(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Lu Caixia from Langfang, Hebei Province was imprisoned at Shenzhen Labor Camp. As her systolic blood pressure rose to 200 mmHg, she was allowed to return home for medical treatment. In December 2004, she was taken away by the Langfang 610 Office and sent to a brainwashing class. Ms. Lu maintained her belief in Falun Dafa and went on a hunger strike to protest the abuse. Even though her blood pressure shot up again, the 610 Office sealed off all information about her, claiming that she was a "key figure." Without notifying her family, the 610 Office secretly sent her to a labor camp in Tangshan.

Ms. Lu's family members looked for her everywhere. No one from the local police station, national police station or 610 Office would reveal to them her whereabouts. An insider finally told them where she may have been sent.

After the family members arrived at Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp, the local police shifted responsibility to prevent the family members from seeing her. Her family was very worried about her health. Her blood pressure was very high at the time, as she was on a hunger strike. Two months have passed since then.

Ms. Lu's younger brother Lu Chenglin, also a practitioner, died from being force-fed at Yichun Labor Camp while he was on a hunger strike.

Address of Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp:
Tangshan Xinsheng Factory (Tangshan Kaiping No. 27 Brick Factory)
Zip code: 063021
Tel: 86-315-3363751,86-315-3363752

Hebei Tangshan Kaiping Labor Camp (Hebei First Labor Camp)
Tel: 86-315-3363939
Team leader Li Xiafeng 86-13933396528 (Cell), 86-13091059657 (Cell)
Chief of the labor camp Xu Deshang 86-315-2020980 (Home)
Vice chief of the labor camp Yuan Daguo 86-315-2011861 (Home)
Management branch: Li Hong, Fan Xiuzhen 86-315-3367086

February 23, 2005