(Clearwisdom.net) I only had an elementary school education, and I did not like writing or drawing as a child. Because of this, there were times when, as an adult, I did not feel I had practiced well, so I would put off writing about them. Through studying the Fa, I realized that this allowed interference from the old forces and was also part of the attachments that had to be removed. The process of writing my experiences is also a process of eliminating the evil and validating the Fa.

1. Confronting the Evil

In March 2002, I was arrested in the county where I lived. The officials thought I was a leader and were anxious to get credit from higher authorities. However, no matter what cruel torture they inflicted, I did not give in.

On one occasion, a deputy section head ordered me to look into his eyes. We stared at each other for two full minutes. I looked into his eyes, thinking that I was a practitioner in the period of Fa-rectification, and that I did nothing wrong. How long will you scoundrels go unpunished? My eyes conveyed the sense of steadfastness and determination. After seeing my determination through my calmness, the deputy section head left after asking some irrelevant questions. The section head saw this and changed his approach.

I took the opportunity to tell them the truth about Falun Dafa. They used subtle tricks in order to extract information, which I clearly saw through. Using the wisdom bestowed by the Fa, whatever I said was a righteous principle, based on the Fa. In the end, the section head said, after a lengthy discussion, that he was at his wit's end and it seemed he had to study Falun Gong in order to know what the real facts were.

2. Developing Powerful Righteous Thoughts

When I was arrested, I had the human notion that I had not done well during the persecution in the past, and this time, I needed to do better. Master had endured so much for me, and I would not want Master to endure more on my behalf. The old forces took advantage of this thought. I was put through three hours of incessant torture of various kinds. In the end, I realized that my thoughts were not based on the Fa. Instead, it bordered on validating myself. So I sent forth the thought that the evil scoundrels would endure the suffering they inflicted on me. During this torture, I was forced to kneel on the ground with both arms extended out. A guard then applied electric shocks to my fingertips, while a wooden stick was balanced on my arms. If it fell to the ground, the guard would then apply electric shocks to my back. As soon as I sent out this thought, the guard stopped torturing me and walked around in the room. After he tried to shock me again, he immediately stopped and took a walk in the courtyard. They quickly called off the torture. From this I realized the mighty power of righteous thoughts. Master can do anything for us as long as we uphold our righteous thoughts.

2. Knowing in my First Thought that I am a Practitioner

During another incident, the officials resorted to enticement, intimidation and threats to try to get some useful information from me. I told them, "During the past decades, I have been upright and honest when interacting with everyone. I have never done anything that is not worthy of the trust others have placed in me. In addition, I'm a practitioner following the principle of 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.' I am not going to do anything that will harm my Master or Falun Dafa." One official asked me to write down what I had done during the past two years. I wrote, "In the past two years, I studied the Fa, cultivated myself, practiced the Falun Gong exercises, "and clarified the truth"." The three officials could not help nodding simultaneously. The interrogation ended. I knew it was the mighty power of righteous thoughts.

I developed the thought that I was not going to cooperate with the evil forces under any circumstances. Knowing that the officials here were particularly ruthless, I thought they would give me a hard time. This thought was not based on the Fa, and the evil forces took advantage of it, which resulted in my being held there for over seventy days. One morning, I learned that three people were going to be sent to the labor camp. I started wondering whether I was among them. On second thought, I realized I was wrong. I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, and Master and the Fa are with me. I had the final say on this issue. So much Falun Dafa work needed to be done, and so many people needed be saved. Why should I worry about being sent to the labor camp? I needed to get out, not from the labor, but from the place. Five days later, I walked out of the detention center with honor and dignity. Of course, it was the result of righteous thoughts sent collectively by fellow practitioners as well as the elevation of my own understanding of the Fa.

After several years of practice, I realized that the more I studied the Fa, the better I would deal with the critical moments. Whenever I am under persecution or in my daily life, I should always remember that my first thought should be, "I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner." Nothing is random. If I fail to do something well, it must be because I have some attachments. Also, only by upholding my belief in Master and the Fa, can I accomplish righteous deeds with righteous thoughts.