(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Zhehao, 27, was a computer-aided designer at the Dalian Chemical Research & Design Institute in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. Wang had been repeatedly arrested and illegally detained for extended periods ever since the persecution against Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999. Both his body and mind were seriously damaged. Mr. Wang died as a result of persecution on December 25, 2004.

Photo of Mr. Wang Zhehao

Wang Zhehao began to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1995 and followed the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." He worked diligently and was praised by leaders and colleagues at his work place. While Jiang Zemin's corrupt regime persecuted Falun Gong over the past five years, Mr. Wang was illegally arrested six times.

Mr. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. The police sent him back to Dalian and illegally detained him in the Yaojia Detention Center for ten days. In August 1999, the police arrested him again and detained him for nearly 20 days during Jiang's visit to Dalian to inspect the state of persecution against Falun Gong.

With local officials continually harassing him, Mr. Wang was forced to quit his job and move. In early October 1999, the police from Dalian May First Square went to his home to harass him. They claimed that they didn't find the person they wanted to arrest, so they arrested Mr. Wang and his mother and detained them for 15 days; then they sent Mr. Wang to a rehabilitation center to further persecute him. After one month, they sent him to Dalian Labor Reeducation Camp for a one-year term of forced labor. Mr. Wang's family managed to get him out of the labor camp through some social connections. The police demanded 10,000 yuan as a deposit but never returned the money.

Receipt for 10,000 yuan deposit

On April 24, 2001, several policemen, including Chen Xin from the first session of Dalian Police Department, suddenly broke into Mr. Wang's residence. They handcuffed him without any explanation and searched his home. Mr. Wang asked to see a search warrant. In response, the police slapped his face several times and claimed that was the search warrant.

Mr. Wang was sentenced to three years imprisonment in a forced labor camp. He was first imprisoned in Dalian Labor Reeducation Camp, then in Guanshan Labor Reeducation Camp, then in Benxi Labor Reeducation Camp, and lastly in Huludao Labor Reeducation Camp. He was subjected to brainwashing and physical abuse in the camps. His health was ruined. In Dalian Labor Reeducation Camp, he was put under close surveillance and tortured. The guards cuffed his hands and feet to a bed. At Benxi Labor Reeducation Camp, the guards beat him until his body was covered in blood. They locked him in a small solitary cell many times, restricted him from using the bathroom, and didn't give him any water to drink. Mr. Wang said, "Life in Guanshan Labor Reeducation Camp was very hard. First it was Mr. Zhu Xiaofei from Lushun City, (Liaoning Province). He didn't cooperate with the guards and refused to do the prison labor. The guards shocked him for a very long time with electric batons. Then it was Mr. Jiang Yunsong. He was locked in a small solitary cell. Several prisoners kicked him and beat him. When he came back, his face and his mouth were covered with bloody blisters from electric baton shocks. His hair was full of dirt. His leg was lame from being kicked."

In May 2003, Mr. Wang Zhehao went on a hunger strike to protest the unreasonable persecution in Huludao Labor Reeducation Camp. Guards Liu Guohua, Song Yuanbin, Qi Zhiping, Fan Yongjie, Wang Yongming, Wang Dazhu used six electric batons to shock his back and both sides of his chest until they were full of blisters. The guards didn't stop until they found that Mr. Wang's body temperature had increased to 38ºC (or 100.4ºF). Then they cuffed his hands to a bed, inserted a stomach tube and force-fed him with a lot of drugs and beer. On the third morning, Mr. Wang went into shock. After emergency treatment, the guards continued to force feed him through a tube inserted into his stomach. They took turns watching to make sure he didn't fall asleep.

On October 19, 2003, Mr. Wang wrote an article upholding the reputation of Falun Dafa in his required "Reflections Report." Guard Liu Guohua was displeased, and locked Wang Zhehao in a small solitary cell to torture him. Mr. Wang went on a hunger strike again. He was too weak to urinate. After more than 20 hours of suffering, he was sent to a hospital where a doctor tried for over an hour to insert a urinary catheter. In the 38 days following that, Mr. Wang suffered greatly in the hospital with a stomach tube and urinary catheter left in his body. When his family was notified, Mr. Wang was found to have a urinary tract infection, and symptoms of arrhythmia and tachycardia. He was in critical condition. The guards demanded 5,000 yuan deposit from his family before they agreed to release him.

After Mr. Wang returned home, he attempted to go back to work, but was still unable to urinate normally. In early December 2004, he suffered dropsy. His stomach was bloated, and he spit out dark red fluids. He was sometimes clear and sometimes in a daze, while his blood pressure, pulse, breathing, and some other indices seemed normal. The doctor could not determine the cause of the abdominal distention and no diagnosis could be made. Mr. Wang passed away on December 25, 2004.