Mr. Gu Qiang , 50, was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. He previously lived in Shanghais County, Heilongjiang Province. He was forced to resign from his job because he refused to give up his cultivation. Under very tight financial conditions, he did what a Falun Dafa practitioner should do. He walked a long distance, from midnight until dawn, passing out truth-clarifying materials throughout the nearby towns and villages. He had blisters all over his feet from walking. On April 12, 2002, local policemen deceived him, and put him in the detention center. He went on a hunger strike, endured all kinds of torture, and his condition became critical. He was released on medical parole six months later.

In December 2002, police detained him again using an excuse of a fire hazard survey. Police sentenced him to forced labor at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. During his detention, he was brutally beaten. Prison guards took turns abusing him, and caused wounds all over his body. His face became numb. He was deeply hurt both mentally and physically. His old illness reccurred, and he became as thin as a rail. They sent him to Wanjia Hospital for forced-feeding, and he was subsequently listed in critical condition. The guards, who feared being held responsible if he died in the hospital, took him to the Harbin City Medical University First Hospital, and did not pay or check him in. Mr. Gu had to ask his wife to pay for the treatment, and he was released from the camp.

The expensive medical fees were too much of a burden for his wife. She paid five thousand yuan for the operation and then ran out of money. His intestines were infected, and the doctors had no choice but to clean them, put them back into his abdomen, and close him up. He received no medication, only intravenous saline solution. He checked out several days later, and amazingly he recovered after one month of rest at home. Thus, he validated that Falun Dafa indeed has miraculous power.

The two detentions plus extortion put his wife more than twenty thousand yuan in debt. She could not endure the stress, and divorced him. Mr. Gu had no place to live, and suffered severe mental stress. His old illness returned, and he died on March 9, 2005. Were it not for the relentless persecution, he would still be alive.