(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners An Ling and An Xing are from Xinsheng Village, Xinxing County, Shuangcheng City, Helongjiang Province. The police falsely incriminated and sentenced Ling and Xing to seven and eight years in prison, respectively.

Ms. An Ling, 42, was abducted on November 5, 2001, and sentenced to seven years in prison. She is currently detained in the Eighth Division of the Heilongjiang Women's Prison.

Ling's brother Mr. An Xing is 35 years old. He was abducted on the same day and sentenced to eight years in prison. He is currently detained in the Heilongjiang Province Daqing City Hongweixing Prison.

On September 28, 2001, village officials broke into An Haishan's home while he was making materials that expose local persecution facts. Village director Wang Chuizhou yelled, "I finally caught you! I will beat you severely." The deputy director of the police station, Kong Qingman, and seven or eight other scoundrels started beating An Haishan. They then searched An's home and confiscated much of his property, including four tape recorders, one VCR, and many audio and video tapes.

The police abducted An Haishan, took him to the station, and brutally interrogated him for a day, but they did not extract any information. The police then threatened to sentence An. For quite some time, Kong Qingman has been blackmailing practitioners. He has extorted over one hundred thousand yuan. Since An did not have much money, he was sent to the Shuang City Detention Center that night.

After two months of detention and many failed bouts of interrogation, Kong Qingman talked to An's oldest son An Yong, who is not a practitioner. "Your father is over 60," Kong said, "Since he is the local Falun Gong coordinator, he will get at least three years in prison. If he survives, he will certainly lose at least a layer of skin." Kong attempted to coerce An Yong into paying ten thousand yuan as bail, but An Yong only had six thousand. An Haishan was released, but the police forced him to move to another district. Kong Qingman then tried to extort another twelve hundred yuan for himself.

An Ling and An Xing told their brother An Yong, "Do not ever cooperate with the evildoers, let alone give them money." The police and officials abuse their power, and slander, falsely incriminate, blackmail, and extort money from Falun Dafa practitioners. Kong Qingman did not get the twelve hundred yuan, and he became outraged. Kong harassed the An's many times and threatened to arrest them if they did not move out immediately.

Kong Qingman raided the An household on November 5, 2001, abducted An Ling and An Xing, and demanded that An Yong hand over the money as ransom. Kong wanted eight thousand "yuan" for An Ling and ten thousand yuan for An Xing. Kong threatened to sentence them to between seven and eight years in prison. An Yong refused to cooperate. Kong started fabricating evidence against Ling and Xing, and he also subjected them to cruel torture.

An Xing was subjected to the so-called "big hang up." In this torture each limb is cuffed to a bunk bed and the beds are pulled apart in opposite directions. Xing experienced excruciating pain. He was also beaten with sand-filled plastic pipes. The police stripped his clothes and beat his ankles, knees, and spine with the sharp edges of metal rulers. They also broke two of Xing's ribs. They burned, scalded, and beat An Ling to the point that she could no longer stand upright. Two people had to hold her up to continue the torture.

In the mean time, Kong Qingman fabricated evidence against the practitioners he arrested. Practitioners Han Zhiming, Chen Shuli, Zhang Yongmei, Jin Chaoquan and Zhao Changbo bear witness to Kong's crimes. The charges were groundless, the evidence was made up, and the local village did not have anyone named Liu Yanling and Zhang Bin, who were both named as witnesses. Village official Bai Yongke had no idea about being a witness. He claimed, "Kong Qingman never asked me to be a witness, I never saw anyone passing out pamphlets. These are all made up stories, I can prove them false in court."

The Chief Judge Cheng Yan, and Judges Chen Jinbao and Liu Lifeng in the Heilongjiang Province Shuangcheng City People's Court sentenced An Ling to seven years and An Xing to eight years in prison.

Kong Qingman was recently promoted to the director of Shuang City Liqun County Police Station. 01186-451-53115383 (H).