(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ma Jingfang was a Falun Dafa practitioner from the Dongcheng District in Beijing who died as a result of persecution. In 2002 she was illegally imprisoned in the 7th Division of the Xin An Labor Camp in Beijing, where labor camp guards forced Falun Gong practitioners to get up early every morning to knit wool sweaters. Practitioners there were routinely forced to work through the night without rest. Enduring these conditions, Ms. Ma Jingfang developed an acute heart disease, and many of the other practitioners suffered varying degrees of physical deterioration. Progressive vision loss was very common among them. Soon after her heart disease surfaced, Ms. Ma was released, although it is still unclear as to whether she was released on a parole for medical treatment or due to the completion of her terms.

Sometime in July 2003, Ms. Ma Jingfang was again arrested along with two other practitioners Xie Ting and Chen Ying. Xie Ting was sentenced to a labor camp for a second time, but the labor camp refused to admit Ms. Ma Jingfang because of her severe heart problems. In early March 2005, Ms. Ma Jingfang died in a hospital as a result of her heart problems.

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