(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Yanji City, Jilin Province. I suffered extremely harsh maltreatment under the Jiang's political regime, and I have become critically ill as a result of the persecution.

I was dismissed from my position as a public official and unlawfully arrested and threatened many times, because I wanted to become a good person and would not give up the practice of becoming a truthful, compassionate and forbearing individual. I fainted four times from police beatings, was charged with phony crimes and secretly sentenced to over eight years in prison, and had 20,000 yuan illegally seized from me. I was devastated from the brutal treatment while in prison and developed cirrhosis of the liver. They sent me home when I became critically ill.

I lost the ability to earn a living after they released me from prison. Even without a source of income, the police in Yanji City continued to harass me at home, illegally searching my home and taking many items of value such as a tape recorder, recorded tapes, Falun Dafa books and a very fine Mongolian craft knife gift set given to me by a friend.

The persecution has robbed me of everything. They left me with a mortal body full of illnesses related to cirrhosis, and I am at the end of my rope. Today, I'd like to appeal and clarify the truth to kind-hearted people about the persecution that I suffered. Tomorrow they might secretly arrest me, and I might quietly disappear from the face of the earth, so I hereby state that if I suddenly disappear or die, it must be the work of the police from Yanbianzhou City.

At noon on January 9, 2001, Xiao Bing, Jin Yongyi and Cui from the Administration and Security Department of the Public Security Bureau in Yanji City took me from my office to a small room on the eighth floor of their office building, where policemen Jin and Huang were waiting for me. Jin immediately yelled loudly at me and physically attacked me, and Huang verbally abused me for a very long time.

I was illegally detained for about three months and then was sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp. My mother could not bear the blow and became very ill. My family worried about my safety, tried diligently to work with the relevant departments, but they didn't get anywhere. The Yanbianzhou Labor Reform Management Committee, the Administration and Security of the State Public Security Bureau, the Judicial Branch and other departments extorted more than 20,000 yuan from my family and then agreed to let me go without a charge. I learned this after I came home, and to this day I have not been able to repay this debt.

On September 2, 2001, I was arrested when someone reported me to local authorities for clarifying the facts and I was taken to the police station in Badao Town, Longjing. The police confiscated over 400 yuan, a watch and everything else I had with me except the clothes on my back. I was badly beaten by five or six police officers. One officer hit me with a wet mop while the other five or six beat me with their fists and kicked me. Their punches poured down on me like raindrops. I gritted my teeth, for the pain was so great that I felt all my internal organs were exploding and the pain from my injured back was unbearable. Even in the midst of such severe pain, I had absolute faith that I would not die at the hands of these villains.

I remember that I couldn't move because of the terrible pain from the long beating. When I struggled and tried to open my eyes, barely aware of what was going on, an officer came over and hit me on the head with a mop, knocking me unconscious. I woke up the next day, lying in a police car. The police officers were taking me to the Longjing City Public Security Bureau. They handcuffed me while blood was flowing from my head, face and mouth. My clothes were wet with blood, my face was swollen, and my body was covered with bruises.

I was detained at the Longjing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Wu Jinglin, the head of the 610 Office of the Yanbianzhou Public Security Office, came with other police officers and asked me, "Will you tell us what we want to hear?" I kept silent. They then transferred me to the detention center in Longjing City to begin their brutal torture to get me to confess.

Wu Jinglin brought in a few police officers from the state public security bureau to begin a new round of torture. Two of the officer's names were Chen Moulong and Meng Moumou. Wu told me, "I am the director of the state 610 Office. I specialize in punishing Falun Gong practitioners." With intolerable pain and a mouthful of blood, I told him how they robbed and beat me in Badao Town. He waved his hands and said, "You deserved that! According to the confidential document from the general secretary, we do not break any law if we rob you or beat you to death, because it will be labeled as a suicide. It's useless to sue us." When he then told me to confess my crime, I said that I didn't commit any crime.

