(Clearwisdom.net) On a winter day in 2002 I took a long distance bus to go to visit some fellow practitioners who were detained in Dashiqiao Detention Center. After I got on the bus, I heard the bus driver say to a middle-aged man, "You don't have enough money. You cannot board the bus." The man said, "My house is very close to the bus stop. When we get there, I will go home and get the rest of money for you just within two minutes. After all, the bus will wait at the stop for a while anyway. I won't owe you a penny." "No, you can't board the bus," the driver countered. All the passengers were looking at the man, who did not know what to do. I went up to the driver and said, "How much does he owe you? I'll pay it for him. Let him get on the bus. He looks to be in a hurry and he's quite worried."

The man was very grateful to me for helping him. He asked me where I lived and how he could contact me. He said he would surely return the money to me. When I heard that, I smiled and said to him, "I'm a practitioner of Falun Dafa. Master taught us to help others, to be good and kind to others. I could see that you needed help." He said very doubtfully, "Why is what you just said so different from what was broadcast on TV?" I replied that what was said on TV was not true and that Falun Dafa teaches people to be truthful, benevolent, and forbearing. As I was telling him that, I took out some truth-clarifying materials from my backpack and gave one copy to everyone that sat near me and to the young bus driver as well. I told them to also let their friends and relatives know the truth about Falun Dafa after they read the materials.

After I got off the bus, I still needed to take a taxi. When I got into a taxi, I told the driver the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong. The driver said that he had been to Tiananmen Square and that the Square was very big. If someone wanted to set himself on fire, it would be impossible for the firemen to come to rescue him within a period of time as short as portrayed on the TV and that the self immolation was an obvious lie. He knew the self-immolation was fake the first time he saw it on TV. I said to him, "You can tell right from wrong so clearly. I have some truth-clarifying materials. I would like to give you some, and I sincerely wish you and your whole family well."

When I arrived at the detention center, it was still lunchtime, and nobody was on duty. There were others waiting in the reception room. I felt very calm and peace filled my heart. I did not feel the existence of any evil factors, and it was as if it were not a detention center at all. I asked those who were waiting if they had come to visit their relatives and told them that I had come to visit someone, too. When they asked me whom I was visiting and what crime the person had committed, I answered that the person that I was to visit had violated no law. He believed in truth, benevolence, and forbearance and was a very good person who practiced Falun Dafa. One middle-aged woman said, "I can tell that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. Last time when I was here to visit my child I saw a Falun Gong practitioner, a woman from Anshan. She is only 28 and looks quite pretty and kind. I wondered then why such a good person would be detained here. I felt it wasn't right." I said, "Yes. Falun Dafa is now being practiced openly by people in over 60 countries. It is only persecuted here in China. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been arrested, tortured and sentenced to imprisonment, and their homes searched and ransacked. Many have become destitute and homeless. Some have even been tortured to death." When they heard that, they were all very shocked and also very sympathetic.