Something that happened lately taught me a big lesson. I realized that human notions are always emerging unconsciously and if we relax our standards, we will be easily exploited by the evil.

As I was reading the "Nine Commentaries" recently, the following human notion emerged. If we stripped the evil Chinese Communist Party of its exterior clothing, its evil nature would be exposed in broad daylight. Would the CCP leaders remain silent about it? Especially with the phenomenal tide of renouncement from the CCP and related organizations, would the CCP leaders mobilize a new wave of persecution against Falun Gong? Such a thought stemmed from my years of influence by the CCP culture, and exploited my uncultivated human nature. I gradually became exploited by the evil, as I was not able to eliminate this bad notion and interference soon enough.

I have experienced chest pain, increased heart rate and difficulty breathing for the past two weeks. I knew that this was the evil persecuting me, but, for a moment, I was unable to realize where it came from. While discussing and sharing with a fellow practitioner yesterday, the practitioner pointed out my fear straightforwardly and I felt that it was, indeed, the cause. On my way back home, I cleared my thoughts. I asked myself, with the progress of the Fa-rectification and the evil being almost eliminated and unable to support itself further, how could there be any more large scale mobilizations? Moreover, with Master and other righteous Gods eliminating them in other dimensions, the evil cannot simply do whatever it wants in human society. My human notions were simply a problem of my faith in the Fa. I should have nothing to fear with Master and the Fa at hand.

I sat down quietly and sent forth righteous thoughts when I got home. I saw two dark substances fall from my body. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them, to prevent them from harming other people. In an instant, the two dark substances disappeared without a trace. I felt my breathing become relieved and refreshed immediately after sending forth righteous thoughts. My chest pain vanished as well.

Thereafter, I began practicing the exercises. As I was performing the third exercise, I felt a downward rush of warmth flow on the left side of my body and I began sweating. For the few days before this I had been afraid of cold. I had to immediately unroll my sleeves when I finished washing my hands, as I was afraid of the cold. I would get a runny nose if I encountered any chilly wind. I opened my windows to let the fresh air in the next day. I was not afraid of the cold anymore. My breathing and chest problems disappeared and returned to normal.