(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zheng Qiushen, 30 years old, is from Shangpingzhuang, Cuizhuangzhen, Baoding City, Hebei Province.

On December 31, 2000, local police and village government officials abducted Mr. Zheng from his home. He was held in a detention center for over six months because he once made the following statement: "Falun Gong is completely different from what is portrayed on TV. I used to be very sickly, frequently catching colds, and suffering from neurasthenia, and ringworm. After I started practicing Falun Gong, all my symptoms of illness disappeared."

While in detention, Zheng Qiushen suffered various forms of torture: His abusers slapped him in the face, forced him to run for a long time, deprived him of sleep, and beat him with the "wolf-toothed-club." The guards confiscated all the cash Mr. Zheng carried, threatened him continuously, forbade him any contact with his family, and did not even allow him to speak.

After Mr. Zheng was released, the police and local government officials continued to harass him at home. All this persecution and harassment was very hard on his wife. She became so nervous and anxious that even a passing car would give her a terrible fright. As a result of her husband's persecution, this healthy woman turned fearful, weak and nervous. She was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away in October 2004.

Mr. Zheng Qiushen was dismissed from his job at the Wool Spinning Factory in Taihang.

Persons responsible for the persecution:

Politics and Law Bureau Director, Li Jinlong
610 Office: Zhou Hongye, Yang Guoqing, Wang Honglin
Xushuixian Detention Center: Shi Jinlin (deceased), Zhang Zhanfa
Police officers: Hu Changqing, Zhang Fulin
Guard: Li Guohai
Driver: Shi Hao
Cuizhangzhen Xushuixian: Party director, Yue Quanxin
Vice director, Li Bin, Zhang Shengjun, Wang Shuo

The Central Manager's Office in Cuizhuangzhen Xushuixian: 86-312-8791302
Police station in Cuizhuangzhen Xushuixian, Hebei Province: 86-312-8791120