(Clearwisdom.net) When I mentioned the "Nine Commentaries" and withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to my family members and non-practitioner friends, they raised some questions that were perplexing them. I have summarized some sample questions and tried to give some concise answers based on my understanding at my own cultivation level. I want to use these answers to help practitioners come up with better answers. I hope all practitioners will participate and help to formulate answers from different angles based on people's varying backgrounds, enabling more people to realize the great importance of the "Nine Commentaries" and "withdrawing from the Communist Party." In this way, more people can be saved.

Question: Since I have not paid my CCP membership dues for a long time and have had nothing to do with the CCP, why do I still need to declare my withdrawal from the CCP or the Communist Youth League?

Answer: Not paying or being unable to pay the party membership dues, in some cases, is caused by some objective circumstances. Making your resignation a public statement is an active declaration and expression of one's personal will, and its nature is quite different. Furthermore, the voice of millions of people is very powerful and will have an even stronger effect.

Question: Withdrawing from the CCP? Is it necessary for us to be involved in politics?

Answer: I do not want to have anything to do with the CCP and its affiliated organizations anymore. I want to get further away from the CCP. Is this OK? This actually shows that we do not want to get involved in politics! Furthermore, since we did not say we had political interests when we initially joined the CCP and the Youth League, why does it become political once we withdraw from the CCP?

Question: According to information on the Internet, the number of people who have withdrawn from the CCP keeps rising. Yet it seems that the "Nine Commentaries" has not had any influence or made any impact inside China, nor have I heard people around me discussing this issue.

Answer: It is a fact that the number of people inside and outside China who have withdrawn from the CCP is rising sharply. Not hearing about it inside China does not mean that it has not had any impact. For example, look at the SARS epidemic last year. The Chinese government tried to conceal it. Once it was exposed, the world was shocked and only then did people realize the impact. Most of the people who have withdrawn from the CCP are inside China, which has already attested to the huge impact of the "Nine Commentaries." Covering up, suppressing, and blocking information is what the CCP has been doing all this time. Especially at this time when the "Nine Commentaries" has hit the CCP's weak points, it will, of course, try its best to prevent people from learning about it. However, the cover-up will eventually fail. As more individuals withdraw from the CCP, people will soon learn the facts. If you pay more attention to and ask more about the issue, you will also find more information.

Question: Will my declaration of intent to withdraw from the CCP be a blow to the Communist System?

Answer: The existence of the Communist Party is based on its membership. When an overwhelming majority of the CCP members declare their resignations, won't the CCP cease to exist? So the CCP's eventual collapse will become an inevitable reality. This is the most efficient and peaceful way and it will not cause any harm to the people or society.

Question: The CCP supports science and objects to evil cults, so why is the CCP considered to be an evil cult? How can this issue be understood?

Answer: The Communist Party is, in fact, anti-science under the banner of science. Science requires people to act according to the facts. However, the CCP's history is full of "false greatness, empty talk, and rotten corruption" and "deceit, wickedness, violence." The CCP's definition of "an evil cult" consists of several points. Each of these points seems to be defined based on the CCP's very own nature. For example, worshipping a religious leader (the CCP's god-creation movements, the frenzied worshipping of Mao Zedong); collecting money (the CCP is the biggest and most corrupt acquisitor of funds); doctrine and mind control (the Communist Ideology that few still believe in); a tightly-controlled organization (from the Central Government to the neighborhood committees, and from the CCP members to the Young Pioneers); one's being only allowed to join but not withdraw; and damaging society (the various CCP movements brought about disastrous consequences to the country and the Chinese people). So the CCP is completely an evil cult.

Question: The Communist Party is an ideological and political system. How does it become an evil spirit? Doesn't that make the CCP a living being? That's strange.

Answer: The "Nine Commentaries" describes the features of an evil spirit. The CCP's gigantic system has spread to every part of society. It completely controls society and every aspect of Chinese people's lives. It even controls their minds. It deprives people of their own money to sustain it. Furthermore, it also wants you to be unconditionally obedient to it; otherwise, you will be destroyed. It is even more dreadful than a tangible living being. Since its inception, it has murdered countless innocent lives, even its own party members. So it is not strange to say that it is an evil spirit! Its nature is evil.

Question: Is it correct to say that withdrawing from the CCP means that the person does not love China?

Answer: Firstly, the country and the party are not the same thing at all. The country belongs to the people while the government should just be an administrative organization to serve the people. However, the CCP government has failed to serve the Chinese people, and has instead been enslaving, exploiting, and slaughtering the Chinese people and doing whatever it wants. Withdrawing from the CCP and returning the country and the government to the people are actually patriotic actions.

Question: I am a government employee. After reading the "Nine Commentaries," I really wanted to resign from the CCP. However, if I had really done so, I would not be able to make a living. How could I survive? Furthermore, my work unit requires me to pay party membership dues.

Answer: First, it is our Chinese people who have fed and sustained the CCP. It is not the CCP that provides us food. By withdrawing from the CCP and getting rid of the blood-sucking parasite, we will be able to live even better! In the current situation, we can withdraw from the CCP wisely. For example, we can use pseudonyms, childhood names, or pennames to make the declarations. If one is pressured to pay party membership dues, then he or she can just think that the evil party is taking the money away by deceit.

Question: At the present time, all the officials in the Chinese government are party members. So will the calling for people to resign from the CCP cause instability in the country?

Answer: No. Resignations from the CCP are righteous acts that people have implemented after they have clearly seen the evil nature of the CCP. After their resignation, they will continue to do what they are supposed to do, and there will be no turmoil occurring in the various branches of government. People will break away from the CCP's control both mentally and in actuality. Everything can only become better.

