In 2000 the local police found out that I had downloaded Master's articles onto my computer, so they arrested me and sent me to a detention center. Since I had already been illegally detained several times within the previous six months, many people imprisoned in the detention center had gotten to know me, and many of them liked to listen to me talk about Falun Dafa. A few even learned the exercises from me.

Ms. Zhang Yan, a village doctor with a two-year-old child, had been detained for over a year due to a medical dispute. She told me that she had been sentenced to a ten-year term. She felt it was unfair and unjust, so she didn't want to live anymore. Since she had heard about Falun Dafa and knew a little about cultivation from me in the past, when I talked to her this time, I explained more fully how practicing Falun Dafa was the most fortunate thing in my life. I also told her that if she would spend her time in this special environment to learn Falun Dafa, her situation could become better without her noticing it. She really believed what I told her and asked me to teach her.

From that time on, Ms. Zhang Yan studied the Fa and did the exercises with me everyday while we were in the detention center. Later, from memory, I wrote down several dozen of Master's poems from Hong Yin. One month later, when I was released, she asked me to send her Master's new articles and taught me how to send them to her safely. I did what she told me, and it really worked.

Soon after I received a surprise call from her at home. She told me that her sentence had been altered to a three-year term with a suspended execution of the sentence, and then she was released! When we met, she told me how, about 10 days before her release, all of a sudden she only wanted to see Master's picture and read the books everyday, and that she didn't even think about her own case. When she was told to leave the detention center, she was totally surprised. I told her, "It was Master who helped you, because Master saw your heart wanting to embark on cultivation." She asked me to help her get a copy of Zhuan Falun and went home to study the Fa.