In July 2004, the 610 Office and the Political and Judiciary Committee of Tonghua City, Jilin Province launched a new plan in accordance with the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) aim to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. A group of workers believed to be adept at "transforming" practitioners or who were considered "trainable" to do so, were brought in from all sorts of governmental ministries and business organizations, or were picked up off the streets and throughout the community. They were given training in Tonghua while being denied any contact with the outside world. In these training sessions, this specially selected group was taught how to persecute and force Dafa practitioners to give up their practice. When the participants needed more training, the original schedule was lengthened from the initial plan of one week to two weeks.

Between July and December of 2004, they harassed Dafa practitioners at home and at work. The plan was to force Dafa practitioners to write "guarantee statements" and sign their names to say that they would give up their practice of Dafa. They did not expect that their attempts and preaching would dissolve into thin air in the face of Dafa practitioners' and their families' righteous thoughts.

In November 2004, members of the Tonghua 610 Office led the trained thugs to go door to door to every Dafa practitioner's home. They pursued every possible loophole and tried to understand the current situation of every Dafa practitioner. Not a single Dafa practitioner in the entire city, including family members, cooperated with them.

Some Dafa practitioners refused to let them in even when they begged for entrance. Some Dafa practitioners eagerly invited them into their homes to clarify the truth to them and asked the intruders for their name, position, workplace, address, phone number, as well as the names of those responsible for instigating the persecution. Some Dafa practitioners refused to answer any questions and instead sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference. A practitioner in his sixties or seventies looked the intruders straight in the eye and said, "It's all right to come in for a visit, but if you want to persuade me to give up my practice of Falun Gong, you can save your breath, because it is impossible to do so!" Faced with such determination, those working for Jiang's regime left without saying a word.

In December 2004, the Jilin Province police force launched a large-scale raid of practitioners' homes. On December 7, the Tonghua police targeted fifty Dafa practitioners. With six to seven in a team, half as plain-clothes policemen and half in uniform, they broke into practitioners' homes all over the city.

The plain-clothes policemen remained as lookouts at the front door while the uniformed police broke in and burglarized the home. They stole woks, stoves, items under beds and behind cabinets and closets. They ransacked the home from top to bottom. If they found a picture of Teacher or truth-clarifying materials, they confiscated such items and arrested the practitioner. Between December 7 and December 17, they arrested at least eleven Dafa practitioners.

Between March 2004 and February 2005, at least fifty Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested. They also broke into two truth-clarifying material production sites. Dafa practitioners Li Haihong, Liu Fuquan, Liu Xiaochun and Qu Xiaofei were sentenced to three to fifteen years of imprisonment. Ding Chunxia, Zhao Jinlong, Xu Limin, Feng Bo, Wang Rong, Liu Baoyun, Meng Fanhua and Lu Hong were all sentenced to forced labor camps.

All of the arrested Dafa practitioner's family members and children demanded that their innocent family member be unconditionally released. Under Teacher's compassionate protection, nearly half of them were unconditionally released. At present, the Tonghua Detention Center still holds several practitioners whose illegal sentences have not yet been carried out. According to reliable sources, the perpetrators demanded that every single arrested practitioner denounce their practice. All were transferred to the Dongcang Division of the National Security Team, where they were subjected to further physical torture. None of the practitioners who were brought into the detention center left without suffering injuries. Qu Xiaofei was beaten so badly that her family could not recognize her; Li Haihong's left hand was swollen with bloody blisters and wounds that were still there a month later; Zhao Jinlong was sent to Chaoyanggou in the wintertime barefoot.

Wang Yu Fan, the Tonghua City Dongcang District Police Division Deputy Division Chief: 86-435-3214458 (Office)

Jin Guiquan, the Tonghua City Dongcang District Police Division Police Chief : 86-435-3258809 (Office)

Chen Cheng, the Tonghua City Dongcang District Police Division Political and Judiciary Official: 86-435-390772 (Office)

March 19, 2005