Question: The Communist Party is now ruling the country pretty well, and people's lives are much better than before. There's no need to renounce my party membership.

Answer: If the Communist Party hadn't caused disasters in China during the past decades, people would be living much better lives than they do now. China has a long history of outstanding people and glorious places, and it can certainly develop successfully. The Communist Party's repeated struggles, however, have delayed China's development. In order to maintain its rule and avoid extinction, the Communist Party has made some reforms to develop the economy. The policies it has adopted, however, "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs." Although some people's lives have become materially better than before (though, in fact, the majority are still having a difficult time), the human moral values are deteriorating daily, the moral standard is perishing, and the future looks grim. Moreover, the Communist Party is now more corrupt and degenerate than ever, and it even gives greater amounts of state assets to corrupt officials. A crisis much bigger than any before is now waiting in the shadows. Therefore it's necessary to get rid of this wicked organization.

Question: Human rights and freedom of speech don't have much to do with me nor do they affect my life. I only care about the economy and about making a living.

Answer: If it weren't for the public censure from the free countries, the common people in China would not know the serious harm that SARS has caused in China. Can you still say freedom of speech has nothing to do with people's livelihood? The CCP and Jiang's group have allocated a quarter of China's national income toward the suppression of Falun Gong. Isn't this an economic issue? Doesn't spending the people's hard-earned money at their whim make everyone else a victim? They even dare to persecute "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Isn't "deceit, wickedness, violence" running amuck? Won't such an environment affect you? When the human rights of almost a hundred million people (and counting affected family members puts the number at several hundred million) cannot be guaranteed, it's obvious that the CCP doesn't care at all about a healthy economy. Human rights and freedom of speech are the only guarantee for economic livelihood, and they are inalienable.

Question: No matter how bad the CCP is, after all it has taken care of me. It's indeed very hard to separate from it.

Answer: Again we need to remember that it is the Chinese people who have raised the CCP with milk, blood and sweat. The party should thank us for raising it. Emotion for the CCP is the result of years of indoctrination and brainwashing. Having deceived us, exploited us and suppressed us, it tells us to be grateful, this is precisely the CCP's shameless attitude. If one has developed a malignant tumor, should he be reluctant to have it removed just because it's on his body?

Question: There's nothing wrong with the CCP. For example, the "Three Antis Campaign," the "Five Antis Campaign" and the "Cultural Revolution" were all just the result of the era's limitations and individual members' wrongdoings. Hasn't the CCP rehabilitated the victims and restored their names?

Answer: "Since 1949, the number of deaths caused by CCP's continued violence has surpassed the total deaths during the wars waged between 1921 and 1949." ("Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party") It is not just the wrongdoings of individuals. It is due to the CCP's nature. Looking over several decades of its rule, the same tragedies in different forms have occurred repeatedly and without letup. Its crimes are against the Chinese people, and it owes the Chinese people a blood debt. If this can be cleared just by rehabilitation, why not allow a murderer to walk away as long as he acknowledges his mistake? Is this possible? The indifference, weakness and silence that the Chinese people have adopted under its bloody rule, in fact have encouraged the CCP's evil nature and enabled tragedies to occur repeatedly. Now Falun Gong practitioners do not fear the CCP's brutal force and resist the persecution peacefully and rationally. This indeed is a model for the entire Chinese population, and their spirit is the hope for a bright future in China.

Question: If another party replaced it, would it still be the same group of people taking control, thus being a change in form but not in content?

Answer: This phenomenon has happened in history. But this time everyone believes it is a change in form and in content. Withdrawing from the CCP is an act of justice after people have clearly recognized its evil nature, and it's the good of human nature unfolding. What the Communist Party has instilled in people is "deceit, wickedness, violence," and it's destroying people's moral essence. Getting rid of it, people's moral standards will indeed rise, and society's stability and morality will both become good. No matter who takes control of the country, people's hearts and morality are the true guarantee of a wonderful society.

Question: You said that the high-ranking officials in the CCP know its unscrupulous nature best. Why are they still so loyal to it?

Answer: The high-ranking Communist Party members indeed know the Communist Party's unscrupulous nature more intimately, but they have been subjected to the same long-term brainwashing and deceptions of the party as everyone else. On the one hand they are its beneficiaries, while on the other hand they know more about its cruelty, and therefore they have to be in line with the evil party in order to avoid being purged and slaughtered. There are already many such examples. Their so-called "loyalty" is in fact to protect themselves. But because they also know that the CCP's extinction is only a matter of time, many high-ranking officials have transferred their huge assets abroad and have found a way out for themselves and their family members.

Question: I don't think the CCP is good, but I believe it will change. And the facts show that it has been changing. In today's democratic tide, it is much better than it was before. We should allow it to have space to grow, and I think withdrawing from it is too radical.

Answer: No matter how the CCP changes, its evil nature of violent dictatorship and deceit will not change, and that is its foundation for survival. Although it has tried very hard to make itself look good, here is the reality: it ranks first in the world in the number of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, it is unique in having established an Internet "Great Wall" that monitors and controls Internet access, and so on. Some people say, "Now that the control of freedom of speech is much looser, one can criticize our leaders in public." Is it so? During the Cultural Revolution, if you dared to shout, "Long Live the Kuomintang (KMT)!" You would be killed. And today, in the 21st Century, just for shouting "Falun Dafa is good," so many people have been detained and sent to forced labor camps and even tortured to death. Is this progress? If giving a malignant tumor time and room to grow, then the one who suffers the most is the patient himself.

March 18, 2005