(Clearwisdom.net) Dr. Shao Hui was a 31-year-old doctor at the Hongshi Forestry Bureau, Huadian City, Jilin Province. The Jilin City Police Department tortured him to death in 2002. They tried hard to cover up his death and conceal the truth. For more than two years, they did not inform his family of his death. Recently, Dr. Shao's family went to the police department to search for him and learned half-truths about how he died.

The Fengman Police Branch of Jilin City tried to evade its responsibility

On August 21, 2002, Falun Gong practitioners in the No. 2 Geology Building, Fengman District, Jilin City were arrested. In November 2004, Dr. Shao's family became aware of another case of arrest, which they thought might lead to information about what happened to him. The family went to Fengman District Police Branch to inquire about the event.

The head of the branch answered their question and said that in 2002, during an attempt to arrest two Falun Gong practitioners in the No. 2 Geology Building, one died in the room and another practitioner was disabled when he jumped from the seventh floor.

When asked whether they knew who had died, the head of the branch said they did not know. On further questioning, he said that he was not clear about the case and they should ask Chen Dongfeng, the head of the National Security Branch of the Jilin City Police Department (610 Office), who was in charge of the case, and that the Fengman Police Branch was just cooperating with them. The head of the police branch refused to answer any further questions.

Later, Dr. Shao's family became aware that the Fengman Police Branch, in fact, had all the information about the case stored in its computer.

The Police from the National Security Branch of the Jilin City Police Department tried to cover up their crimes

When Dr, Shao's family showed his photo to Chen Dongfeng, the head of National Security Branch of Jilin City Police Department, Chen said to other police in the room, "It looks like him (Dr. Shao)."

Dr. Shao's family questioned Chen as to why they never informed the family about the death. Chen argued that they did not know who he was. When asked whether they looked for the family members through the newspapers, he replied that they had not. The family reminded him that, according to legal procedures, they should have posted a death notice for an unidentified person in the newspaper. Chen continued to argue, saying that Dr. Shao was a criminal suspect and they just helped with an internal investigation.

The family further pointed out to Chen that even an internal investigation would have identified him, because Dr. Shao had escaped from the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp, Jiutai, Jilin Province and his "wanted" photo was posted in every police department in Jilin Province. Chen Dongfeng had no reply. He turned around and asked, "Since the identity of the dead man hasn't been confirmed yet, why do you ask so many questions?" When he found out that Dr. Shao's wife was a practitioner as well, he kept asking whether she still practiced. Dr. Shao's wife answered, "It is a good practice, why should I stop practicing?" Chen immediately refused her permission to go to the Corpse Identification Center to identify the body. Other family members went there and confirmed, through viewing the corpse and the photos that were taken in 2002, that the body was Dr. Shao's.

A tear-gas grenade collapses the bed; blood was splashed over the walls and the floor

According to Chen Dongfeng, the story unfolded like this. They followed a person from Heilongjiang Province and suspected there were Falun Gong practitioners staying on the seventh floor of the No.2 Geology Building, Fengman District. Therefore, the police from National Security Branch of the Jilin City Police Department surrounded the building and forcefully broke into the room. They found only Dr. Shao in the room. When Dr. Shao did not cooperate with the arrest, they called the riot police and threw a tear-gas grenade into the room.

From the photos that the police department took of the site, whatever that was thrown into the room was powerful enough to destroy the bed. The police department tried to cover up their crime and called this a case of suicide.

In the photos taken of the body in August 2002, Dr. Shao's eyes were wide open and his neck had a deep cut. There was blood everywhere in the room, on the floor and on the walls. Dr. Shao was just wearing short pants without any other clothing on him. The Jilin Police Department did not make any rescue attempts and directly sent the body to the Corpse Identification Center.

While the family members were heart-broken, they were forced to cremate the body immediately

Dr. Shao's body was stored at the Corpse Identification Center for over two years. To save money, the Corpse Identification Center was not kept at the proper temperature for such storage. Therefore Dr. Shao's corpse had decayed, mildewed and discolored. There were only short pants on his body. His family members were in deep sorrow after seeing the condition of his body.

