(Clearwisdom.net) Around New Year's Day 2005, Weibei Prison authorities surveyed Falun Gong practitioners. Liu Lixue, the political head of the No. 7 Division of the ward, had conversations with practitioners. He asked them what comments they had for the government, based on how it was handling Falun Gong. All of the practitioners except two stated that they were not guilty of any wrongdoing and would persist in their belief and continue practicing. They made this statement even though they knew that if they are willing to write the "Four Statements" or even just sign one already written, the authorities would give them credits, offer rewards and reduce their sentences.

Even though these practitioners were persecuted, they still treated the officers with benevolence and compassion. In addition, they patiently spread Falun Dafa and clarified the truth to them. The officers were not as arrogant as before. The righteous thoughts and righteous deeds of the practitioners have moved and shaken many criminals who still have a conscience. Among this group, many of them said that they would not do bad deeds after they got out. Some of them said they would practice Falun Gong after getting out, and some even started to learn while in prison. Many criminals from teams two, four and five in the No. 7 Division started practicing Falun Gong after learning the truth.

This makes the prison authorities extremely agitated. Their attempts to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners have failed. Also, despite their research on the criminal mind over the past 25 years, they have been unable to fundamentally change the criminals' ways of thinking. In contrast, after the criminals were exposed to Falun Gong practitioners for several years, they abandoned their criminal thoughts and began to follow the good examples of the practitioners. They began doing good deeds and indeed have become good people, learning to practice Falun Gong from the inner most part of their hearts.

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Jiang Shunguo, Head of the No. 7 Division: 7548327, 7541047, 7548705 (Home)

Liu Lixue, Political Head of the No.7 Division: 7541047, 7541290 (Home)

Feng Zhongmin, Education Head: 7541047, 7548505 (Home)

March 30, 2005