Wu ordered five police officers to come into the room. They included Chen Moulong and Meng Moumou from the State Public Security Bureau and others from the Longjing City Administration and Security of the Public Security Office and the Longjing Detention Center. They dragged me to my feet, held my arms behind my back, and then hung me up with ropes. I was very weak and covered with wounds from the beating on September 2. The hanging inflamed the wounds, and the pain shot through my body to my head. Words cannot describe the tremendous pain I suffered at that moment. I felt that I was going to collapse. While I was moaning with extreme pain, Wu insulted me and ordered me to kneel down and confess my crime. I refused, so he ordered more beatings. Chen Moulong and Meng Moumou picked up some chairs and began to hit my head, chest, back and waist. They tore open the old wounds and blood started to flow freely. I felt like I was going to die from the pain when they hit my bones with the legs of the chair. I lost consciousness after 10 minutes of beating. I was afraid to move after I woke up, and I was left in the dark room for a long time.

Afterwards, they tortured me for four days and four nights straight, using various methods such as the tiger bench, "riding an airplane," and electric shocks. I often lost consciousness after severe beatings. They would pour cold water over me to wake me up and then continue the torture and interrogation. There were over 10 police officers in teams of two to three. When one team got tired from beating me, they would take a break to drink and rest, and the next team would continue the interrogation. They used all sorts of tactics, such as punching and kicking me, sleep deprivation, starving me, refusing me water, refusing to let me go to the toilet, and refusing to let me rest. It went on for four days and four nights. Under this indescribable barbaric torture and the extreme cruelty, against my conscience I resolved to compromise. This will be an eternal shame to me. The other prisoners in the Longjing City Detention Center later told me that my miserable screams as I was being tortured were absolutely terrifying and heart-rending.

After the police got what they wanted, they stopped the interrogation and torture and left me in the Longjing City Detention Center. When they took me from the interrogation room, I could see that my blood covered a large area of the concrete floor and walls. The blood also stuck to my wounds through blood-soaked clothing, so I smelled bloody, too. Since I didn't have clean clothes to change into, I crawled with great pain to wash my own clothes. It took me a long time to get those clothes clean. I was then transferred to the Yanji City Detention Center after another two weeks.

On May 13, 2002, the Yanji City prison van took me to court for trial after eight months of detention. The trial was very secretive. There were less than 15 people in the courtroom, including Li Zhe, the presiding judge; judges Fei Yunlong and Li Qingshi; Xu Jiasjing, the court clerk; and Liu Jijing, the prosecutor. The trial concluded very quickly. First they read out fabricated crimes. The presiding judge then asked me, "Are you guilty?" I said, "Not guilty." "Do you still practice Falun Gong?" he asked. "Yes," I replied.

They then sentenced me to eight years in prison. The presiding judge said, "If you admit your guilt and promise not to practice Falun Gong, then you can go home immediately." I wondered what kind of court this was, that a guilty person admitting his guilt could then go free.

The long and systematic inhuman torture began when I was taken to the prison in Jilin. Meng Haijun, the discipline officer, instigated other criminals in the prison to continually harass me. These criminals monitored my every move 24 hours a day, and they could insult or torture me at will. Two of these criminals were Wang Hongmin from Yanji City and Guo Honggang from Jilin City. They beat me every day.

Wang Hongmin, Wang Longhe, and others beat me brutally using a wooden plank from a chair because I didn't inform them before I used the restroom. They injured my lower back at that time and to this day I still suffer from the injury. They continued to beat me until I lost consciousness. I protested to the discipline officer Meng Haijun, but he just grinned and I suffered more beatings the next day.

During this imprisonment, I was not only totally without freedom, I was also underfed and malnourished for a long time. In April 2003, I was in poor shape. I had been reduced to a 40 kg (88 lbs) old man from the strong and healthy 80 kg (176 lbs) person I once was. My abdomen was swollen like a woman pregnant with quadruplets. I was in critical condition. They didn't want to be responsible for my death, so they sent me home when I was diagnosed with late stage liver cirrhosis and a life expectancy of three months.

