Mr. An Fengbo

Early in the morning of March 4, 2005, the police director from the Dadong Police Station of Jilin City in the Chuanying District, led policemen Guan Lijun, Liu Jinyuan and Han Wei to break in and search the home of An Fengbo's mother-in-law. The police arrested Mr. An and his 60-year-old mother-in-law, and confiscated his Dafa books. He tried to get away but was unsuccessful. Mr. An was taken to the Dadong Police Station, where he refused to cooperate with his interrogators. He exclaimed, "Falun Dafa is good!" the entire day. Since the police station did not get a "confession" from him, they sent Mr. An to the Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center.

Falun Dafa practitioner An Fengbo, 34, from Jilin City, Jilin Province, was previously employed as a policeman in the 4th Division of Jilin City's Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp. His badge number was 2214905. He is currently being detained at Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center.

Since his arrest on March 4, 2005, Mr. An's family members have tried to obtain his release. First they went to the Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center to visit him, but were denied. They then went to the Dadong Police Station, Jilin City Chuanying District Police Department, to request his release. The police told them that Mr. An's arrest resulted from someone reporting him to the authorities. However his family was recently told by police at the Dadong Police Station that Mr. An's possession of Falun Dafa books was the reason he was sent to a forced labor camp.

Brutal Persecution at the Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center

The Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center is located on Yueshan Road in Jilin City. The detention center openly advocates civilized law enforcement, and posts all sorts of legal clauses on the walls. But they actually secretly carry out underhanded, shameful, and dirty deeds. This includes bribery and blackmail of prisoners and their families. The prisoners privately call the the detention center guards "gangsters in police uniform."

Since the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, the detention center has cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners, and detained and brutally tortured almost a thousand practitioners. Under orders from the former head of the detention center, Sun Zhufeng, and Commissar Wang Wenkui, the detention center has killed at least three practitioners. Wang Lixin, Fu Chunsheng and Li Chuanping died from the torture they received at the detention center.

For several years, police and guards at the detention center have used various persecution methods on Dafa practitioners who righteously resist their demands to renounce Falun Dafa. They use many forms of physical punishment, including using other prisoners to beat the practitioners, shackling the hands and feet of practitioners together for long periods of time, brutal force-feeding, and other inhumane acts limited only by their imaginations. From the time that An Fengbo was initially detained at the Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center, he continually shouted "Falun Dafa is good" for two days and nights, and he began a hunger strike in protest of the illegal detention and persecution.

On the afternoon of March 19, 2005, Mr. An's family members received news that he had been brutally force-fed and had become critically ill as a result of this torture. They immediately went to Dadong Police Station and the No. 3 Detention Center to see him. The police station and detention center denied force-feeding Mr. An. He has become extremely emaciated after over two weeks of hunger strike and is near death. However, Mr. An's hands and feet are still shackled together, and he continues to be brutally force-fed and tortured.

Re-enactment of An Fengbo being handcuffed in the detention center

Re-enactment of An Fengbo being brutally force-fed in the detention center

Telephone Numbers of Mr. An's Persecutors

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 432)

Policemen handling the case: Dadong Police Station instructor, Han Wei, Liu Jinyuan, Guan Lijun
Dadong Police Station, Jilin City Chuanying District Police Department: 2010382
Address of Jilin City Chuanying District Police Department: No. 100 Jiefang Road,

Zip code: 132012, Phone: 2026300
Monitoring phone: 6962905, Chief's public telephone: 6962787
Address of the Jilin City Police Department: 51 Beijing Road, Jilin City, Zip code: 132011, Fax: 2454682, Switchboard: 2409221
The Jilin City Police Department Chief's public phone: 2409110, 2488110, 2455848 Office telephone: 2454682; Legal Office: 2409004
Network supervising reception room: 2409709
Jilin City Mayor's public telephone: 0432-12345
Deputy Mayor of Jilin City (Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary) and Chief of the Police Department: Liu Peizhu, Office telephone: 2010490

Phone numbers of relevant personnel at Jilin City No. 3 Detention Center -
The Head of the detention center, Liu Xuezhi: 2578266
The Political Head, Liu Changjun: 7807299
Deputy Head, Huang Jianmin: 7807298
Deputy Head, Cong Maohua: 2017071
Police guard Xing Shufen (female): 202673 (Home)
Prison doctor, Zhang Shaoqing: 2031188 (Home)
Guard Cao Jingyu: 2433954
Guard Dong Yushu: 2482155
Cui Yanxin: 4673907; Liu Yanjun: 6414156; Li Xiaomin (female): 4667038;
Li Deli: 4676122: Fu Runfan: 2575485; Li Zhenxiang: 2781997;
Yi Tieshan: 4878388; Xu Chao: 4653351; Yu Changjiang: 2480799;
Liu Dewen: 2532319; Sun Biao: 4866116; Xu Mingshan: 2011353;
Yuan Zhe: 6121039; Wu Jige: 2787910; Zhang Shaoqing: 2031188;
Liu Yang: 4239177; Chen Liang: 2022729; Huang Liang: 2030890;
Ma Shuai: 5912158; Shen Guohui: 8861724; Mao Xiuzhi: 2594979;
Wang Guiren: 4562631; Zhang Hongyu: 13596273666 (Cell phone); Zhou Yan: 13166900182

Responsible parties -
Jilin City Public Security Bureau Supervising team leader, Po Yongzhi: 2580555 (Home);
Assistant Commissar, Yang Fenglin: 2576988 (Home);
Deputy team leader, Dong Pingzhai: 2584567; Li Dechen (former deputy team leader): 2578506 (Home); Tian Xingwu (former deputy team leader): 2455766 (Home);
Supervising team Political head, Zhu Caixia: 2589996 (Home);
Deputy Political head, Sun Aimin: 13009156527 (Cell phone);
Supervising team Secretary section chief, Wang Xin 2584831 (Home); deputy chief,
Sun Lijun: 2574088 (Home);
Supervising team Instruction section, Lu Haiquan: 2571925 (Home); deputy chief, Zhou
Yong: 4650646 (Home);
Supervising team prison detective section, Zheng Wenji: 4871788 (Home);
Supervising team administrative section chief, Chu Haiqing: 2773059 (Home); deputy
chief, Hong Guochen: 2032552 (Home);

Jilin City Council: No. 86 Beijing Road, Jilin City, Zip code: 132084
Swithboard: 2010113, 2010114, Duty office: 2010200, 2010249, 2010201
Jilin City 610 Office: 2010610, 2010612