleepy, bored, or dizzy.

I gave this ticket to the Party Secretary of our factory myself. The second day I asked him, "How did you feel when you were listening to yesterday's speech?" He answered, "It was wonderful! I have attended countless meetings of all sizes, including those for government officials. I have never had such an experience. The stadium remained so quiet for over three hours. I could hear each word so clearly. You've got to notify me when your Master comes again." I told him that our Teacher knew about everything he thought in the stadium, and he was really surprised. His respect toward Master was beyond description.

Ten full years have passed. Whenever I recall the scenes from those days when Master taught lectures in Dalian, I feel as if it were only yesterday. In the tumultuous days that have followed, whenever I think of our Master of highest esteem, my heart is filled with strength to overcome the evil. Great Master crisscrossed the country and traveled around the world offering salvation to sentient beings regardless of hardship. As Master's disciple, I will follow Master step by step to assist in Fa-rectification, fulfill my mission, and deserve the title of Dafa disciples of the Fa-rectification period.