(Clearwisdom.net) The Shandong Province No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp, also known among the locals as the Jiangshuiquan Forced Labor Camp, is located at 20 Jiangshuiquan Road, Lixia District of Jinan City, Shandong Province. The conditions are extremely harsh there. One cannot see anything when entering the building without turning on the lights. In the summer it is stuffy and swamped with mosquitoes. In the winter, ice-cold air blows through the hallway, piercing into one's bones.

Since July 1999, female Falun Gong practitioners have been held at this facility. It has turned into a concentration camp serving Jiang's regime in its suppression of Falun Gong. In the beginning of October 2000, a large number of practitioners who went to Beijing to peacefully appeal were taken to this labor camp. The total number detained there was more than 800. A fifth division was established in addition to the original four divisions, headed by the most brutal officers in the labor camp. For the past five years, labor camp officials, led by Jiang Lihang, the labor camp director, directly instigated prostitutes, drug addicts, inmates of theft and robbery offenses, and collaborators to engage in physical and mental abuses against practitioners. Officials who actively engaged in persecution include Wang Shuzhen, Sun Yuhua, Zhao Jie (the three of them all served as the heads of Division No. 1), Xu Ruiju, head of Division No. 2, Yang Anrong, head of Division No. 4, and Niu Xuelian, head of Division No. 5.

The following photos are a visual presentation of some of the torture conducted at the Shandong Province No. 1 Women's Labor Camp. These re-enactments are based on eyewitness accounts of the torture administered in the labor camp.

"Five Horses Splitting the Body"

Officers at the No. 1 Women's Labor Camp and inmates ordered by these officers forcibly stretch a practitioner's arms and tie them to the top bunk bed. Then the practitioner's legs would be split apart and her feet tied to the legs of the bed (over 6 feet apart). A sheet was tied around the practitioner's waist, pulled to and fixed at another bed across the room. This was similar to an ancient form of execution vividly named "five horses splitting the corpse." Sometimes the officers would order someone to sit on the lower bunk and push the practitioner's lower back forward with their feet. Some practitioners were tied up and stretched out in this position for over a dozen hours.

Burning the Back with Mosquito Incense

Criminals would forcibly strip off a practitioner's clothes and press burning mosquito incense into the practitioner's back. When smoke came up, the perpetrator would move on to a new spot. Some practitioners had several dozen burn wounds. After three years, their scars are still there.

Vicious Beatings

Officials at the labor camp would use reduction of labor camp terms as bait to drive inmates to monitor and torture Falun Gong students. These inmates had themselves been tortured and endured coercive interrogations, and were particularly keen in vicious beatings. They would slap the practitioner, kick her lower abdomen, strike her breasts, strike her head with their elbows, or step on the practitioners' bare feet while wearing heavy shoes to crush their toes. Sometimes eight or nine inmates took turns beating a practitioner throughout the night. Some whipped them with a bamboo strip, some struck them with shoes, and some pinched them with their fingernails or struck with their palm and fists. The heavier the beating, the more days would be reduced from the inmates' original forced labor terms.

"Riding an Airplane"

The practitioner would be forced to squat on a few pieces of string on a folding stool with her arms stretched out. If she started to fall through the string, the inmates would strike her wrist bones with the frames of bamboo brooms. Each strike would cause a dark lump, which caused excruciating pain as if the bones had been crushed.

Extensive Electric Shocks Applied from Multiple Electric Batons

Officers at the labor camp would frequently use several electric batons to apply electric shocks to a practitioner for an extended period of time. Niu Xuelian, head of Division No. 5, and the husband of Officer Zhang, who is also a labor camp officer, are most notorious for their brutality. They would apply electric batons to a practitioner's palm, arch of the foot and the top of skull. Many practitioners had blisters on their forearms as a result of the electric shocks. Infections from the blisters would cause excruciating pain. An elderly practitioner continued to suffer from an infection even six months after this torture.

Striking the Head with a Folding Stool while Gagging the Mouth with a Rope

Practitioner Ms. Yi Shuling was thrown into a cell in isolation in May 2003. Labor camp officers ordered inmates Sun Xun and Ren Fengxia to torture her, depriving her from drinking any water, and Liu Xiuyun struck her on the head with a folding stool. Her mouth was gagged with a rope and she could not brush her teeth. One night in July 2003, Ms. Yi Shuling was secretly sent to a mental hospital for further abuse.

Hanging Up with Arms and Legs Twisted behind the Back

The practitioner is pushed onto the lower bunk facing downward. Her hands and legs are pulled back and tied up together. She is then lifted and hung on to the top bunk. Only her chest and head touch the lower bunk, supporting the entire body weight. Under this torture, the practitioner's face would turn dark purple and she would have difficulty breathing. If kept in this position too long, the victim would face death by suffocation.

Pressing the Back against the Wall

The practitioner would be forced to stand on tiptoes, both arms raised upward with her back pressed against the wall. If she lost her balance or her back shifted away from the wall, criminals would kick or crush the practitioner's feet with plastic high-heeled shoes. The kicking lasted until the legs and feet of the practitioner turned dark purple and were terribly swollen. Some practitioners would not be able to walk, and their feet remained deformed for over half a year. On one occasion, all male officers were called in to torture all the practitioners in the labor camp with their backs pressed against the wall for a whole day. Some elderly practitioners who failed to last in this position were cursed at and beaten by inmates standing nearby, who kicked their legs and crushed their feet.

A partial list of officers at the Shandong Province No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp:

Jiang Lihang, Liu Yulan and Yang, directors of the labor camp
Yang Enwei, of the political section
Wang Xincai, of the propaganda section
Tian Wei and He Xufang, of the management section
Wang Shuzhen, Feng Yuzhen, Sun Xiufeng, of Division No. 1: 86-531-8191744
Xu Ruiju, Cao Dongyan, Yin Chuanfang, Xu Hong, Li Aisheng, Li Min, Sun Xia, Wang Xiaowei, Liu Fang, Chang, of Division No. 2
Liu Ruiqin, Wang Yueyao, Sun Qunli, Wang Yunyan, Xu Hua, Zhang Hongfen, Zhang Yawen, Shen Hongguang, Lu Ying, Kong Yanxia, of Division No. 3: 86-531-8191151, workshop extension: 86-531-8555040 ext. 8035
Niu Xuelian, Liang Qiaoling, Sun Juan, Li Chunhong, Kong Qinghua, Zhang Hong, Jiang, Wang, Ma, Nie, of Division 5
Address: No. 20 Jiangshuiquan Road, the Lixia District of Jinan City, Shandong Province, Postal Code: 250014