(Clearwisdom.net) Recently several key Falun Dafa practitioners in our area have been persecuted for their leading role in clarifying the truth. Some Falun Dafa students are perplexed about this. Why is it that those who are influential and have practiced well often face much more interference persecution?

After studying Teacher's most recent Fa lecture in New York in 2004, we have enlightened to a new understanding of things. First of all, we cannot acknowledge this kind of persecution. Secondly, we need to realize that a problem still exists among us. That is, some fellow practitioners treat those among us who have done the work well, with our human attachments. In our area, stories about those who were diligent were widely spread among practitioners. Some even set up appointments to meet with an outstanding practitioner regularly to be instructed by him. After one practitioner was arrested, officials from the 610 Office frankly told him that he was so influential among practitioners that the authorities were determined to stop him.

It grieves us when we hear about these incidents. Because of our failure to maintain a righteous mind, we succumbed to the human mentalities of envy and admiration. Instead of basing our thoughts and actions on the Fa, we based our behavior on exceptional practitioners. In the end, we gave the evil excuses to cause great damage.

I hope all practitioners in our area will think about this issue. Let's not treat practitioners who have done well from the perspective of our human attachments. The difference in our capabilities is established by the Fa. We don't need to set them up as role models or become obsessed with learning from them. Our different roles in society are to meet the needs of, and save sentient beings. To meet these requirements, it is understood that some practitioners will be more capable than others, but we are all particles in the Fa.