(Clearwisdom.net) When I read on the Internet that Masanjia Labor Camp was enslaving Dafa practitioners, I was distressed. The authorities use the profit motive to dehumanize the guards so they are willing to overwork Dafa practitioners. On the surface, financial gain is the motive for them to persecute Dafa practitioners. To eliminate the evil, we should not only reveal the mental and physical devastation it causes, but also make it impossible for the perpetrators to make a profit by persecuting practitioners.

1. One of my friends is related to a guard at the Masanjia Labor Camp. He told me he heard that last year every guard in Masanjia got a year-end bonuses of tens of thousands of yuan, all of it gained from illegal slave labor. Sometimes monthly bonuses are several times their salary.

2. Masanjia Labor Camp forces Dafa practitioners to make money for them. Dafa practitioners must make a large number of board boxes, handling glue for a long time. Some people's eyes were irritated and watering, and the skin of their fingers split. Young practitioners are forced to make clothes, such as "Huachen Automobile Company uniforms," and many handicrafts, including bracelets, necklaces, hair ornaments, and artificial flowers. Older women are forced to make "hygienic cotton swabs." The cotton ball sticks were in big bags that were dumped onto the ground. The workers took mildewed cotton in the ungloved left hand, dipped the stick in glue, and grabbed some cotton to twist onto the stick. The people who are forced to make these "hygienic cotton swabs" include Dafa practitioners and criminals. These cotton swabs were labeled "aseptic, hygienic, for medical use."

3. The guards compete for money. If last month Team One made three thousand yuan, this month Team Two will force criminals to work overtime to surpass them. This money comes from exploiting slaves. Many practitioners see this clearly so they refuse to cooperate with the authorities, refusing to work for dirty money. Guards then put them into small cells where they beat and abuse them. The female guards were even more vicious than the males. I hope those women will come to understand what is right and wrong, and that they do not lose their futures just to make money.