(Clearwidom.net) Since January 1 of this year, the Chinese Communist Party has been denigrating Falun Dafa without restraint. At the same time, it launched its nationwide "Advanced Nature" propaganda campaign. Starting after the New Year festivals, all Communist Party members, the active party membership applicants, and common employees were organized, even before the normal holiday ended, to attend the "Study and Teaching on Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Communist Party" meeting. All participants were asked to take notes of over 10,000 words and write reviews of a few thousand words. All this is to safeguard the Communist Party by spreading its evil nature and infusing the Party culture among the people.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, one should have seen in this battle between good and evil, that the evil is trying to strengthen its energy field. Our validating Dafa is constantly changing with the advancement of Fa-rectification. However, some practitioners have not realized this point, which has led to various kinds of interference in our local area. For example, around the New Year there occurred drastic changes in some practitioners' families, including non-practitioner spouses threatening to divorce practitioners. Because the practitioners still had human notions, their loopholes were more easily exploited by the evil and they suffered a certain degree of loss.

Driven by human notions, some practitioners still hold their old understanding of the Fa and are unable to accept the current Fa-rectification progress. Some are even awaiting the coming of that glorious moment with the thought of leaving things to chance. Some ignore Master's lectures which have stated matters clearly. Some do not take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously, so they are unable to send forth righteous thoughts four times every day. Instead, they try to make all kinds of excuses for themselves. The environment is created by us. We each hold the responsibility for developing a cultivation environment that is harmonizing and complete. This being the case, let us think about ourselves and see if we have some problems.

All gods are watching how we validate Dafa on the surface of the three realms, and watching how we accomplish what a Dafa practitioner should do in the Fa-rectification period. To this end, all practitioners, let us take the Fa as our teacher. Make full use of the power coming from the whole group of Dafa practitioners, and do better in what we should do. Considering that the evil Communist Party is poisoning common people by using lectures and teachings, I believe that we should send forth righteous thoughts to break through their arrangement. Treasure the four times each day when we send forth righteous thoughts. At the same time, we should study the Fa well with a calm mind, especially the new lectures, because once we have Dafa in our minds, we have the means to prevail against the evil forces, and we are able to clarify the truth on every occasion.

I truly feel that as long as we take the Fa as our teacher, and as long as we do so in accordance with the requirements of Master, we are safe. On the other hand, if one does not believe in Master or in Dafa, one will not be safe in any environment.