A Non-practitioner's New Year's Blessing to Dafa Disciples

The Falun is rotating and time passes so quickly that another year has come and gone. As I reflect on 2004, all sorts of feelings well up in my mind. The torrent of justice is crushing the evil, and the benevolent light of Dafa shines on every waking heart.

Greetings to Dafa disciples guided by great Master! Though I am not a practitioner, I always side with you! I witness you living in happiness after sacrificing everything to save people. From you, I have learned what selflessness and magnificence are. It is not true that you don't care about your families, as the evil claims. In fact, you are caring for all the sentient beings in the world. It's not true that you have no pursuit as they said--you are holding to the most sacred belief for human beings. "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" is a banner in your heart.

As the New Year's bell strikes, humanity steps into a new year. I thank you all as a non-practitioner. I wish your great Master and all Dafa practitioners happiness and victory forever.

Written on Chinese New Year's Eve, 2005

A Chinese Person Traveling Outside China Finds Out That Westerners Learn Falun Gong Too

I am a Dafa practitioner in Shijiazhuang City. I was invited to participate in a wedding for the daughter of my former colleague, Mr. Zhang. I specifically prepared truth clarification materials for Mr. Zhang, whom I had not seen much since I retired.

Mr. Bi retired over 10 years ago. Two years ago he was cautious towards Falun Gong and bewildered by the slanderous media campaign by the Chinese government, even though I had told him the true situation. This time however, he took the initiative to talk to me about Falun Gong. He told me that when he visited his daughter living in New Zealand, he found htatthat Falun Gong had developed quickly there just as in China before the persecution. He said, "Not only are Chinese people learning, but Westerners are learning it too. Jiang Zemin has been sued in so many countries, and Falun Gong will have its name restored sooner or later." He estimated this would take less than two years.

Another colleague of mine, also surnamed Zhang, didn't invite me to his son's wedding two years ago, possibly because I practice Falun Gong. When he met me this time, however, he said, "Your Falun Gong's name will be restored, won't it?"

I am happy that they have learned the truth.

"I've Been Waiting 50 Years"

Once, my husband and I went to clarify the truth in our hometown. In a reunion of school alumni, someone who once shared a desk with my husband walked past us. A minute later, he turned back and held my husband's shoulder, "I can't believe it's you--I've been waiting 50 years for you."

Half a century indeed! All the people there cried. When we told them the truth of Falun Dafa, all his family realized that Dafa is good.