When the family went to the Jilin Police Department again, they were told that they should immediately cremate the body. The police department threatened the family with having to pay more than 80,000 Yuan for the cost of freezing the body for two years. However, if the family agreed to cremate the body immediately in Jilin City, the cost would be waived. Due to the fear that the photos of the body would expose their crime, they stressed that the other Falun Gong practitioners should not be told about the cremation.

Although Dr. Shao's family suspected that he died from torture or from the tear-gas grenade, seeing the miserable state of the corpse after two years in storage and fearing the large amount of the storage fee, they felt pressured to sign the agreement for the cremation. In fact, there were different opinions among the family members at that time. Dr. Shao's wife was not present and did not know the details.

There are many doubtful points about Dr. Shao Hui's death; the real murderers should be held accountable.

Since learning Falun Dafa, Dr. Shao benefited from Dafa both physically and mentally. He was well respected by his relatives and his friends. Since July 20, 1999, Dr. Shao had been detained many times for validating Dafa. The "610 Office" of the Hongshi Forestry Bureau, Huadian City had often tortured him brutally. In November 2000, he was sentenced to three years of forced labor by the Hongshi Forest Bureau Police Department and detained in Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp, and later in the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp, Jiutai City, Jilin Province. Because of his persistence in cultivating, he was brutally tortured in the labor camps. On March 31, 2002, during forced brainwashing in the Jiutai labor camp, he refused to acknowledge the persecution and escaped with righteous thoughts. He was put on a wanted list.

While Dr. Shao was forced to go from place to place and remain homeless to avoid recapture, he continued to clarify the truth to people. At about 9:00 p.m. on August 21, 2002, in a room on the seventh floor of the No.2 Geology Building of Fengman District, Jilin Province, he died while the police from National Security Branch of Jilin Police Department and the riot police were present. The cause of his death is full of doubts.

The on-site photos from the Fengman Police Branch raise the following questions.

1. Dr. Shao's eyes were wide open when he died. His face could be easily identified. Why did the police department claim that they did not know his identity and therefore did not inform the family about his death for more than two years? What did they want to cover up?

2. From the on-site photos, Dr. Shao was not wearing any clothing except for short pants. According to people who know the details, he was wearing clothes and was preparing truth-clarifying materials before he died. What caused his death? What happened to his clothes? What did the police do to him?

3. There was blood all over the walls and floors, and there was a deep cut on Dr. Shao's neck. What caused the wound? The riot police threw in a grenade. Did that cause the collapse of the bed? What caused it? What happened in the room? Was Dr. Shao in the room when the grenade went off?

Police involved in that arrest included the head of National Security Branch of Jilin City Police Department, Chen Dongfeng and his people, a deputy of Jilin City Police Department, police from the Riot division of the Jilin Police Department and police from the Fengman District Police Branch. Their arrest action directly caused Dr. Shao's death. Chen Dongfeng is over 40 years old and has been involved in almost every action against practitioners in Jilin City, including destroying truth-clarifying material sites and arresting many practitioners. Several persecution cases that caused practitioners' deaths or disability are directly associated with him.

Mentioned below are some work units and personnel related to the persecution of Dr. Shao Hui.

  1. The Jilin City Police Department:
    The head of the National Security Branch, Chen Dongfeng and his people
    A deputy from the police department
    Police from the Riot Division
    The Fengman District Police Branch
  2. The Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp
    The head of the labor camp, Guo Junpeng
    The deputy, Meng Fanrong
    The head of the administration section, Zheng Hailing
    The head of the Logistics Division and its police
  3. The Huanxiling Forced Labor Camp and its police
    The Hongshi Forestry Bureau, Huadian City, Jilin Province
    The head of the party committee, Zhang Xuecai
    The heads of the police department, Ma Xijin and Sun Zhiyi
    The heads of the Political and Security Section, Zhang Qing and Li Fuwen
    The police from the Hongshi Forestry Bureau Police Department, Su Weimin and Li Chunyu
    The deputy of the Hongshi Forestry Bureau Detention Center, Wang Ruiqing
    The No.1 Police Station of the Hongshi Forest Bureau, Zhou Jing

January 5, 2005