I am left with nothing and have completely lost my ability to work. But the police in Yanji City continue to harass me. They frequently hassle me at home, search my house, and threaten and monitor all my activities.

Some information about the organizations and personnel that participated in persecuting me:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 433)

Responsible organizations: Public Security Bureau of Yanbianzhou, Public Security Bureau of Yanji City, Yanji Detention Center, Yanji City Court, Public Security Bureau of Longjing City, Longjing Detention Center, Police Station of Badao Town, Longjing City, Jilin Prison.

Police officers who participated in the persecution:

Public Security Bureau of Yanji City:
Jing Guangzhen, Bureau Chief: 2512839 (Office), 2918766 (Home), 86-433-2770001(Cell)
Li Dongzhu, Assistant Bureau Chief: 2516400 (Office), 2525232 (Home), 13804487858 (Cell), 86-433-2770005
Chu Xiuqiang, Bureau Party Secretary
Xu Xiaofeng, National Security Team Captain: 2623155 (Office), 13039085155 (Cell), 13904438836 (Cell)

Xiao Bin, National Security Team Assistant Captain: 2565275 (Office), 2999030 (Home)
Xuan Yongshan, National Security Team Assistant Captain: 2565275 (Office), 2851081 (Home), 13904480013 (Cell)
Song Haoshan, National Security Team Instructor: 2725453 (Office), 13944385455(Cell), 13009085012 (Cell), 86-433-2985455
Song Lihai, National Security Team Lead: 2999369 (Office)
Shi Dezhi, National Security Team Lead: 2511442 (Office), 2985233 (Home)
Jin Yongyi, National Security Team: 2565275 (Office), 2998512 (Home)
Zhang Wenzhu, National Security Team: 2565275 (Office), 2253034 (Home), 13944388986(Cell)
Huang Wenzhe, National Security Team: 13089307735 (Cell), 86-433-2991266
Zhu Yongcai, National Security Team: 2993489 (Office)
Pu Guinan, National Security Team: 2855299 (Office), 13089310199 (Cell)
Li Daji, National Security Team: 2995560 (Office)

Yanji Detention Center:
Wang Fusheng, Discipline Officer: 2654036(Home), 2611964 (Office)
Wu Zhexi: 2611964 (Home)
Xia Xuechen, Assistant Captain: 13003345166 (Cell)
Jin Longshan, Doctor: 2658325 (Home)

Yanbianzhou Public Security Bureau:
Ma Xiaodong, Director: 13304434666 (Cell), 13904430965 (Cell)
Cui Changji, Deputy Director: 13904431138 (Cell), 13304485111 (Cell)
Run Lihua, Deputy Director: 13904481166 (Cell)
Jin Shizhe, Deputy Director: 13704433111 (Cell), 13304488111 (Cell)
Li Jianguo, Head of the Legal Department: 2514260 (Office), 13039089969 (Cell)
Wang Xincai, Party Secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Committee
Fang Kai, Party Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee: 2515766 (Office)
Politics and Law Committee: 2513292, 2510715, 2510716 (Office)
Liu Wei, Director of the 610 Office: 86-433-2992610 (Cell)
Liu Wenzhong, Deputy Director of the 610 Office: 13904485385(Cell)
Wu Jinglin, Director of the 610 Office of Yuanzhou: 2565275 (Office), 86-433-2970555 (Cell)

Longjing City:
Xu Dunyi, Party Secretary of the 610 Office: 3223757 (Office), 3221356(Home)
Xu Zhenghao, Deputy Party Secretary of the 610 Office: 3223757 (Office), 3253446 (Home)
Zhao Honglei, Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau: 3226713 (Office), 3226714 (Office), 3220647 (Home)
Jiang Yinglao, Section Manager of the Administration and Security of Public Security Bureau: 3223843 (Office), 3225834 (Home)
Jin Zhuzhu, Director of the Detention Center: 3283029 (Office)